Big Fights Reaction Burns/Bellew

Well well well we had two Brits fighting for world titles and my God did they deliver to take us to just the 13 World Champions .

Burns vs Di Rocco : 

I was lucky enough to take this in live at the Hydro and was a good night with a couple of decent fight on the undercard but the main event went as predicted in last weeks blog , Di Rocco was well out of his depth from the start. Ricky Burns right from the off was to quick of the mark for Di Rocco,anytime the Italian tried to open up ,Burns had already landed a solid jab before putting space back between them making Di Rocco miss badly,it seemed Burns didn’t really know what to expect and with Di Rocco’s boxrec suggesting he can hit hard, Burns  used the opening rounds to get this guys measure  . As the rounds came and past Di Rocco just couldn’t close Burns down and was looking further and further out his depth. I had predicted a round 7 stoppage for Burns it turned out I was one  off the mark as it took until round 8 before Burns let the big body shots go on a tired beat Di Rocco which took him down and not come back up which seen Ricky Burns become Scotland’s first ever three weight World Champion. A fantastic occasion in Glasgow and hopefully see bigger oponenets on the horizon.

 Bellew vs Makabu :

Well this was a cracking matchup for the WBC cruiserweight world title ,and I will admit right from the start I thought Makabu would have had the edge but my god did Big Tony Bellew rise to the occasion at Goodison Park. After both fighter where in the ring Bellew’s size advantage was obvious,he looked massive and right from the start got using his jab and looked really strong until just before the bell, Makabu landed a nice shot which took an off balance Bellew to the floor . Bellew’s corner took the interval to calm him down and tell him to stick to his gameplan which Bellew done in round two. When the two where exchanging blows up close in the third it looked dangerous for Bellew until he landed a lovely left which rocked Makabu and that invited Bellew to chase him down and pile on the pressure ,Bellew knew this was the end he just had to find the right shot and he did, with Makabu on the ropes trying to paw Bellew away he is smashed with a cracking left which had him out on his feet . The ref Victor Laughlan stopped the fight right here but Makabu was never getting up infact he was down for the next couple of minutes. Bellew has just put himself in the top three cruiserweight sin the world and deserves every bit of praise he’s been getting ….fantastic big man Dino @DjayBoxingBlog 

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