Canelo Signs With DAZN And What It Could Mean For Matchroom USA

Canelo Signs With DAZN And What It Could Mean For Matchroom USA

There are not a lot of constants in boxing, it is a sport where things inside and outside the ring are constantly evolving but the one thing the sport will always retain is its power to shock. Today we woke up to the news that boxing’s biggest superstar had signed a five year deal with newly launched (in the US) streaming app DAZN, a deal worth $365m. DAZN may be the new boys in the US market but they are cash rich and look to be throwing everything at cracking the market to becoming one of the world’s biggest online sport’s platforms.


For years Canelo Alvarez has been the face of HBO boxing, the pinnacle of  boxing in terms of super fights. A platform steeped in boxing history. A few weeks ago HBO announced it was pulling out of boxing leaving the superstar without a home. Although DAZN are cash rich this deal came as a shock to most as DAZN already have a $1B eight year deal in place with Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom and Golden Boy promotions who look after Canelo Alvarez have stated publicly “We are not interested in Co-Promoting Canelo”. As more details have emerged about this deal it has became clear that this deal is between Golden Boy and DAZN, separate from the Matchroom USA deal. This looks like a moment of genius from John Skipper, the Executive Chairman of Performance Group, the owners of DAZN. Skipper looks to have rekindled and relationship with Oscar De La Hoya after both knew each other from their time working together for ESPN, not just bringing in Canelo but also securing a home for Golden Boy and their stable.image.png

So what does this mean for Eddie Hearn and Matchroom USA ? 

Well as it stand it is impossible for us to tell for sure. It was reported that on DAZN Apps launch night which featured AJ vs Povetkin fight, that subscription numbers were particularly poor, in the low tens of thousands if some reports are to be believed . This could mean one of two things for Hearn in my opinion. When DAZN announced their $1B deal with Eddie Hearn it was clear from early on that Eddie had targets to hit. Any fighters signed to the new deal was only offered a short term bumper deals, which most declined and any decent names were co-promotion deals. With HBO pulling the plug on boxing this could be a sign that DAZN may have decided to go another way, i mean its not everyday that the biggest star in boxing becomes a free agent. I’m not saying DAZN will ditch Matchroom USA completely, i am saying that DAZN are looking to build a platform on the back of Canelo and not Matchroom, maybe in the next quarter Matchroom USA will find their budget for putting on shows dramatically cut as DAZN have already secured the rights to stream Anthony Joshua fights from the UK along with Canelo’s fights, It doesn’t get much bigger than that.


We could also look at this another way. Eddie Hearn has worked with performance group now for over five years, together they have signed some massive deals outside of the US market so we know that there is a good working relationship between both parties. This may well be DAZN telling Eddie Hearn that they know they had given him a near impossible task to crack the US and this is their way of pushing things along. There can be no doubt that this deal puts matchroom USA in a significantly stronger position as subscribers will buy into DAZN in massive numbers to see Canelo, but these people will still be viewing the platforms other shows putting Hearn in a great position to build his own star.

One thing is for sure, this deal isn’t bad for boxing. The way in which boxing is evolving on the business side of things i think it actually makes sense for a platform NOT to be exclusive to one promoter. Any sort of negotiations between Matchroom and Golden Boy just became a hell of a lot easier.

Steven Donnell


World Boxing Super Series – Josh Taylor Presser

World Boxing Super Series – Josh Taylor Presser

Glasgow , 15th October 

This tournament has been described as the Champions League of boxing in the past and when you walk into the press conference you certainly get that feel . Representation from all the major media outlets were in attendance from BBC to ITV (STV) , then you have your big players in the boxing media like Ring Mag and IFL in attendance , but something the WBSS has got right when it comes to the media is that it’s not ” Job’s for the Boys” which is usually the case with these big showpiece events . The World Boxing Super Series have on more than one occasion now made space for small independent outlets like myself which is a breath of fresh air .

Nisse Sauerland got thing’s underway in the presser outlining exactly just what this tournament is trying to do  ….build stars . Nisse also emphasised that this tournament is aimed at a global audience  so although they faced criticism for Season 1 final being in Saudi Arabia they won’t change . Josh Taylor looked in fantastic shape and we found out why . Taylor now has a permanent training base in London which means he isn’t spending the full camps . Taylor said he ready fight now,  a couple of weeks out from fight night and predicts still with some hard training to come in the next two weeks he will be in the best shape of his career .


After the initial press conference we had time to catch up with Josh and Nisse

Ticket’s start at £35 and this is a show thats not to be missed as Bantamweight World Champion Ryan Burnett will take on Nonito Donair on the same card . Tickets can be purchased here Tickets

Competition Outside The Ring May Damage Competition Inside The Ring

Competition Outside The Ring May Damage Competition Inside The Ring

Every sport need’s one vital ingredient to thrive and that is competition . In boxing there is nothing that comes close to watching two evenly matched fighters battle it out to see who can find that extra something within themselves to get the victory . With competition comes rivalries and it is the rivalries that help elevate sport to a global audience . Where boxing is now tripping itself up is now we have promoters following the above blueprint of competition and it is damaging the sport . image.png

Don King is probably the most famous or infamous promoter of all time bringing us some of the most timeless fights of all time , but Don King was a big Lion in a small jungle  . King didn’t need to worry about multiple platforms and online streaming platforms as competition all aligned with different promoters all cash rich from big TV deals . Don King could make the biggest fights in boxing because he could make the fighters the most money , a very simple but effective model which no longer works in today’s game .



In the past couple of years we have seen boxing explode across multiple platforms in the UK and the US with more TV dates to fill than the sport has ever seen . Now some people may think this is a good thing for boxing , after all competition is good right ? Well not necessarily in this instance . One major flaw is that we will now see boxers put on TV before they are ready due to the amount date that need to be filled  , which will be detrimental to their development  . All boxing fans know how important the small hall scene is to the progression of a boxer . To use an old apprenticeship term “It’s where you serve your time” and like an apprentice you will go to work for a low wage in exchange for an education in your trade . How many young fighter’s will suffer at the hands of promoters only interested in filing TV slots . It is a very real possibility that the standards of boxing show’s will drop dramatically which will damage the sport .  image.png

There is another flaw in these massive multi platform deals is that crossover fights will be pretty non-existent . The same reason that see Super fights happen few and far between we will now see fringe world level to mid-level boxers stopped from crossing over . TV dates will trump a fighter progression . What we see is certain promoters trying to corner certain division and keep everything in house which is not healthy . With fighters not being allowed to the cross a divide it will inevitably lead to more one sided fights .

Right now there probably isn’t a better time for a boxer to be a free agent .

Steven Donnell

Immortality vs Morality

Immortality vs Morality

This is a tough article to write but it is something i have been thinking about continually for the past few weeks so i will put my thoughts out there and we can see where it goes. Boxing is a sport that mixes brutality with finesse , skill and technical ability with hard work and dedication , if you can get this blend right there are rewards of riches and immortality in boxing history , but what boxing really boils down to is Risk vs Reward . Although the rewards can be massive the risks can be deadly so it is pivotal that you get the right team around you , a team who are there for your well being , a team who will not hesitate to tell you when the risk’s now outweigh the rewards and that it’s time to hang them up . Now from this point i just want you to take note that it is none of my business how another man makes his money to pay bill , but as a fan of the sport there are a couple of examples that are really starting to worry me .CHEAP PPV CLICK PICTURE!!!


Amir Khan

Amir Khan shot to fame in the 2004 Athens olympics when he brought home a silver medal . The high in which British boxing is on today all started with Amir Khan , this kid really was a fans favourite with his blistering hand speed being a joy to watch . Amir has went away and fought on some of the biggest stages in boxing and we all tuned in because as quick as Amir’s hands were he showed a vulnerability at the top level in his quest for greatness , that made his fights so entertaining. Winning some and losing others to massive knockouts Khan was always in entertaining fights . Just before his recent fight with Sammy Vargas i heard Khan in an old interview as a young prospect just after he beat Scotland’s Willie Limond back in 2007 . The young Khan speaking 100 MPH , raw with little media training it was quite funny . Then i seen Khan’s pre fight interview before the Vargas fight and the signs were there . Khan now speaks like his tongue is to big for his mouth which gives off a little slur but more worryingly he seem’s to be searching for answers . The fight itself done nothing to put my mind at ease as Khan was sent to the floor in the second round and rocked another few times in the fight . Yes Khan came out on top but rather than the boxing media/ promoters point out his punch resistance has gone and that he could potentially be showing signs of CTE , maybe put an arm round him and say you should give it up for your family they instead are trying to goad him into a fight against his arch rival Kell Brook in what would be a brutal fight . Maybe this is why Khan has went through so many trainers of late , maybe they have told him the harsh reality , who knows .

Anybody who has seen the Will Smith movie “Concussion” will be aware of CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) which you may also know as ” Punch Drunk Syndrome ” . CTE is making headlines in the US after so many former NFL players began taking there own lives which prompted the scientific community to do extensive post mortem examinations of there brains which showed a protein clumping throughout the brain killing brain cells , this is CTE . Although CTE can only be diagnosed properly after death there are symptoms to look out for like slurred speech and memory loss .

What you may not know is that the movie title “Concussion” is misleading , you do NOT need to suffer a concussive blow for CTE to set in . A study done by Boston University say’s that any prolonged exposure to blows to the head is more Likely to be the cause . It is said that symptoms start to show in people between there late 20’s and 30’s . There is no cure , there is no treatment , study’s also say that further more head trauma can accelerate Alzheimer’s which is another symptom . Amir Khan has given boxing fans some great nights but now his career is past him . Khan is a man with a young family , he has made million’s of pounds in the ring , if there is any chance his later life is going to be permanently impaired and ended prematurely then it is imoral to keep letting him get back in the ring .

David Price

David Price is a larger than life kinda man who stands at a mere 6’8 tall . After a top amateur career Price was picked by many to take the heavyweight division by storm but as is so often the case with top amateurs things just didn’t work out for Price and after a an early career KO to Tony Thompson he regressed rapidly . Since the KO something has happened to Price mentally which has seen him look very fragile in the ring . Price is also hindered in the ring by a very poor stamina , in fact you can see him physically struggle after just four rounds of very little action , which has seen him take some massive Ko’s . Time after time we see Price wheeled out on big PPV cards being fed to guys like Alexander Povetkin which resulted in Price being brutally KO’d after he gave Povetkin a free shot , the kind of KO that can take years off your life all due to him being overmatched technically and overstretched physically . I get the feeling now that Price is allowing himself to be exploited for big paydays . The fact is David Price should no longer be in a boxing ring , especially at the level we have seen him of late and i really don’t know what it’s going to take before promoters realise that . I no longer look forward to this giant of a man fighting , i feel dread when i see he has been added to a card .

In the build up to David Price fights you have all the usual faces out telling us Price is the hardest puncher in boxing . They tell us this monster of a man always has a punchers chance no matter who he is fighting . They tell us David Price is one of the nicest guys in boxing and they consider him a friend , so why do we never hear any of these “friends” tell him he shouldn’t be in the ring anymore ? . Why don’t they tell him that now the risk’s he’s putting himself in now outweigh the rewards ? . Even though there are more tell tale signs that Amir Khan is in real danger it is David Price i worry about more as at seem’s that the people around him are not being honest with him or with themselves .

Steven Donnell

DJay News Portal

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Charlo waiting for the WBC to order the Canelo fight

One of the best fights that could be made at the minute as Charlo is a real talent and someone I have tipped to take over 160 one day .

Loma vs Pedraza date and venue announced

Anytime Loma stepson the ring it is special and well worth watching . I kind of feel for Pedraza as no sooner has he won his belt he is being fed to a P4P superstar .

GGG vs Canelo 2 Didn’t do aswell in ticket sales

This headline is a little misleading as the number being talked are crazy in comparison to what the UK can bring in from gates

Shields vs Hammer for all the belts

Superb stuff from the two best woman in the sport . I wish there male counterparts would take note .

Crolla to fight in a final eliminator for Loma fight

Ive gotta admit i really do not want to see either Crolla nor Yordan fight Lomachenko, it is completely pointless

Frampton- I would have stopped Selby dead

The Jackel is confident he would have stopped the version of Selby that Warrington went the distance with . This fight is a Christmas cracker

AJ – I want wilder even if he loses to Fury

So get ready for another few months of all this AJ/Wilder talk when we all know it’s not going to happen

Usyk – Bellew is arrogant

Even though I know my man Usyk will take Bellew apart I am so intrigued by this . The build up could be good but let’s be honest Usyk is 2 levels above Tony

Marciano vs LaStsrza

A bit of boxing history here with video links .

Fury vs Wilder looks set for LA

We all thought this was going to be in Vegas but according to Lance Pugmire it looks set for the Staples Centre in the City of Angles .

Boxing may be expelled from 2020 olympics

It is not looking good for the armature game as the Olympic committee are not impressed AIBA

Canelo vs GGG – Robbery ? …Hell No

Canelo vs GGG – Robbery ? …Hell No

Why do we as fans love boxing ? For me personally I love the way in which these athletes can perform under intense pressure . The way in which these men and woman can function whilst being punched ,completely blocking out pain at times . Of course what we get to see in the ring is only a fraction of the time , hardwork and methodical training that’s gone in for the week’s and months before fightnight . On Saturday night we seen two of the very best in the sport go toe to toe when GGG vs Canelo got there rematch underway in what would prove to be a masterclass in boxing , something a lot of fans have forgotten how to enjoy .

Elite >”A select group that is superior in terms of ability”

The above is how the dictionary defines elite , words that could have easily been replaced by a photo of GGG and Canelo . Any doubt as to the Mexican superstars pedigree were put to bed early on in this fight as he shocked everybody by coming and taking the centre of the ring  forcing GGG to box off the backfoot , something we have never seen him have to do before .

The first half of the fight we really seen Canelo look comfortable and relaxed doing some great bodywork , whilst GGG smartly stayed behind that fantastic jab until he could adjust to Canelo, who had clearly caught the champion off guard . Although Canelo looked to be doing the better work it really was getting harder to score as the fight went on . As each round passed by GGG looked to be breathing very heavily due to a combination of great bodywork from Canelo and the high pace of the fight .

I have to admit I thought the fight was beginning to get away from GGG at the end of the seventh but then just before the eighth round GGG’s corner told him he was losing this fight . In the eighth a switch seemed to flick in GGG prompting him to go meet Canelo in the middle of the ring and what came next was like watching physical and violent poetry . GGG was definitely having more success fighting this way and clearly picking up a few rounds , the full time starting to feel pity for the judge’s , and It wasn’t going to get any easier for them . As GGG would dominate the first half of around Canelo would finish stronger and vise versa , rounds would swing back and forward . As the fight came to an end one thing was for sure , this was close , really close .


Robbery > To take the property of anther in his or her person or presence

The Judges had the unenviable task of trying to separates these two warriors and as both stood in the ring battered and bloodied a sobering wave of dread came across most watching, as this could be another draw , a result that would totally deflate most spectators . We came for a winner and a winner is what the judges gave us . With one judge calling it a draw and two agreeing Canelo shaved it , it was the Mexican’s hand that was raised in the ring , a fair result right ? Well not to the many people who for one reason or another shouted robbery and fix . These claims leave a sour taste in my mouth . How anybody can totally disrespect the show these two put on is beyond me . Yes GGG could easily have won and the judges could have still have went home with there head’s held high . I feel that to many fans allow themselves to become emotionally involved when watching a fight , remember this isn’t football you really shouldn’t let yourself get overly attached as it clouds judgment , just like it does in football . If you cant sit back and just enjoy what you had watched without judging through tinted glasses then your denying yourself so much , you would enjoy the boxing experience so much more . Keep yourself impartial , watch out for feints , defence , positioning ,footwork and all the other stuff both these guys put together in the ring and just watch in awe .

Revenge > To exact punishment for a wrong on behalf of , especially in a resentful or vindictive spirit

It was clear that the storyline didn’t go to plan on Saturday night as Canelo who has just come back from suspension for failed drug tests walked out winner , but regardless of storylines it was a fair result . This fight had been brewing for months in some bad blood with jibes being aimed at both men in the build up . Twice now this match up has thrown up some unbelievable boxing . This isn’t a Hollywood movie , this was real life and just like in any walk of life whether it’s in a boxing ring or just an average joe in his workplace things go against you , there are those who will give up and think what’s the point , then there are those who will push on knowing that luck has a funny way of going in circles and roundabouts and GGG is certainly due some luck .I really hope GGG doesn’t retire as he still has so much he can give to the sport , and who know’s maybe if he chases that third fight he will get it and we all as fans wins as we watch them do this all over again .

Steven Donnell

Drug Cheats ~ Hero’s and Villains

Drug Cheats ~ Hero’s and Villains

Most of my readers won’t know this but my father is blind , but any of you that do know my old man will agree that he is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet . From cycling on his tandem to mountain climbing he has done it all but his real passion is weight lifting . My Dad’s in the gym most days of the week and just approaching 59 he is still one of the strongest men in his gym . My dad has told me how so many young guys have come and gone over the years and how others are who have trained with him have got noticeably bigger and stronger over short periods of time , and with my Dad not being a man to hold back thats usually where his relationship with these guy’s end , You see my Dad maybe blind but he can see a cheat a mile away . For him training is all about the hard work and dedication so when people who ask to train with him take shortcuts and cheat he takes this as a personal insult . As is so often the case my Dad’s strong feeling’s on doping has passed down to me .

Cheap PPV Click Picture

Now my hatred for drug cheats has served me well and led me to hammer those caught at any opportunity i could . When Louis Ortiz failed a drug test for the second time i was only to happy to get tore into him . When Alexander Povetkin failed his drug test just before he was due to face Deontay Wilder i wanted a lengthy ban , when he failed another i wanted him out of the sport for life . Yeah things were good sitting back and taking aim at these fighters i felt no attachment to but that all changed in February when one of my favourite boxers in the sport , Canelo tested positive for Clenbuterol on two separate occasions .

Now like all dopers Canelo denied any wrong doing blaming the failed test on the notorious contaminated Mexican beef . Now I never bought into this excuse no mater how many times the WBC tried to force it down our throats . Now seeing Canelo coming into this fight with GGG he noticeably smaller , now i never knew what Clenbuterol done to the human body until i seen Canelo in a picture recently and that for me has removed any doubt that he cheated , as a fan of his boxing style and ability it really has left a sour taste in my mouth . On Saturday night if GGG wins then boxing wins , but what about if Canelo wins ? Will he get the credit for being the first man to beat GGG ? , I doubt it , will it clear his name and legacy ? Nope , will he be remembered for it ? I don’t think so …….which got me thinking .

One of my favourite fighters of all time is Evander Holyfield , for me a modern legend of the sport . Holyfield was involved in some of the best fights to take place in my lifetime and to this day i still go back and watch them , we even have one on our Casuals Corner . What boxing fans like to do is overlook the fact that “The Real Deal” is a drug cheat . When people talk about the Klitschko’s it is often met with “yeah Vitali was the better brother” and people will point to how Vitali was schooling Lennox Lewis until the fight was stopped prematurely due to a cut , another modern day great , another drug cheat . If you didn’t know Roy Jones Jnr was a drugs cheat you would never hear a boxing fan tell you , instead they would go on about how he is a future Hall Of Famer .

We as fans pick and choose when we want there to be a hardline zero tolerance of PED enhanced boxers and when we give them a pass . The truth of the matter is that boxing can be a popularity contest outside the ring which see’s us turn a blind eye all to often . It would seem that we only want a hardline when it suits us .

Steven Donnell

Canelo Vs GGG , DjayBoxing “best to the punch” Podcast

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