Usyk vs Gassiev – Preview + Prediction

Usyk vs Gassiev – Preview + Prediction

Well it has took a while to get here but finally it is fight week for the World Boxing Super Series Cruiserweight Final in Russia between Oleksandr Usyk and Murat Gassiev . This will be the first time in ten years that the Cruiserweight division has seen a lineal champion . On Saturday night we will be treated to what may be the best fight of this year as there is very little to choose between these two elite level operators . You can take all the talk about splits and money that so often stops fights like this happening , this fight is what boxing is all about .

Oleksandr Usyk

Oleksandr Usyk is one of my favourite fighters to watch . Another product of the Ukrainian Boxing system this guy brings a little bit of Vasyl Lomachenko style to the big boy weights and i for one love it . Like Lomachenko , Usyk has been fast tracked due to his extensive experience as an top level amateur which has seen him have to learn on the job at times but each time he has found a way to win . Usyk’s big most valuable asset is his hi intensity work rate , he doesn’t just come forward but he comes in from the sides , constantly looking to back opponents up waiting for that moment where there concentration lapses and he can pounce . Most of Usyk’s work comes off the jab which disguises where his attack will come from , a technique that does seem to be a work in progress but one that the Ukrainian is close to mastering . Usyk proved in his last fight in the semi final against Mairus Briedis in Latvia that even when things aren’t working he can go to war and win , something that he may need to draw on come Saturday . Up until Usyk fought Briedis we hadn’t really seen him tested , and nobody ever really knows how someone will react when they are dragged into a battle . In that fight i thought Briedis was unlucky , he just fell short of the mark and showed Usyk can be very naive falling for the traps that Briedis had set and time and time agains Usyk walked on to big shots , something Usyk Cannot afford to do this weekend or it will be goodnight .

Murat Gassiev

Gassiev is someone who has benefited massively from the WBSS with his success in the tournament bringing him to front and centre in the division that is stacked with talent . Gassiev has a very fan friendly style as this boy can bang . In his last outing in the WBSS semi final he fought Doriticos , another top level Cruiserweight who gave Gassiev all sorts of problems early in the fight . I honestly thought Doriticos was on his way to a well earned victory after the first four rounds but Gassiev like any true elite level boxer showed what it takes to turn from a valiant loser into a gallant winner . That night Gassiev had every excuse to ditch his original game plan as he was being caught on the way in time and time again but he didn’t , he knew Doriticos would slow down the longer the fight went on . As the early freshness faded from Doriticos , he slowed that of a half second and Gassiev could get to work , landing the harder more punishing shots that gradually breaking Doriticos down . That night I couldn’t help but acknowledge that Gassiev must have the upmost confidence in his corner , to have the confidence to stick with a gameplan that didn’t look to be working the first quarter of the fight and make the slight adjustments shows his class . Gassiev isn’t the kind of technician Usyk is but that’s not to say Gassiev doesn’t have skills . A bit like like Usyk , Gassiev does his best work on the front foot , prodding , punching and breaking opponents down . Gassiev i really good at countering his opponents just as they launch an attack , and with Gassiev’s power that is a danger for anybody .


This fight doesn’t just have the potential to be the best fight of this year , it has the potential to be the best fight for years top come , that is how highly i rate both these guys . Across all social media and boxing press everybody seems split as to how this fight will go . I think if Usyk makes the same mistakes he made against Briedis he will be stopped , he must show more patience and maybe not try and iniciante every exchange as that’s is when he will be vulnerable . Gassiev cannot go into this fight thinking Usyk will slow down like Doriticos , as i said before Usyk’s gas tank is his biggest asset . I can see this one going the distance with heart stopping moments for both sets of fans . I can see both guys having to dig deep and survive at points . From the start of the WBSS i have said Usyk will win the tournament and my pick hasn’t changed , but i do think it will be a lot closer than i first anticipated .

Usyk Split Decision


Josh Taylor vs Viktor Postol – Review

On Saturday night i had the honour of watching a fantastic fight when Josh Taylor took on Viktor Postol in a WBC Final Eliminator at the fantastic SSE Hydro Arena in Glasgow , an arena where some of the £40 seats are the best in the house  . There are some issues i am going to get out the way first about this show before we get to the good stuff ……and then i will have my say about ” That Judging ” .

I have been to quite a few Cyclone Promotion shows now in Glasgow and Edinburgh to see Josh Taylor . Cyclone obviously try to emulate the tried and tested Matchroom structure when putting a show together  , looking to make sure the the audience enjoy the show as much as the fights . On Saturday i they got it all wrong with the undercard . It was expected the talented Chantelle Cameron may be chief support with other Cyclone fighters like Martin Bakole and Lee McGregor opening the TV segment of the show , but that wasn’t the case . As i arrived at the Arena around 7.40PM I walked into Tommy Philbin scoring a first round KO , as i took my seat It was announced that there would be no more fights until the show went live at 8.30PM, something i found rather strange . More strangely it was brought to my attention  that Martin Bakole and Chantelle Cameron had already fought earlier on in the evening in what must have been an empty Arena as it there was still loads of empty seats by the time i arrived . I have spoke to Billy Nelson who is trying his very best to build Bakole a fanbase and he was not best pleased about this . Instead taking up prime time slots was a girl making her professional debut and popular youngster Gary Rae , who did have a big following with him , but he must have been shocked when he was told he was Chief support in a six rounder .

Now i have got that out the way lets get to the good stuff ….

Some people had suggested to me that Postol was not the fighter he once was . Some thought that Terrance Crawford had took to much out of Postol in his only loss and he wouldn’t be able to operate at the same level as Taylor …..I was not one of these people . I said in my Preview for this fight that if you let Postol dictate the range in the ring he will pick you apart and it was clear from early in this fight that Josh Taylor was finding it hard to close the gap . Postol uses his incredibly long arms brilliantly to catch opponents when they think they are out of range as Taylor found out right from round one when Postol caught Taylor with a fantastic shot to the body , right then Taylor must have known he was in for a very tough night . (Round 1 Postol)

Right from the start of round two Taylor came out a bit more aggressive , getting inside more in the first 30 seconds of round two than he did for the whole of round one . Taylor was ducking down low to get inside Postol and having some success to the body . Postol never looked panicked at any point in this round and just used his experience , looking to land meaningful shots , but knowing the round was probably in the bag for Taylor , Postol just kept it sensible . (Round 2 Taylor)


Round three was a fantastic round for both boxers , both countering each others attacks , both landing big shots and both showing each other that fire will be met fire . Josh Taylor was also using an old pro’s trick by bringing the head in into play aswell which was making it imperative for Postol to keep Taylor on the outside where he was the stronger of the two . This round was very close round to call . (Round 3 Taylor )

Just before the fourth round got started you could hear Shane McGuigan tell Taylor to stop looking for the big shots , instructing him to make his last shot the power punch , not the first shot , i think Taylor’s corner knew this fight was going to won in thew last three rounds , not the first three . In the fourth round Postol had found his range again and was doing well keeping Taylor on the outside again . Postol was throwing jabs in two’s and then following his punches in forcing Taylor to spin off without landing anything meaningful . In Taylor had some success in the previus rounds switching from southpaw to orthodox but Postol was now going on the front foot anytime Taylor tried to switch , very smart boxing . (Round 4 Postol )

In the fifth round Viktor Postol upped his workrate again landing big right hands to Taylor’s body continually , a beautiful shot which Postol hides behind his jab . As the round went on Postol became more dominant and at this point it really did look as if the tide had turned in favour of Postol . ( Round 5 Postol) .


This really was a round of two halves . Postol came out and picked up from where left off in the previous round , peppering Taylor with jabs and keeping the fight at range . Going into the last minute of the round Taylor catches Postol with a fantastic uppercut which stunned the big Ukrainian which Taylor exploited for the ret of the round . ( Round 6 Taylor )

Taylor came out in the seventh clearly upping the pace catching Postol with some lovely shots including his trademark lead right hook over the top . At halfway in the round you got the feeling that Taylor may just be leaving himself a bit to open and that proved right when Postol caught him with a beautiful short uppercut which hurt Taylor . Josh went into to survival mode looking to tie up and stay out of range but Postol managed to land another three lovely big right hands , but Taylor seen the round out . ( Round 7 Postol )

For the first two minutes of this round Josh Taylor didn’t throw to much whilst Postol was picking his shots well , especially his body work . Despite a late flurry at the end of the round by Taylor it was a fairly convincing round for Viktor Postol . ( Round 8 Postol)

Going into the ninth round i though maybe Taylor was struggling mentally and this fight was on the verge of getting away from him , so that made it all the more impressive when Josh Taylor cam out and had his best round of the fight so far . Right from the off Taylor was getting inside a lot easier than  he had the rest of the fight and once he was there he was making Postol pay . He did have Postol hurt but had the street smarts not to go chasing the the stoppage as this guy was tough and the last thing Taylor needed was to gas . ( Round 9 Taylor )

Going into the tenth Shane McGiugan had told Taylor he was the fight the full three minutes of the rest of the rounds and that’s exactly how he fought in the tenth . Postol seemed to have slowed a bit now and punches which he was catching Taylor were now missing the mark . Josh just wouldn’t keep off Postol and in the last 20 seconds Taylor feints to Postol’s body  and Postol go’s to throw a counter jab , literally two seconds later Taylor look’s to like he is going to go to the body with his right but instead throws a massive left hook which sent Postol to the canvas , a fantastic bit of skill from Taylor . Massive round for Josh Taylor . ( Round 10 Taylor 10/8 due to knockdown)

This was another fascinating round as Postol came out and fought fire with fire but Josh was just that bit quicker and had more venom on his punches . Postol was landing some nice combinations but Taylor answered them with more big shot . Live at the arena i gave this round to Postol but after watching it back i’ve changed to a Taylor round . ( Round 11 Taylor )


Postol needed a massive round here and he just didn’t have it left in him . Taylor had found his rythme and was boxing beautifully . Postol wasn’t helped when he came off second best when there was a nasty head knock . Just like Postol did against Terrence Crawford he never gave up , but just like against Crawford he lost out to a more skilful boxer . ( Round 12 Taylor )  live at the show 114-115 …watch back 113-116 both for Taylor

So we are all sitting in suspense at the arena , where watching it live i had Taylor up by one round with the knockdown being vital . So then the scores are read out

” Judge Victor Laughlan 118-110 , Fernando Barbosa 117-110 , Eddie Pappoe 119-108 ”

That is judging that wouldn’t be out of place at OJ Simpson trial , god awful and so disrespectful to Viktor Postol who put up a great fight and came so close to an upset . He pushed Josh Taylor in ways he had never been pushed before , Josh Taylor probably found something out about himself on Saturday night and that was all due to the fight Viktor Potol put up . It is all to often becoming the case here in the UK that judges are scoring fights way off how they should be scored and something must be done about it . Ask yourself this would you bring a world title to the UK with how fights seem to be scored in they country ? .

Taylor vs Postol – Preview + Prediction

Taylor vs Postol – Preview + Prediction

It is so often the case when watching boxing that we usually miss so much of the journey to the top for our best fighters that we don’t really appreciate just how good they are . I dont think there is a better feeling as a boxing fan than knowing your getting in on something great from the start , watching someone fulfil there ambition one fight at a time and bringing you along on the journey , that is how it feels for me every time Josh Taylor fights . This weekend we will see the next step in Taylor’s journey to the top when he takes on Ukraines former WBC World Champion Victor Postol in what promises to be a great night of boxing in Glasgow .

Josh Taylor 12-0-0 11ko’s

After Carl Frampton had his ugly bitter split from Barry McGuigans Cyclone Promotions it really was worrying times for the company and the boxers they had signed under there banner as Frampton was the only household name in the stable . Cyclone needed someone to step up , they needed someone to fill the massive void left …..Step forward Josh Taylor . In the past 18 months Taylor of Prestonpans , which is a small village near Edinburgh has moved on from strength to strength building a fan base that outgrew anything the Scottish Capital could house and that has seen him now fight out of the thirteen thousand capacity SSE Hydro in Glasgow .

Yes the McGuigans have managed Taylor’s career well but the success in becoming the new king of Boxing in Scotland is all down to Taylor himself . Josh is a world class entertainer in the ring who will look to break you mentally as much as he will break you physically . Like all Shane McGugan fighters Taylor does his best work to the body using his superb footwork to get in position so he can land with accuracy around the side of his opponents defence . We have seen Josh Taylor make Ohara Davis quit like a dog , humiliating him in the process and he was also the first person ever to stop Miguel Vasquez . Part of Taylor being so exciting is that not only is he a fantastic offensive fighter but he also takes shots aswell which has been okay up until now but will he need to adjust for a former world champion , we will need to wait and see .

Viktor Postol 29-1-0 12ko’s

Like most i became aware of Viktor Postol when he KO’d Lucas Matthysse , a result i ever seen coming . Postol is a world level boxer as he proved against probably the best in the business Terrence Crawford who used every bit of his superior skill set to beat Postol on points in which was a very entertaining fight . Postol is a rangy fighter who uses every inch of his long arms to his advantage . If you let Postol dictate the distance in the ring that is when he will punish you as he is an expert in keeping opponents on the outside with his jab then hooking round the side of his opponents defence with surprising accuracy . The does have some big flaws though as Crawford showed . If you frustrate him he will rush in and walk right onto a shot , something Crawford sent him down to the canvas with twice . Postol also stands very upright so if you can get inside his body is wide open to the attack , something Josh Taylor will no doubt look to exploit as the fight goes on .


I will not be attending this fight due to work commitments but i have to admit i am devastated about it . This is a great step up for Josh Taylor and i have no doubt Postol will be coming to Glasgow looking for the win . Postol is like no one Taylor has ever fought before , all you have to do is look at the respect Crawford gave him in there fight . I think Taylor will start a little more cautious than we are used to seeing but after a couple of rounds he will look to force the pace and get inside . If Taylor can get inside and work the body he may get Postol out of there late on . Postol is a tough opponent though who can be very difficult to figure out . For me this fight looks like it is going to the cards but make no mistake that if Taylor stops Postol that will be a warning shot to everybody at 140lbs going into the WBSS .

Terrence Crawford Announces Himself At 147lbs

Terrence Crawford Announces Himself At 147lbs

My friend’s over at Beyond The Ropes Podcast asked me last week ” When your reporting and writing about boxing do you still get as excited about fights and fighters ” my answer was that you need to become sceptical/cynical to keep yourself honest and to make sure your not caught up in the hype , an answer i firmly believe in , well that is until Terrance Bud Crawford fights .

On Saturday night the boxing world got it’s first glimpse of Terrence Crawford at 147lbs (Welterweight) when he took on the tenacious Australian and WBO World Champion Jeff Horn . I for one was a bit worried about seeing Crawford at 147lbs as I thought he would be to small to mix it with the best at the weight but those fears were soon put to bed .

Jeff Horn hadn’t had the best of build up’s to this fight starting with car crashes , complaints about the Top Rank Gym and then to miss weight at first attempt , you got the feeling Horn was looking for excuses before the fight even started .

Right from the the first bell anybody that had watched Crawford before could see how this fight was going to go . Even though Horn did have some success in the first round you could see that as soon as Crawford found his range he would systematically break Horn down . It is hard to say what Bud Crawford’s best asset is but finding range is definitely one of them and it took him all of two rounds to figure out Horn , something Manny Pacquiao didn’t really manage to do over 12 rounds . Jeff Horn is not a flashy , skilful boxer but he uses his massive frame to rough up and bully opponents something Crawford nullified as any time the big Australian tried to close the gap Crawford continually timed him coming in and walked him onto some big straight left hands .

Crawford looked like a man who was really enjoying himself in the ring and as each round past his dominance grew , Horn made up for his lack of skill with a massive heart , but against a killer like Crawford that will only get you so far . In round eight Crawford went into DEFCON 5 and it was painfully beautiful to watch . Horn was thought to be the bigger , stronger man before this fight but the way in which Crawford manhandled him proved that this kid belongs at 147lbs . Every single mistake Horn made was punished by heavy one , two even three accurate power punches , each time Horn’s head snapped back , his face was swelling badly and he had lost eight out of eight rounds . As they came out for the ninth round i was thinking Horn’s corner need to get him out of there as he was being totally outclassed , but Bud took that choice away when he tee’d off again on Horn landing big punches in bunches forcing the Australian to hit the canvas . Horn beat the count but as Crawford came in for the kill again the Ref put Horn out of his misery and it has to be said it was very good refereeing by Robert Byrd .

So what did we learn about about Terrence Crawford ?

Personally I didn’t learn much about Crawford other than he will not be outmuscled by any Welterweight , not even Errol Spence . I firmly believe that Crawford is the P4P No1 and Saturday night just reaffirmed that for me . The way in which he can time opponents reminds me of Floyd Mayweather , the way in which he can switch from Orthodox to southpaw in the blink of an eye and look just as comfortable has shades of Shane Mosley and with the killer instinct of a young Manny Pacquiao , Bud Crawford really is the real deal now he just need that elite level win to prove it . For me the best fight in boxing that can be made in boxing is IBF Champion Errol Spence Jnr and Terrence Crawford and after a slow couple of years for the Welterweight division it owes us this fight .

Stevenson vs Jack – Preview +Prediction


Image result for Adonis Stevenson vs jack

We already have the preview up of Warrington vs Selby which is a massive domestic fight taking place this weekend in the UK , but as much as i am looking forward that one my eyes keep being drawn across the Atlantic to what is happening in Montreial , Canada . This weekend we will get to see the unification fight between Badu Jack and Adonis Stevenson  , a fight that has all of boxing intriuged .

Image result for badou jack

Badu Jack 22-1-2 13KO’s WBA Light Heavyweight Champion

Badu Jack over the past five years has become one of my favourite boxers . This is not due to his skill’s or ring craft or anything like that , I am a fan of Jack because of his hunger and desire to fight the best . In has last five fights he has fought Anthony Dirrell , George Groves ,James DeGale , Lucian Bute and Nathan Cleverly , that deserves respect . I have always said that Jack doesn’t do any do anything outstanding  , but he does everything well , and thats rare .  Jack’s biggest asset is his jab which is crisp and sharp which he uses so well to open opponents up for combination . The way in which Jack switches  from head to body is also very impressive and as Nathan Cleverly found out it is so effective when breaking an opponent down . Although Jack doesn’t have one punch power i wouldn’t call him feather fisted either , he has enough power to keep opponents off him and from what I’ve heard he’s actually brought more power up to light heavyweight . I think Jack is a superb talent but he does have some flaws that Stevenson will be looking to exploit . Jack can sometimes stay in range for to long and that’s something you can’t do against a guy like Stevenson . Jack also goes through the gears at the start of a fight and i am sure Adonis will try to exploit this early door’s .

Image result for Adonis Stevenson

Adonis Stevenson 29-1-0 24KO’s WBC Light Heavyweight Champion 

Anybody that follows us on twitter will know i don’t have any time for Adonis Stevenson due to his past , but i really cannot wait for this fight . Adonis is a top class World Champion who has refused to fulfil his own potential over the years . Time after time Stevenson has refused to step up against the best , to the point now where most boxing fans outside Canada see him as irrelevant until now . There is no doubt Adonis Stevenson has unbelievable power in that left hand , something Tony Bellew found out to his horror back in 2013 . Now at 40 years old there is no doubt Stevenson is past his best but with the lack of top class opponents and Stevenson’s style he doesn’t have to much on the clock so don’t let age fool you , this guy’ only needs to land one punch to end a fight . Stevenson’s full style is set up for him to land big left hands which see’s him plant his feet , square up and lunge a lot of the time which may have worked so far but i have no doubt Jack will be looking to punish each and every mistake Stevenson makes and he has the quality to do so .


This is a tough fight to call this one as nobody really knows just how good Adonis Stevenson is as he has never pushed himself against the best , that is in contrast to Badu Jack who has went out and improved as a fighter and won respect after being KO’d in the first round back in 2014 . I think Adonis is going to come out and try to catch Jack cold early and with the power Stevenson has i wouldn’t bet against him finding the target . If Badu Jack can survive the first four rounds i think he will start to impose himself on the fight . At some point in this fight these guys will stand and trade , Jack has to make sure that it happens later in the fight when the 40 year old Stevenson will be feeling the pace . I wouldn’t be surprised if Jack and Stevenson both go down in this fight . All week i have been thinking Jack will take this fight on the cards but as i sit here writing this i have managed to convince myself that Jack will get the KO late on in the fight .

Jack KO round 11



Warrington vs Selby – Preview + Prediction

The weekend just past gave us one of the most technically skilled fights you will see this year when Lomachenko defeated Jorge Linares , so no matter who was going to follow it this weekend they would have a near impossible task . This Saturday we might not have the glamour and technical ability of last weekends fight but it is equally intriguing all the same . Over 25 thousand fans will pack out Elland Road when Josh Warrington will take on Lee Selby in a fight that has been in the making for some time but now we will finally get to see if Warrington is the real deal .

.Image result for lee selby

Lee Selby 26-1-0 9KO’s 

As one of the UK’s longest reigning world champions Lee Selby is practically unknown outside of hardcore boxing fans but don’t let that fool you as Selby is a very skilful boxer . For me Selby’s biggest asset is his movement and the way in which he works off his movement with the jab is fantastic . Selby will keep his opponents at the end of his long jab and if they finally do get inside his quick feet get him out of harms way . Even me as a Lee Selby fan has to admit that this style can become boring to watch  , but my god it is efficient as he is usually to elusive for opponents to land anything meaningful over a full fight . Selby does have a noticeable lack of power and killer instinct in the ring which see’s him go twelve rounds all to often against guys you would expect a world champion to stop and that could be a factor on Saturday night as Warrington will be coming to put pressure on Selby from the start .Image result for selby weigh in

Something else that could be a major factor on Saturday night is for years now we have heard stories of Selby nearly killing himself to make weight and that looked very apparent before his last fight . When weighing in Selby’s ribs were clearly visible and looked to be trying to burst through his skin and that is never a good sign , this lets you know the extreme lengths this guy is going to to get under the 126lbs limit and i really don’t know if Selby has it left in him to take a fresher , hungrier fighter the full twelve rounds .Image result for Josh Warrington

Josh Warrington 26-0-0 6KO’s

Josh Warrington is the perfect example of why it is so important to get a good team around you that have your best interests at heart . Some young fighters in the sport are ready to be pushed on early in there careers and other might have the skill needed to be a top fighter but need more time to refine there style , Josh Warrington is the latter of the two . In Warrington’s last few fight’s as he’s been chasing down this Lee Selby his level of opponents has been stepped up , beating guys like Kiko Martinez and Dennis Ceylan which will prepare him well for his biggest challenge to date . Warrington has improved as a fighter over the years and proved against Martinez he can dig deep when he needs to . Warrington likes to keep fights at a high pace and is also willing to take shots to land them . I also believe that Warrington has more power than his record would suggest , maybe not the kind of power that can get guys out of there , but the kind that over a fight will slow opponents down and easier to hit . My one criticism of Warrington is that he can be to eager to get in range sometime leaving himself wide open and against someone like Selby who has quick hands an quicker feet he could play right into the Welshman’s game plan  .

Prediction :

When i go over this fight in my head i can see it being an exciting matchup and i can see ways in which both guys can win . There is no doubt that Lee Selby is the far superior boxer of the two but i how long can he keep cutting weight like he does ? every time a fighter does that he loses a little bit of himself and this might just be the night it all come falling down for Selby . Josh Warrington will be fighting at his favourite football teams ground in front of 25 thousand fans who will all be behind him . After working so hard for this chance he might just step it up another gear and show the world he has arrived . I think this will be Selby’s hardest fight since Eric Hunter and Selby is not the same fighter now who beat Hunter . I think Warrington is going to come in with a game plan to keep the pace high and stay ontop of Selby not giving him a minutes rest . I think Selby will win this fight but only by the skin of his teeth , and if you are looking for an upset this weekend this fight could most definitely be it  .

Selby ( Split Decision )

Lomachenko vs Linares – Preview + Prediction

Lomachenko vs Linares – Preview + Prediction

If i can ask you to cast your mind back to a few months when we all thought the month of May looked to be a dream month for boxing fans , but that dream has slowly became a nightmare . Firstly we had the final of the World Boxing Super Series called off due to an injury to Oleksandr Usyk then the super fight between GGG and Canelo was called off due to Canelo failing a drug test and being suspended by the Nevada Athletics Commission . So who will save this Month for us ?…..Step forward Vasyli Lomachenko and Jorge Linares . This weekend we will see two of the best technicians in boxing go toe to toe and i cannot wait .

Jorge Linares 44-3-0 27Ko’s

I have been a fan of Jorge Linares for a good few years now , so much so i made the trip from Glasgow to Manchester to see him take Anthony Crolla apart . Linares in full flow is a joy to watch , with his lightening quick hand’s and superb shot selection Linares is really is a handful . Linares isn’t just a nightmare offensively for opponents , due to his fantastic footwork Linares is very rarely tied down or caught against the ropes and can even make his opponents look foolish when they try to do so . There is one criticism that has always stuck to Linares and that is that he lacks heart when things get tough , now i don’t know how much stock i can put in this nowadays as Linares has just came through a hard fight with Luke Campbell , a fight that maybe at one time Linares would have folded mentally but i do think he has matured mentally as a fighter . Linares also has a another flaw , a more biological problem than a flaw in skills and that is that Linares is a bleeder and i do think that could be a big problem for him this weekend .

Vasyl Lomachenko 10-1-0 8Ko’s

Well what else can be said about this man ? In just eleven fights Vasyl Lomachenko is a two weight World Champion and he will fight in his twelfth fight to become a three weight World Champion , an absolutely outstanding statement of intent from the Ukrainian . Where do you start when talking about Loma , never have i seen a man with the ability to destroy opponents mentally , forcing them to quit like his last four opponents giving Loma the nickname “NoMasChenko” in reference to the infamous Leonard vs Duran 2 fight . The beauty of watching Lomachenko is that when you watch him fight you realise you are seeing are a great in the making , the way he glides across the ring literally acting like a matador toying with a raging bull , the way he launches attacks from obscure angle’s that opponents don’t see coming . I don’t have any negatives to say about Loma , so far he has been perfect …disregarding the shambles of a fight against Orlando Salido of course .


Well as you probably can already tell i have made my pick . I think Vasyl Lomachenko really is something special and no matter how good Jorge Linares is I just cant see him getting the better of Loma . The big question is will Linares make it to the end of the fight or will be another quit job ? ….Well i think Linares will make it to the end , i feel with the fight being Loma’s first at 135lbs he will maybe just lacking the power to hurt Linares …….then again I wouldn’t put it past Loma to stop Linares and make no mistake he will going in there to get the stoppage .

watch it