It’s finally time to sit down and write my preview for this weekends super fight between GGG vs Canelo . Now i say that with an exasperated tone as the build up to this fight has been exhausting and dare i say it , it’s now even turning people off from the fight . I have also seen some well respected people in the boxing media say they don’t care about this fight , that since Canelo tested positive or due to the how the last fight finished which i think is crazy as in modern boxing the best very rarely fight the best at this level . Personally I cannot wait for that bell to ring and for this fight to get underway , for me part 1 of this fight was a masterclass in boxing skill and it was a joy to watch and on Saturday in Las Vegas i think it will be the same all over again .

GGG 38-0-1 34ko’s

GGG is coming into this fight on a wave of anger and bad blood . The Kazakhs not only furious about how the first fight was stolen from him on the cards but also that this rematch had to be postponed after Canelo was suspended for testing positive for clenbuterol back in February . Since then the usually quiet and reserved GGG has pointed both barrels at Canelo and pulled the trigger . This could be an effective tool for GGG as it is obvious he has got into Canelo’s head with the Mexican refusing to do any pressers with GGG in the build up to this fight .


For this ploy to work GGG has to detach himself from his emotions on fight night and go in there to box to a plan . GGG has one of the best jabs in boxing , it is the key to winning this fight for him . In the first fight GGG started to slowly and seemed to be load up on his shots far to often , but the tide started to turn once he established his jab . With a chin made of granite and an awesome selection of punches to choose from GGG is the perfect all round fighter so it is difficult to find a fault with him but there is one . For years i admired the way in which GGG closed off the ring on opponents leaving them nowhere to go but now at 36 years old and stepping up to elite level opposition i think his feet have slowed down . In the last fight he fell into a habit of following Canelo rather than chasing him down and now another year older this could be his Achilles heal .

Saul Canelo Alvarez 49-1-2 34ko’s

Being a superstar of the sport from such a young age Canelo was everybody’s favourite villain since Floyd Mayweather hung up his gloves so after Adelaide Byrd’s crazy score card which resulted in Canelo getting a draw (A result i have no problem with) the Canelo hate was off the chart from boxing fans . That ridículas scorecard robbed Canelo of any credit in that fight . Canelo boxed brilliantly in the first fight which he was in right until the end on my cards (i had GGG by 1 round) . For me Canelo is the more skilled of these two fighters and when you see him throw his punches in bunches you see why . He can set you up with a feint and unload with three or four meaningful shots before disengaging , but just like GGG , Canelo didn’t use his best weapon from the start . Only once GGG established the jab did Canelo look to land more than one shot at a time . It was clear in the first fight that Canelo’s movement gave GGG problems in the first fight and i think that is what Canelo is going to try an exploit again on Saturday night , but there is no getting away from the facts that Canelo looks small coming into this fight and i think we can all suspect why . I really don’t know how this will work out for Canelo as he will be quicker ,more agile and probably be able to go for longer this time round but he will be missing that power to keep GGG off of him which has to be a big worry in the Canelo camp .


Even with all the drama to get to this rematch i am still buzzing thinking about it . How can you predict how these two will go at it as both can mix and match there styles like all the elite level fighters can . If Canelo is to win this fight he will need to fight a Mayweatheresc fight landing and moving before the counter , never being tied down and letting GGG get to work . If Abel Sanchez thought he ran last time i suspect he will be seething after this IF Canelo can pull it off . There is no getting away from the sheer difference in size of these guys . I believe GGG will just be to big for Canelo who i expect to start fast but fade as the fight hits the middle rounds and that’s when i think the pendulum will swing toward GGG. I think Canelo might even hit the canvas but he will see out the fight . I have said before that if GGG is to win on the cards he must win big , and i think he will do that .

GGG Unanimous Decision

Steven Donnell

Beat To The Punch Bitesize podcast GGG vs Canelo special

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