Canelo vs GGG – Robbery ? …Hell No

Canelo vs GGG – Robbery ? …Hell No

Why do we as fans love boxing ? For me personally I love the way in which these athletes can perform under intense pressure . The way in which these men and woman can function whilst being punched ,completely blocking out pain at times . Of course what we get to see in the ring is only a fraction of the time , hardwork and methodical training that’s gone in for the week’s and months before fightnight . On Saturday night we seen two of the very best in the sport go toe to toe when GGG vs Canelo got there rematch underway in what would prove to be a masterclass in boxing , something a lot of fans have forgotten how to enjoy .

Elite >”A select group that is superior in terms of ability”

The above is how the dictionary defines elite , words that could have easily been replaced by a photo of GGG and Canelo . Any doubt as to the Mexican superstars pedigree were put to bed early on in this fight as he shocked everybody by coming and taking the centre of the ring  forcing GGG to box off the backfoot , something we have never seen him have to do before .

The first half of the fight we really seen Canelo look comfortable and relaxed doing some great bodywork , whilst GGG smartly stayed behind that fantastic jab until he could adjust to Canelo, who had clearly caught the champion off guard . Although Canelo looked to be doing the better work it really was getting harder to score as the fight went on . As each round passed by GGG looked to be breathing very heavily due to a combination of great bodywork from Canelo and the high pace of the fight .

I have to admit I thought the fight was beginning to get away from GGG at the end of the seventh but then just before the eighth round GGG’s corner told him he was losing this fight . In the eighth a switch seemed to flick in GGG prompting him to go meet Canelo in the middle of the ring and what came next was like watching physical and violent poetry . GGG was definitely having more success fighting this way and clearly picking up a few rounds , the full time starting to feel pity for the judge’s , and It wasn’t going to get any easier for them . As GGG would dominate the first half of around Canelo would finish stronger and vise versa , rounds would swing back and forward . As the fight came to an end one thing was for sure , this was close , really close .


Robbery > To take the property of anther in his or her person or presence

The Judges had the unenviable task of trying to separates these two warriors and as both stood in the ring battered and bloodied a sobering wave of dread came across most watching, as this could be another draw , a result that would totally deflate most spectators . We came for a winner and a winner is what the judges gave us . With one judge calling it a draw and two agreeing Canelo shaved it , it was the Mexican’s hand that was raised in the ring , a fair result right ? Well not to the many people who for one reason or another shouted robbery and fix . These claims leave a sour taste in my mouth . How anybody can totally disrespect the show these two put on is beyond me . Yes GGG could easily have won and the judges could have still have went home with there head’s held high . I feel that to many fans allow themselves to become emotionally involved when watching a fight , remember this isn’t football you really shouldn’t let yourself get overly attached as it clouds judgment , just like it does in football . If you cant sit back and just enjoy what you had watched without judging through tinted glasses then your denying yourself so much , you would enjoy the boxing experience so much more . Keep yourself impartial , watch out for feints , defence , positioning ,footwork and all the other stuff both these guys put together in the ring and just watch in awe .

Revenge > To exact punishment for a wrong on behalf of , especially in a resentful or vindictive spirit

It was clear that the storyline didn’t go to plan on Saturday night as Canelo who has just come back from suspension for failed drug tests walked out winner , but regardless of storylines it was a fair result . This fight had been brewing for months in some bad blood with jibes being aimed at both men in the build up . Twice now this match up has thrown up some unbelievable boxing . This isn’t a Hollywood movie , this was real life and just like in any walk of life whether it’s in a boxing ring or just an average joe in his workplace things go against you , there are those who will give up and think what’s the point , then there are those who will push on knowing that luck has a funny way of going in circles and roundabouts and GGG is certainly due some luck .I really hope GGG doesn’t retire as he still has so much he can give to the sport , and who know’s maybe if he chases that third fight he will get it and we all as fans wins as we watch them do this all over again .

Steven Donnell


Drug Cheats ~ Hero’s and Villains

Drug Cheats ~ Hero’s and Villains

Most of my readers won’t know this but my father is blind , but any of you that do know my old man will agree that he is one of the most amazing people you will ever meet . From cycling on his tandem to mountain climbing he has done it all but his real passion is weight lifting . My Dad’s in the gym most days of the week and just approaching 59 he is still one of the strongest men in his gym . My dad has told me how so many young guys have come and gone over the years and how others are who have trained with him have got noticeably bigger and stronger over short periods of time , and with my Dad not being a man to hold back thats usually where his relationship with these guy’s end , You see my Dad maybe blind but he can see a cheat a mile away . For him training is all about the hard work and dedication so when people who ask to train with him take shortcuts and cheat he takes this as a personal insult . As is so often the case my Dad’s strong feeling’s on doping has passed down to me .

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Now my hatred for drug cheats has served me well and led me to hammer those caught at any opportunity i could . When Louis Ortiz failed a drug test for the second time i was only to happy to get tore into him . When Alexander Povetkin failed his drug test just before he was due to face Deontay Wilder i wanted a lengthy ban , when he failed another i wanted him out of the sport for life . Yeah things were good sitting back and taking aim at these fighters i felt no attachment to but that all changed in February when one of my favourite boxers in the sport , Canelo tested positive for Clenbuterol on two separate occasions .

Now like all dopers Canelo denied any wrong doing blaming the failed test on the notorious contaminated Mexican beef . Now I never bought into this excuse no mater how many times the WBC tried to force it down our throats . Now seeing Canelo coming into this fight with GGG he noticeably smaller , now i never knew what Clenbuterol done to the human body until i seen Canelo in a picture recently and that for me has removed any doubt that he cheated , as a fan of his boxing style and ability it really has left a sour taste in my mouth . On Saturday night if GGG wins then boxing wins , but what about if Canelo wins ? Will he get the credit for being the first man to beat GGG ? , I doubt it , will it clear his name and legacy ? Nope , will he be remembered for it ? I don’t think so …….which got me thinking .

One of my favourite fighters of all time is Evander Holyfield , for me a modern legend of the sport . Holyfield was involved in some of the best fights to take place in my lifetime and to this day i still go back and watch them , we even have one on our Casuals Corner . What boxing fans like to do is overlook the fact that “The Real Deal” is a drug cheat . When people talk about the Klitschko’s it is often met with “yeah Vitali was the better brother” and people will point to how Vitali was schooling Lennox Lewis until the fight was stopped prematurely due to a cut , another modern day great , another drug cheat . If you didn’t know Roy Jones Jnr was a drugs cheat you would never hear a boxing fan tell you , instead they would go on about how he is a future Hall Of Famer .

We as fans pick and choose when we want there to be a hardline zero tolerance of PED enhanced boxers and when we give them a pass . The truth of the matter is that boxing can be a popularity contest outside the ring which see’s us turn a blind eye all to often . It would seem that we only want a hardline when it suits us .

Steven Donnell

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Canelo vs GGG – Preview + Prediction

Canelo vs GGG – Preview + Prediction

It’s finally time to sit down and write my preview for this weekends super fight between GGG vs Canelo . Now i say that with an exasperated tone as the build up to this fight has been exhausting and dare i say it , it’s now even turning people off from the fight . I have also seen some well respected people in the boxing media say they don’t care about this fight , that since Canelo tested positive or due to the how the last fight finished which i think is crazy as in modern boxing the best very rarely fight the best at this level . Personally I cannot wait for that bell to ring and for this fight to get underway , for me part 1 of this fight was a masterclass in boxing skill and it was a joy to watch and on Saturday in Las Vegas i think it will be the same all over again .

GGG 38-0-1 34ko’s

GGG is coming into this fight on a wave of anger and bad blood . The Kazakhs not only furious about how the first fight was stolen from him on the cards but also that this rematch had to be postponed after Canelo was suspended for testing positive for clenbuterol back in February . Since then the usually quiet and reserved GGG has pointed both barrels at Canelo and pulled the trigger . This could be an effective tool for GGG as it is obvious he has got into Canelo’s head with the Mexican refusing to do any pressers with GGG in the build up to this fight .


For this ploy to work GGG has to detach himself from his emotions on fight night and go in there to box to a plan . GGG has one of the best jabs in boxing , it is the key to winning this fight for him . In the first fight GGG started to slowly and seemed to be load up on his shots far to often , but the tide started to turn once he established his jab . With a chin made of granite and an awesome selection of punches to choose from GGG is the perfect all round fighter so it is difficult to find a fault with him but there is one . For years i admired the way in which GGG closed off the ring on opponents leaving them nowhere to go but now at 36 years old and stepping up to elite level opposition i think his feet have slowed down . In the last fight he fell into a habit of following Canelo rather than chasing him down and now another year older this could be his Achilles heal .

Saul Canelo Alvarez 49-1-2 34ko’s

Being a superstar of the sport from such a young age Canelo was everybody’s favourite villain since Floyd Mayweather hung up his gloves so after Adelaide Byrd’s crazy score card which resulted in Canelo getting a draw (A result i have no problem with) the Canelo hate was off the chart from boxing fans . That ridículas scorecard robbed Canelo of any credit in that fight . Canelo boxed brilliantly in the first fight which he was in right until the end on my cards (i had GGG by 1 round) . For me Canelo is the more skilled of these two fighters and when you see him throw his punches in bunches you see why . He can set you up with a feint and unload with three or four meaningful shots before disengaging , but just like GGG , Canelo didn’t use his best weapon from the start . Only once GGG established the jab did Canelo look to land more than one shot at a time . It was clear in the first fight that Canelo’s movement gave GGG problems in the first fight and i think that is what Canelo is going to try an exploit again on Saturday night , but there is no getting away from the facts that Canelo looks small coming into this fight and i think we can all suspect why . I really don’t know how this will work out for Canelo as he will be quicker ,more agile and probably be able to go for longer this time round but he will be missing that power to keep GGG off of him which has to be a big worry in the Canelo camp .


Even with all the drama to get to this rematch i am still buzzing thinking about it . How can you predict how these two will go at it as both can mix and match there styles like all the elite level fighters can . If Canelo is to win this fight he will need to fight a Mayweatheresc fight landing and moving before the counter , never being tied down and letting GGG get to work . If Abel Sanchez thought he ran last time i suspect he will be seething after this IF Canelo can pull it off . There is no getting away from the sheer difference in size of these guys . I believe GGG will just be to big for Canelo who i expect to start fast but fade as the fight hits the middle rounds and that’s when i think the pendulum will swing toward GGG. I think Canelo might even hit the canvas but he will see out the fight . I have said before that if GGG is to win on the cards he must win big , and i think he will do that .

GGG Unanimous Decision

Steven Donnell

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Welcome To The Jungle – Hearn Will Never Take Over The US Market

Welcome To The Jungle – Hearn Will Never Take Over The US Market

Here in Britain we really don’t appreciate how simple our lives are when it comes to boxing . Yes we may moan about having to pick up Boxnation and BT Sport on top of our Sky Sports Subscription ( Unless you click on the Satplex picture below which you can thank me for later ) all just to watch boxing . Here in the UK we accept boxing is not one of our main sports but we see it as a stimulant . Our Boxing platforms don’t wrap up boxing in a bow and serve to to us , boxing is there to excel the Liverpool vs Man Utd game that may have took place earlier on in the day , or to keep you tuned In after the Celtic vs Rangers game has finished and do you know what it’s worked , it has came off for guys like Eddie Hearn who have brought boxing to the masses and tapped into that football ( soccer ) mad culture that engulfs all of these small isles .

With the formula of success in his hands who could blame Eddie Hearn for heading to the biggest sports market in the world shouting ” I am here to take over ” . Many people fall into this belief that there is a “western culture” due to there being a McDonnald’s in New York as well as London , due to there being a Taco Bell in Glasgow as well as in LA . The Atlantic Ocean is often overlooked as a pond that separates the UK and the US but it isn’t , it is a massive wild ocean which separates two very different cultures of people and businesses . Eddie Hearn is finding out the hard way that the wars of American Independence of 1775 have made him an outsider , in fact he is now a red coat looking to repatriate the US shouting ” I am here to take over ” .

Hearn has announced he has teamed up with DAZN in an attempt to take over the US , an online streaming platform with Hearn claiming its a deal worth $1B . Now i have been very sceptical about this deal since Eddie announced it , especially since Eddie announced that AJ was not part of the deal , which seems weird as AJ seems to appears on most of there online posters .


Now a major part of modern American culture is Cinema . With Mafia movies being classed as Cinematography masterpieces . Movies such as the Godfather Trilogy , Goodfellas and Casino being all described as classics in there own right . These movies are powerful due to the fact they show what the modern America was really built on . Instead of being fictional stories they are seen more like documentaries of how some came to the US and ” Took ” the American Dream . Hearn is finding out that there is a MOB mentality ingrained in the US boxing market , with the five families being Top Rank , PBC , Golden boy , DiBella and Tom Loeffler (K2) and like the mafia these people don’t need nor want any outside interference .

As Eddie Hearn has flashed his $1B he has found door after door slammed shut on his face . Hearn didn’t factor into his plans that he is an outsider in a country that is becoming increasingly more insular . With US super powers such as Top Rank already having deals with ESPN , Golden Boy with ESPN + Facebook and PBC now officially teaming up with Showtime there is no need for DAZN . Time and time again we have seen guys like Mikey Garcia, Errol Spence, both Charlo Twins and Adrian Broner say ” Thank’s but no thanks ” .Hearn is finding himself more like Oliver Twist begging for the the scraps from the table rather than the a man who’s landed in the states looking to claim boxing back in the name of King George the III .

Eddie Hearn is a shroud business man who has took boxing and the live boxing show’s experience to a new level here in the UK . There is a whole new generation of boxing fans here in the UK that believe that Hearn invented sport and that the UK is now Mecca in boxing terms . To these people i say the sport needs you but take yourself back away from the pin hole you look through , Mecca is still a bingo hall in the UK , the home of boxing is and always will be in the US . Eddie Hearn is learning the hard way that a big fish outside the bowl will die , whilst the the big fish inside the bowl will fight over scraps .

Steven Donnell

DJay News Portal – Week 3

DJay News Portal – Week 3

Click headline to go to story !!!!!

10 years in jail for Russian Mafia ties for boxer

This guy was some character in and out the ring .

Taylor + Burnett confirmed for Glasgow SSE Hydro

Fantastic news !! The hydro really is a top venue for boxing and with the class and uniqueness of the WBSS some people will be in for a shock

Usyk signs Co-Promotion deal with Matchroom

I’m a massive fan of Usyk . This looks like Bellew fight is on and that Usyk WILL be moving to Heavyweight soon

Jono Carroll link back up with Matchroom

Great signing for Eddie . I believe Jono is on the cusp of big things and he is an entertainer

Frankie Gavin is giving it one last go

Gavin had the talent but lacked the heart . I think he has missed the bus and will be shown up in Spain .

Haymon signs biggest boxing TV deal in history

Not great news for DAZN who are really struggling to get off the ground . The US is market is all but closed off

Canelo vs GGG 24/7

Another classic from HBO , a must watch from boxing’s top 2 superstars

Hearn- Brook could steal Pacquiao from Khan

Brook has been told he must return to 147lbs , which he said he WILL do . Funny because he wanted Khan to move up .

Frampton advising gym mate how to beat Ohara

This is fantastic . All fighters who want progress need to be willing to learn from the best and Catteral is willing to do that .

Burnett vs Donaire looks set for Glasgow…NOT Belfast

Well this is not the news Irish fans will be wanting but I have no doubt Glasgow will be jumping with support for him .

WBA shameful rankings

The WBA once again are the joke of Boxing . Reading through there top ten I was literally clueless to who these people are

Mistaken Identity for Jack Dempsey

This a must read and I will be talking about it on next months pod , fantastic story

Alex Saucedo interview with DjayBoxing

We caught up with Alex after his fantastic fight with Lenny Zappavigna and how he is getting ready for a world title fight with Maurice Hooker

DjayBoxing First Ever Podcast

If you like the way I write then and agree with our opinions why not listen to our pod


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Alex Saucedo Interview – The Man Bringing Boxing Back In The Sooner State

Alex Saucedo Interview – The Man Bringing Boxing Back In The Sooner State

When you think of Oklahoma you think of a musical , or if you are a keen American historian you may know  Oklahoma is the place where the native Americans where sent after being evicted from there home lands back in the 19th century , but in amongst all that Oklahoma has a proud boxing history . It was a misdemeanour to take part in prize fighting until the 1970s , an unpopular law , so the good people of Oklahoma simply ignored it . the very first Championship boxing bout took place in the city when Denmark’s Battling Dane defended his world title . Officially the next boxing bout that took place in the city was in the 1970’s but it is known that the most important Heavyweight Champion ever Jack Johnson fought in Oklahoma , the very first ever black heavyweight world champion , so has Sugar Ray Robinson and George Forman . But Oklahoma like many cities has struggled to become a relevant boxing city as it didn’t have a Boxing Commission until 1999 .image.png

After years of struggling to find professional boxers for the city to get behind it now looks like they finally have a young talent to throw there support towards  . Alex Saucedo (24) has already been compared to the legendary Arturo Gatti , a comparison that the boxing world does not throw around lightly , but if anybody happened to catch Alex Saucido’s last fight against Lenny Zappavigna you can see why he is well on his way to earning the comparisons , and the Oklahoma crowd love it .

i asked Alex what it was like to win such a dramatic fight against Lenny Z .

” This was a very tough fight because both of us wanted to win because we knew the winner would go and fight Maurice Hooker for the WBO World Title . Both of us didn’t want to go down so it became a war . Im just happy that the fans enjoyed the fight and i came through it and thats all that matter . ”

At just 24 Alex is still learning the finer points of his game but that night he proved he had the heart of a lion which means he is half way there to becoming a champion . I asked Alex if he had watched the fight back and what had he learned from that night that will push him on to the next level .

” Watching it back he caught me good in the fourth but i stuck in there and that definitely gave me experience for the next upcoming fight against Hooker . Me and my trainer (Abel Sanchez) sat down and we watched the fight back together . We where able to see what i did wrong and we also seen what i did right . Right after Canelo vs GGG fight he will be waiting for me up at Big Bear . I am already training here in Oklahoma City so when i get up there we can work on the finer things and we will be training really hard for this next fight . ”

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Watching Saucedo/Zappavigna fight on TV it was astonishing the noise coming from the Oklahoma crowd , something that you don’t really hear from an American crowd . There was points in that fight where Saucedo looked to be on the brink of going down as he was hurt bad , i asked him if the fantastic home support helped him through .

” Yeah absolutely , in that fourth round i just knew i couldn’t go down in front of my people . That is why i do all this training for situations like that but the support of the crowd pushes you up , and i loved that , i loved that all those people came out to support me and i appreciate everyone of them ”


Next up for Alex Saucedo is WBO World Champion Maurice Hooker who is coming off a fantastic win against Terry Flannigan . It was widely expected that this fight would be shown on Eddie Hearn’s new online platform/partner DAZN but after Hooker/Saucido went to purse bids it was Top Rank who coughed up the money for there man with a whopping $1.6m . I asked Alex what it was like to backed by your promotion team with such a big bid to secure the fight for him in front of his home fans in Oklahoma .

” Hooker is a very good fighter , he may even be the best fighter i have ever fought and thats why he is the champion . It’s great that Top Rank and ESPN have shown this faith in me . I told them to get ready because i am going to give them some great fights .

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Sometime when you interview a fighter you get the feeling it is just a job to them but with Alex Saucedo you can tell that this lad wants to go to the top . When talking about a very hard fight he had recently Alex was the one who brought up all the things he done wrong in that fantastic victory . His fight with Hooker will take place on 16th or 17 of November in Oklahoma . Here in the UK it will be shown live on Boxnation , and trust me you will not want to miss this fight .

Steven Donnell

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