DJay News Portal – Week 3

DJay News Portal – Week 3

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10 years in jail for Russian Mafia ties for boxer

This guy was some character in and out the ring .

Taylor + Burnett confirmed for Glasgow SSE Hydro

Fantastic news !! The hydro really is a top venue for boxing and with the class and uniqueness of the WBSS some people will be in for a shock

Usyk signs Co-Promotion deal with Matchroom

I’m a massive fan of Usyk . This looks like Bellew fight is on and that Usyk WILL be moving to Heavyweight soon

Jono Carroll link back up with Matchroom

Great signing for Eddie . I believe Jono is on the cusp of big things and he is an entertainer

Frankie Gavin is giving it one last go

Gavin had the talent but lacked the heart . I think he has missed the bus and will be shown up in Spain .

Haymon signs biggest boxing TV deal in history

Not great news for DAZN who are really struggling to get off the ground . The US is market is all but closed off

Canelo vs GGG 24/7

Another classic from HBO , a must watch from boxing’s top 2 superstars

Hearn- Brook could steal Pacquiao from Khan

Brook has been told he must return to 147lbs , which he said he WILL do . Funny because he wanted Khan to move up .

Frampton advising gym mate how to beat Ohara

This is fantastic . All fighters who want progress need to be willing to learn from the best and Catteral is willing to do that .

Burnett vs Donaire looks set for Glasgow…NOT Belfast

Well this is not the news Irish fans will be wanting but I have no doubt Glasgow will be jumping with support for him .

WBA shameful rankings

The WBA once again are the joke of Boxing . Reading through there top ten I was literally clueless to who these people are

Mistaken Identity for Jack Dempsey

This a must read and I will be talking about it on next months pod , fantastic story

Alex Saucedo interview with DjayBoxing

We caught up with Alex after his fantastic fight with Lenny Zappavigna and how he is getting ready for a world title fight with Maurice Hooker

DjayBoxing First Ever Podcast

If you like the way I write then and agree with our opinions why not listen to our pod


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Alex Saucedo Interview – The Man Bringing Boxing Back In The Sooner State

Alex Saucedo Interview – The Man Bringing Boxing Back In The Sooner State

When you think of Oklahoma you think of a musical , or if you are a keen American historian you may know  Oklahoma is the place where the native Americans where sent after being evicted from there home lands back in the 19th century , but in amongst all that Oklahoma has a proud boxing history . It was a misdemeanour to take part in prize fighting until the 1970s , an unpopular law , so the good people of Oklahoma simply ignored it . the very first Championship boxing bout took place in the city when Denmark’s Battling Dane defended his world title . Officially the next boxing bout that took place in the city was in the 1970’s but it is known that the most important Heavyweight Champion ever Jack Johnson fought in Oklahoma , the very first ever black heavyweight world champion , so has Sugar Ray Robinson and George Forman . But Oklahoma like many cities has struggled to become a relevant boxing city as it didn’t have a Boxing Commission until 1999 .image.png

After years of struggling to find professional boxers for the city to get behind it now looks like they finally have a young talent to throw there support towards  . Alex Saucedo (24) has already been compared to the legendary Arturo Gatti , a comparison that the boxing world does not throw around lightly , but if anybody happened to catch Alex Saucido’s last fight against Lenny Zappavigna you can see why he is well on his way to earning the comparisons , and the Oklahoma crowd love it .

i asked Alex what it was like to win such a dramatic fight against Lenny Z .

” This was a very tough fight because both of us wanted to win because we knew the winner would go and fight Maurice Hooker for the WBO World Title . Both of us didn’t want to go down so it became a war . Im just happy that the fans enjoyed the fight and i came through it and thats all that matter . ”

At just 24 Alex is still learning the finer points of his game but that night he proved he had the heart of a lion which means he is half way there to becoming a champion . I asked Alex if he had watched the fight back and what had he learned from that night that will push him on to the next level .

” Watching it back he caught me good in the fourth but i stuck in there and that definitely gave me experience for the next upcoming fight against Hooker . Me and my trainer (Abel Sanchez) sat down and we watched the fight back together . We where able to see what i did wrong and we also seen what i did right . Right after Canelo vs GGG fight he will be waiting for me up at Big Bear . I am already training here in Oklahoma City so when i get up there we can work on the finer things and we will be training really hard for this next fight . ”

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Watching Saucedo/Zappavigna fight on TV it was astonishing the noise coming from the Oklahoma crowd , something that you don’t really hear from an American crowd . There was points in that fight where Saucedo looked to be on the brink of going down as he was hurt bad , i asked him if the fantastic home support helped him through .

” Yeah absolutely , in that fourth round i just knew i couldn’t go down in front of my people . That is why i do all this training for situations like that but the support of the crowd pushes you up , and i loved that , i loved that all those people came out to support me and i appreciate everyone of them ”


Next up for Alex Saucedo is WBO World Champion Maurice Hooker who is coming off a fantastic win against Terry Flannigan . It was widely expected that this fight would be shown on Eddie Hearn’s new online platform/partner DAZN but after Hooker/Saucido went to purse bids it was Top Rank who coughed up the money for there man with a whopping $1.6m . I asked Alex what it was like to backed by your promotion team with such a big bid to secure the fight for him in front of his home fans in Oklahoma .

” Hooker is a very good fighter , he may even be the best fighter i have ever fought and thats why he is the champion . It’s great that Top Rank and ESPN have shown this faith in me . I told them to get ready because i am going to give them some great fights .

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Sometime when you interview a fighter you get the feeling it is just a job to them but with Alex Saucedo you can tell that this lad wants to go to the top . When talking about a very hard fight he had recently Alex was the one who brought up all the things he done wrong in that fantastic victory . His fight with Hooker will take place on 16th or 17 of November in Oklahoma . Here in the UK it will be shown live on Boxnation , and trust me you will not want to miss this fight .

Steven Donnell

This Interview was took from our podcast ” Beat To The Punch” check it out on radio blog
Or here on youtube

DJay Boxing News Portal – week 2

DJay Boxing News Portal – week 2

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Ohara names new trainer

Ohara Davies does seem to have learned life lessons and is now finally being a bit more fan friendly . If he gets past Catterall that would be massive for him , but that’s is a massive IF .

WBSS ssn 2 Cruiserweight’s announced

Sorry I just don’t get it , we know who is the best in the division….are they praying Usyk moves up and leaves all the belts

The rise of Dogboe (Ring Mag)

Dogboe has announced himself as one to watch . I bet Warren and Hearn are kicking themselves now they missed this lad .

Warren says ignore the lies about Fury

This all came from big Dan Rafael saying he heard Fury was now scared to fight Wilder. Dan said he heard it from a source in the UK ……..good old Eddie up to his tricks again

Peter Fury- Hughie must win big to get decision

Yeah sadly this is true , although I have to laugh at this as the UK has some of the worst judging in the world

Khurtsidze stabbed in jail

Not so long ago this man was going to fight for the WBO World Title

GGG says Canelo done nothin special in first fight

GGG is really upping the the anti in the trash talk war’s , this fights is going to be massive .

Usyk vs Bellew looks set for November

Although I think this fight may be a far gone conclusion but I am actually looking forward to it being made .

Ritson will fight for EBU in October

Loving this lads rise to the top . I don’t see much point in him hanging around at European level

Ultimate Fighter Comes To London

I heard some good thing about this tournament first time round . Part 2 will be at light heavyweight with all 8 fights taking place in London on the same night

GGG/Canelo 2 will be bigger second time round

When it’s all said and done this is what the trash talk is all about .

DJay Boxing News Portal – Links To All The News You Need To Know

Abel Sanchez Speaks More Shit

What is Sanchez talking about ? GGG/Canelo was one of the best fights of the year

MTK To Open HQ IN Edinburgh

Fantastic news for Edinburgh a city that needed after the boxing club at Meadowbank was left homeless

Dogboe Produces Stunning Performance With First 

It seems people have been sleeping on this fantastic performance this weekend

Rosales May Target Rungvisai

This could be a great fight if Rosales Moves up in weight . For me Rungsvisai is one of the most explosive fighters around

Loma Knows Who WillFight Next

Ive got to admit Pedraza really surprised me getting the result against Beltran and his reward is to take on P4P superstar Lomachenko

Groves Confident He Will Beat Smith

image.pngIam a massive George Groves Fan and feel groves has the far superior boxing brain ….i don’t even think it will be that close

Garcia ” Thurman Has Lost His Hunger”

It’s really hard to argue with Danny here but i do love the fact that he’s taking the credit for injuring Thurmans elbow and shoulder

Hearn “Wilder Beats Fury …..If It Happens


you can really taste the bitter taste in Hearn’s Mouth That This Fight Is Done

Dream World Title Shot For Belfast Fighter

Jame Tenneyson handed a massive opportunity against Farmer on DAZN first US card

Ward Tells Bellew ” Fight Usyk At Heavyweight”

I don’t think it will make much diffrence but Bellew should take every advantage he can …..The again he said he wants ALL Usys belts

Tevon Farmer Signs With Matchroom USA

Another signing by Eddie Hearn’s US venture , still not the big names we have been expecting .


Golden Boy Facebook Show Tops At 17 Million Viewers  

I believe there is definitely a future for boxing on platforms such as Facebook , this makes a strong case for it .

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Boxing Is In Real Danger Of Being Dropped By The Olympics

This is frighting but a very real possibility , after years of corruption the pinnacle of amateur callender is in doubt

John Molina Signs To Fight Victor Ortiz

This could be a very entertaining fight , let pray it gets picked up here in the UK .


AIBA Have Said They Are Open To Mixed Gender Bouts

Craig Scott writes a very good article which has you asking yourself what side of the fence you fall on ?

Jacobs vs Derevyanchenko Finalised !!!!!!

This fight for the IBF Middleweight title will take place on October 27th

Ward Picks Canelo In Rematch

What does Ward Know About Boxing ….HAHAHA ….Ward Makes A Very Good Point

BJS Im Gonna Show The Yanks How Good I am


I’ve always been a fan of billy but after his antics the past few weeks maybe a right beat down is what he need …..don’t see it tho as the guy is superb.

Charles Martin Making His Comeback Claiming He Has Matured

I have great respect for Martin making his comeback after a tough couple year , first getting brutally KO’d In London by AJ then to be Shot in the arm …..what a story this man has

MTK Continue There World Domination By Signing Top Australian Prospect

I don’t know anything about this guy except that he’s trying with Freddy Roach so we know he’s going to be entertaining .

Loma will face Beltran or Pedraza

I was hoping to see Loma would get another two fights in this year but it looks like Loma won’t be back until December

Saunder’s Wants Jacobs

it looks like BJS will be happy to try and get as much of Eddie’s DAZN money as possible

Fury vs Wilder – Bravery or Folly

My views on what we can take so far from Fury’s comeback and can he ever get back to what he was

Frank Warren Has Signed Boxnations DNR

A year ago Boxnation was a must have all boxing fans but we are now seeing a fantastic boxing channel die a slow painful death

Boxing Socials Must Watch Interview with Shelly Finkel !!!!!!!

Catterall : “i see flaws in Ohara”

This is a great fight im looking forward to . Ohara must put on a performance if he is ever to be take seriously in boxing …That doesn’t mean he has to win but he can’t be outclassed again

Tete – From Aparthid to Champion of The World

What a fantastic story this is . Growing up in post Aparthid South Africa

Fury vs Wilder – Bravery or Folly From Fury

Fury vs Wilder – Bravery or Folly From Fury

The weekend just past had the boxing world engrossed as Deontay Wilder and Tyson Fury came face to face in Belfast . The planned showdown could not have came across anymore choreographed but my god it made for good TV which finished with it being announced that the fight between the two was all but done for later this year . If this fight get’s made it is a fantastic statement of intent from Tyson Fury , but with only two fights against weak opposition since his two year absence from the ring it has to be asked , is this bravery or folly from the Gypsy King ? .

What did we learn on Saturday night about where Fury is on his comeback . We seen a Tyson Fury who has got himself into fantastic shape weighing in only 10lbs heavier than he was when he beat Wladimir Klitschko to become unified world champion three years ago . When you see the change in Fury over the past year it is impressive , but it also tell’s it own story as Fury is putting his soul into bringing his weight down and neglecting the finer points , and his boxing skills are suffering . Tyson Fury has never been a big puncher but in the past weekend he looked very feather fisted , he couldn’t hurt the tough durable Pianeta . Time after time he bent that left hook round Pianeta’s guard which really was a beautiful shot but it had zero effect .


Tyson Fury of old probably had the best defence in the division due to his long reach , quick reactions and even quicker feet . On Saturday night it was obvious the reactions have slowed as well as the feet . On the very few times Pianeta did show a bit of ambition offensively , Fury looked slow and vulnerable . It wasn’t all bad for Fury though as he managed ten rounds relatively easy and there was moments where the Fury of old was shinning through . There is always the argument that Fury was also fighting down to his opponents level which could be partly to blame for a mediocre performance .

There has been comparisons between Tyson Fury’s comeback and that of the “Greatest” Muhammad Ali who also came back after a long lay off to regain his World Title . For me that is NOT the comparison that should be made with Ali but there is one comparison i can see . When Ali came back into the ring he found out to his horror that his famous feet had slowed , he wasn’t the same fighter that he had been , some have even claimed that we missed the best years of Ali , I am not one of these people . I think it showed how “Great” he was that he was able to take the tools he had left and mould himself into a new fighter , that is where Fury should be drawing inspiration . We are all waiting on the Fury that beat Klitschko to comeback but the truth is i don’t think that Fury exists anymore . Fury should take the skills he does have left and reinvent himself , he does still have the hand speed , very quick feet for a heavyweight and a fantastic boxing brain .

I will never criticise a fighter for daring to be great . I think Fury taking on Wilder in his third fight is a breath of fresh air to the sport and could see him become a modern day great . I also fear that Fury will not admit to himself he is not the same the fighter and if he makes the same mistakes he did on Saturday night when he’s in with Wilder he will be punished .

Steven Donnell

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Fury vs Wilder Could Leave AJ Out In The Cold

Fury vs Wilder Could Leave AJ Out In The Cold

Just when you thought that boxing was becoming predictable the news broke that Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder are in advanced talks to make a fight for later this year , in a move that would leave the big money man and unified champion Anthony Joshua in the unusual position of being locked out of one of the biggest heavyweight fights in this era . Now right from the start I will say this story has broke from two of the most unreliable sources in boxing , Tyson Fury and Frank Warren but the reports coming out of the US is that this is more than just hot air.

It is no secret that Deontay Wilder was infuriated by how negotiations went when trying to secure a fight with Anthony Joshua for all the titles . I have listened to guys like Lance Pugmire of the LA Times say they would not be surprised if AJ/Wilder never happened and that’s what came to my mind when this news broke , Is this an attempt to cut AJ out altogether ? . There is no doubt that the biggest fight financially in the division is against AJ but the next biggest fight financially is Fury/Wilder, A fight that would provide career high payday’s for both .

This could also be a case of Team Wilder showing AJ they have other options , which might bring Hearn back to the table with the instructions from Joshua to get the fight made , which i have to admit is a real possibility .

But what if this all comes off for Fury/Wilder , where does that leave AJ ? . Well the AJ extremists will have you believe that AJ doesn’t need either , and in a way they are right as he could sell out a stadium if he was fighting me ,but these people don’t understand the sport of boxing . AJ needs competition to create a legacy and this fight would leave him rummaging through the bones of the division looking for a top fight . Chances are that Wilder would insist on a rematch clause so potentially he and Fury could be occupied for the next year .

I will go back to what i said at the start and admit this could be all hot air or a ploy to get Hearn and AJ back to the table . In a way i want this fight to come off , I want boxers to see that if a massive fight is there to be made you don’t mess around with it , you don’t play with your food ,you don’t treat fans with utter contempt and put the fight off until your advisers give you the okay .

Steven Donnell (DJayBoxing)

DJay’s Boxing News Picks

DJay’s Boxing News Picks

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Usyk vs Gassiev Date and Venue Hits The Rocks

If there is one mistake that the WBSS made it was selling the rights to the final of the Cruiserweight as they had no intention of hosting it . Now they have sold the right to the Russians and Usyk is refusing to fight in Russia due to his political beliefs

MTK Announce 12 Fight Deal With Boxnation

I think we are finally seeing what Frank Warren is looking to do with the BoxNation TV Channel after leaving consumers very unhappy in recent times

A Look Back At Ricky Burns Career

This man will go down as a legend in Scottish Boxing being our little nations first 3 weight World Champion

Wilder Accepts Low Ball Deal

Deontay Wilder has called Anthony Joshua’s bluff and accepted there lowball deal . I am still not confident this deal gets made anytime soon as AJ and his team have never shown any signs of wanting it .

Terrence Crawford Announces Himself At 147lbs

For me Crawford is the best fighter in the world to watch at the minute , the guy has everything needed to an all time great except the the CV . Let’s hope Top Rank make him the fights he deserves

Parker vs Whyte Made And Could Lead To A AJ Payday For The Winner

A really good fight this but how it has made it onto sky box office is beyond me . If Whyte gets the win here there is a strong argument for AJ/Whyte 2

Canelo Stripped of Ring Mag Crown

Well this is a turn up for the books as Ring looked to have let Canelo off last month but he now not even ranked by the Magazine

Derveyanchenko and Jacobs Ordered To Fight By IBF

This a must fight for Jacobs as it will give him real bargaining power when talking to the Big Boys such as GGG and Canelo not to mention strengthen his hand when dealing with Eddie Hearn on a promotional deal

Rocky Feilding will Fight Zeuge For The WBA “World” Super middleweight Title

I like Rocky Feilding so it’s nice to see a nice guy get the chance to fight for a world title .

Sanchez Slams IBF For stripping GGG

For once i am total agreement with Abel Sanchez here as GGG has ultimately been punished for Canelo failing a drug test