No Khan Do Kell

This generation of boxing fans have had to put up with something that at no other time in the sport of boxing have fans had to put up with “Fight Marination” and inevitibly as a bye product “Over-Marination” . Some say it started with Floyd Matweather and his super fight with Manny Pacquiao which took around seven years to get signed , and inevitably ended up a bit of a snooze fest . Others say it started back in the 90’s when Lennox Lewis looked set to fight Roddick Bowe in what would have been the biggest fight of that golden era of heavyweights , but after square up’s and heated exchanges the fight had over-marinated and intrest petered out robbing fan’s of the chance to see this amazing specticle . No matter who is blame for this frustrating and greed based addition to making the biggest and best fights all the harder to make , it looks here to stay .

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Brook calls out Khan in Liverpool (pic from Metro)

Over the past 6 years Britain has had two of the best 147lbs fighters in the world in Amir Khan and Kell Brook which has seen fans foam at the mouth at the prospect of both men meeting in the ring for what would be the biggest domestic super fight since Benn/Eubank in the 90’s . For years we had Eddie Hearn tell us this fight would sell out Wembley stadium and we had Kell Brook call out and insult Khan on a weekly basis tying to goad him into the fight , but although this fight made so much sense , Amir Khan would not budge nor would he bite . At the same time that Brook wouldn’t leave sheffield and chase big fights , Khan was out challenging the best in the division and picking up some big paydays along the way in the US . Although Brook was a World Champion his CV was weak and Khan used this to his advantage not to come home and fight Brook as Brook needed Khan a lot more than Khan needed Brook .

I think the real reason that the Khan/Brook fight didn’t happen is that although this fight would have made Khan a career high pay day four years ago , he just doesn’t like Eddie Hearn or Brook , instead of throwing Brook a bone he decided to take on the likes of Danny Garcia and Lammont Peterson , keeping the Brook fight as an option whilst trying to make fights with Floyd Mayweather and Manny Paquaiuo which never happened , in a period that also seen Khan badly KO’d three times , which really calmed all talk of the Brook fight being made and the fight looked all but dead  .

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Khan with New Promoter Eddie Hearn (pic from the Independent) 

Now years have passed and as it goes in the crazy world of boxing Amir Khan has now signed a promotional deal with Eddie Hearn’s Matchroom boxing , reigniting hope that the Khan/Brook fight can now be made , i mean it makes sense right ? ….Well I’m not so sure . A lot of people don’t like to admit this but Amir Khan is still bigger name in boxing around the world than Kell Brook and that’s why i have my doubts that this fight will ever be made . I think Eddie Hearn will use Khan on his Matchroom USA show’s to help get them established in the US . Khan has already said there is more chance of him fighting Adrian Broner than Kell Brook , and that would need to take place in the US to maximise interest  , and that would be a great statement by Matchroom that they are serious about there US Venture .

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Brook after his first win at 154lbs ( pic from daily mail)

So where now for Brook ? , Well Brook has now lost his 147lbs title and moved up to 154lbs , one of the most stacked divisions out there at the moment but still not a lucrative division . The only route i see open to Brook is the WBO route , where champion Sadam Ali will face Liam Smith in May . Im sure Brook and Eddie Hearn will be praying that Ali wins that fight as it would be a lot easier to get a fight with Ali signed as Smith fights for Frank Warren and there is no way he would let Brook get his hands on the title . Kell Brook is not finished just yet , he could easily cash out with a Jerrett Hurd or Charlo coming to the UK in what would be a Sky PPV event , but i believe Brook’s next loss is his last one so i don’t see him rushing to sign up to fight those guys if he can avoid it  .




AJ/Wilder – I’m Going To Make Him An Offer He Can’t Accept

AJ/Wilder – I’m Going To Make Him An Offer He Can’t Accept

In 1972 the world was introduced to Francis Ford Coppola’s cinema masterpiece ” The Godfather ” which to this day is still one of the greatest movies ever made . This movie immortalised Marlon Brando as one of the best actors of all time with his portrayal of Don Vito Corleone , a mafia family leader . Vito Corleone is the kind of character that every man would want to be and every actor would love to play , A charismatic leader of men , a man with the power help or hinder , a character that will will survive time and to top it off he is a character with one of the best catchphrases in Movie History …..” I’m going to make him an offer can’t refuse ”


It has emerged this week that Eddie Hearn has made Deontay Wilder a ” take it or leave it “offer of $12.5m (£8.9m) for what is one of the biggest fights in boxing today , Eddie has took Vito Corleone’s catchphrase and turned it on its head ” He’s made him an offer he can’t accept ” . On the face of it some would think that this is a good offer as it’s five time more than Wilder’s biggest purse to date as Hearn was quick to point out , but it was Hearn’s own language that aroused my suspicion . When Hearn was negotiating AJ/Parker we never heard a figure mentioned it was broken down into percentages , even when the fight was signed all we heard was Parker would receive between 30-35% , so why now is Hearn talking in hard figures ? Is it because he doesn’t want people to know that the offer to Wilder is around 20% , way less than the share received by Parker and Klitschko .

Pic From Ring Mag

We have also seen Eddie Hearn use his buzz words to make this look like Wilder is ducking Joshua , buzz phrases like ” Five times more ” , “If THEY don’t want it” and my personal favourite ” Thats all Wilder is worth , AJ brings the rest to the table ” . The projected figures for AJ/Wilder is it will make in excess of $50m which is much more than AJ/Parker so how can Hearn say Wilder doesn’t bring anything to this fight . There is also a contradiction to this ” take it , or leave it offer ” as Hearn finished up by saying

“If they don’t accept it, the fight’s not dead. It just means we’re going to fight Alexander Povetkin next, and we’ll talk again in December, or February or March of next year.’’

So my question is to Hearn what will change ? If both sides are the width of the Atlantic ocean apart just now in what they rate Wilders worth at , what is going to change to bring them closer …..Dillion Whyte ? ( laugh and now recompose for the last paragraph )

Now i am a working class boxing fan , i don’t like to discuss how many millions these millionaires should get , and to be quite frank i don’t care If i am being totally honest a big part of me thinks Wilder should just take it as $12.5m is more than enough for any man . All i want is the biggest fights in boxing and this offer just put’s AJ/Wilder way back , in a division where there is no real competition for either . AJ and his team have kept throwing obstacles in the way of this fight and they know this offer won’t be accepted and that has me asking myself the question , Is this a case of greed masking fear ? .

Read more here at Ring Mag

Super Welterweight Has Come To Life

Last year Terrance Crawford became the undisputed champion at 140lbs and as a massive Crawford fan it was bitter sweet for me as i had long known Crawford was the best in the 140lbs division and although this verified what i had known i couldn’t help but think this was just prolonging Crawford moving up to welterweight (147lbs). Since unifying Crawford has now moved to the welterweight division and will fight Jeff Horn this summer for the WBO title , but more excitingly with Crawford out of the picture at the Super lightweight division has burst into life with the lime light now turning on emerging talents like Josh Taylor , Mikey Garcia , Regis Prograis and Jose Ramirez all looking to fill the void left by Crawford .

Now at Super Welterweight (154lbs) we are seeing something similar happen since the departure of Canelo Alverez from the division   . Now i know you will be saying to yourself right now ” He’s talking shit as Canelo wasn’t the unified champion at 154lbs ” and you might right , but with the massive superstar that is Canelo out of the division he is no longer eclipsing guys like Jermell Charlo , Jerrett Hurd, Lara or Julian Williams they can now get the attention there skill’s deserve .  On Saturday night we were treated to one of the best boxing cards you will see this year which featured two great fights in relevance to the 154lbs division  , which will be attached at the bottom of the page . We seen Jroc Williams vs Nathaniel Gallimore fight in what became an entertaining fight  with loads of inside action , but in the end Jroc just had to much in the tank for Gallimore and beat him convincingly on the cards  .

Image result for hurd vs lara
Lara taking the fight to Hurd (pic from boxing news )

Then we had our main event when WBA Super Champion Erislandy Lara took on the giant IBF Champion Jerrett Hurd in a unification in what turned out to be a contender for fight of the year . It has always be aimed at Lara that he is a boring fighter but on Saturday he needed every bit of his skill if he was to stand any chance against Hurd . Jarrett Hurd stands at 6ft 2inch which is massive for this weight and as much as Lara showed just how good a boxer he was , he just couldn’t escape , Hurd walked him down and then broke him down , putting the Cuban on the canvas in the last round which was so decisive when it came to the cards . Hurd won a very close split decision by one point on two cards in a great fight against a top level opponent , infact an opponent a lot of people thought beat Canelo and all the credit must go to Hurd as he has become unified champion at 154lbs within a year of winning his title .

Image result for hurd vs lara
Lara hits the deck (Pic From USA today )

Sitting ring side was Errol Spence Jnr who thinks he might have a part to play 154lbs and beside him was stablemate Jermell Charlo who for me is the best in the division . After the fight we seen Hurd call out Charlo and i have no doubt that this one will be made soon as i don’t know how Hurd makes the weight but i don’t think he can do it for much longer . Whats next for Jroc ? well i think he will have a close eye on the WBO title fight between Saddam Ali vs Liam Smith , if he can get that WBO title i think he will be in there amongst the big boys . Britain’s Kel Brook will also have an eye on Ali/Smith as Spence Jnr has promise Brook a rematch if he can pick up a title at 154lbs .

I just wanted to write this peice to say that i had never been that big a fan of the 154lbs division but after that watching Charlo Ko Lubin last year and then be treated to two really good fights at the weekend the division has new fan .

Joshua vs Parker – I Review Sky Commentary , AJ/Wilder …Oh and we Discuss the Fight

Joshua vs Parker – I Review Sky Commentary , AJ/Wilder …Oh and we Discuss the Fight

Well I’ve took a few days before sitting down to write this review of the AJ vs Parker fight thinking once i had digested it i would be able to find some positives , i thought that I would have put some sort of spin on it by now , but no matter what the sky company men have been saying or even AJ himself since the fight , it was still a very poor fight . I will struggle to keep you entertained talking about it , so i will keep the review of the fight short and sweet and maybe divulge into other aspects of what we seen like one of the worst commentary performances I’ve ever heard and maybe even take some time to clear up this whole Deontay Wilder stuff and hopefully that’s enough to keep you a reader .

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Not a classic by any stretch of the imagination but another win for AJ (pic from daily mail)

The Fight

Since Saturday there has been a spin attached to this fight which started ten minutes after the fight ended and has mothballed into something amusing but so inaccurate at the same time . Just after the fight we had Sky pundits describe how well Joshua boxed then even AJ himself called his performance a “A introduction to the sweet science ” . Now anybody that seen the fight will know this is just pure make believe and I’ve seen enough on social media the past couple of days to know that even the biggest casual fans know what they saw . There is credit to be given to AJ i had him winning 9 – 3 or 8-4 in rounds which is a clear victory against a good opponent but this suggestion of “Sweet Science” is way over the top , and even though the gameplan was the right one by McCracken to get the job done , for the most part i don’t think AJ boxed that well . AJ was happy to keep Parker at the end of his long jab which Parker didn’t have the head movement or ring craft to get past , so for that you have to give Joshua credit but there was little in the way of creativity from Joshua and even tho his jab won him the fight it got progressively worse as the fight went on as two one dimensional fighter plodded away in what was a poor mans game of chess . Another major issue in this turning out a stinker was the referee who was shocking and totally overwhelmed by the occasion . The key to the fight for Parker was him being able to get inside and work on AJ but the ref was far to eager to get in between both guys killing any chance of this one catching fire which you could see was frustrating both fighters as AJ is very good on the inside also  . Then I must comment on the poor judging with two judges only giving Parker one round and the other giving him two rounds which is so disrespectful to Parker who for me won a minimum of three rounds clearly and you could add another couple of swing rounds on to that so yet again a big fight is partly killed by officials . In the end Joshua this was a clear winner but Parker can take positives from this fight , he stayed in there and fought for the full twelve rounds against AJ , something no other person has achieved so far and the  AJ Hype Train keeps rolling on with now with just one more title to collect to become the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world .

Image result for carl froch commentary
Carl Froch trying his very best to ruin my night

Sky BoxOffice Show (commentary)

This is not something i usually comment on but i feel obliged to say something on how bad Carl Froch was as part of the Sky commentary team on Saturday night . Now usually i just turn the sound down enough that you can barely hear what’s being said but loud enough to still hear the crowd , after all what you want at home is to still capture the atmosphere and i think that is something that is being lost by most shows shown on the TV as they continually speak all the way though the show but on this occasion i watched it in a friends house so we had to listen to the ramblings of cliche driven mad man  . It is obvious that TV commentary teams nowadays have been instructed to have no free air , no prolonged periods of silence , no time to let fans sit and enjoy the fight  , which would be fine but it encourages complete drivel to be spoken which if anything distracts you from the fight . Froch was a world class boxer but he is not a fan of boxing and his knowledge of fighters and division is little to none and egged on by Adam Smith , Froch continually makes a fool of himself and it really does make for painful listening . This week we will be putting another classic fight on Casual’s Corner so listen out for how less is more when it comes to boxing commentary .       Casual’s Corner


To top off Saturday’s show we finished up with Eddie Hearn pushing this narrative that because Wilder didn’t come over to the UK for the fight he doesn’t want to fight AJ ….What a load of nonsense . Deontay Wilder was booked to come over right up to ten days before the fight when Hearn announced that Wilder would NOT be allowed in the ring to call out AJ , a tried and tested stunt which is proven to drum up interest in a fight   After hearing he wasn’t allowed to enter the ring Wilder read what was on the wall , he was going to be hijacked by Dillian Whyte who Hearn is now selling as a gatekeeper to AJ . Hearn jumped in the ring and started insulting Wilder right away about ticket sales etc , he’s spent the past four weeks insulting Wilder’s manager because they dared to expose the emails between both camps showing that Eddie doesn’t want to make AJ vs Wilder . Whilst Eddie Hearn was was mid rant post fight i couldn’t help but think , I’ve watched Wilder/Ortiz five times i don’t think i will ever rematch AJ’s last two fights . Lou Di Bella says it best in a fantastic interview with FightTalk.Net  .

( Follow the fight talk guys on twitter @Sam_OReilly1 @craigscott209 @Fight_Talk1 )

Ramirez wins WBC Title , Now 140lbs Need’s A WBSS

Over the past few weeks the super lightweight division has jumped into action and we are a step closer to having a bit of clarity . Three weeks ago Josh Taylor kept his star rising with the KO of Winston Campos to retain his WBC Silver Title and that followed by Regis Prograis Ko victory over Julius Indongo for the WBC Interim Tilte , followed by Mikey Garcia’s points win over Sergy Lipiniets to claim the IBF title at the weight in a great fight . On Saturday night we were treated to another great fight for the WBC Vavant Super Lightweight title between Jose Ramirez and Amir Imam . (YOU CAN WATCH RAMIREZ VS IMAM AT THE BOTTOM OF THE PAGE

)Image result for jose ramirez iman boxing

There was a cry a few weeks ago that it should have been Indongo/Prograis that fought for the proper title but that fight turned out to be a damp squib which was over in two rounds , this fight on the other hand was packed with some superb action from both men . From the off Imam showed he was more than capable of making this a fight by working off his jab and using lateral movement to frustrate Ramirez but like all top class fighters Ramirez soon made the changes to take the initiative early on . After a fairly quiet  opening round Ramirez lifted the pace right from the start of the second round putting Imam under immense pressure .When Ramirez closes the gap he is superb to watch and no wonder he’s becoming a fan favourite with this high intensity style of his , which we can see over Ramirez last couple fights he is starting to look a bit more cultured throwing feints whilst inside to open up the body . Ramirez looked to be systematically breaking Imam down until about round eight when Imam made a change of his own when he decided to throw with Ramirez and had some success . In the end Ramirez survived the little comeback by Imam and ran out a deserved clear winner on the cards 117-111 , 115-113 and 120-108 in which was another brilliant performance by Ramirez , a man who impresses me everytime i watch him .Image result for jose ramirez title boxing

Ever since the undisputed champion Terrence Crawford vacated all the belts at 140lbs it has been a bit of a mess but now we are starting to see some clarity in the division . All of a sudden there seems to be so much talent in the 140lbs division with a top 5 all capable of being king of the division and a few more right on the fringes of top level and this has us fans now wanting a World Boxing Super Series format at the division to make all the best fight . Right now at 140lbs there is only one star which is Mikey Garcia (IBF Champion) so it should be within WBSS budget to get all the best in the division to sign , a lot more realistic than the idea of the Light Heavyweight tournament . The WBSS Cruiserweight Tournament has given fans a hunger and desire to see the best put it all on the line in a sink or swim format and if ever a division was ready for it , it is the super lightweight division .

There Is No Such Thing As Superhuman’s , Only Super-Doping Programmes

There Is No Such Thing As Superhuman’s , Only Super-Doping Programmes

This week has been a damming week for sport but not to much of a surprise for a born again pessimist like myself . Earlier this week the UK Government published it’s report into doping and it indicated some of the biggest names in UK sport are suspected of being cheats . The Parliamentary Digital , culture , media and sport select committee came to the damming conclusion that Team Sky (Cycling Team) cynically abused the anti doping system and allowed its athletes to take PED’s , it also claims there is a strong possibility that Sir Bradley Wiggans was also on PED’s in his time with Team Sky . It doesn’t feel to long ago since the fairytale story of Lance Armstrong was proved to be just that …A fairytale .

It was announced this week that superstar boxer Canelo Alvarez test sample came back with trace amounts of clenbuterol , a banned substance . The weirdest thing about this story was that VADA and WBA had verified and accepted Canelo’s story of ” Contaminated Meat ” right away and took the harsh stance of making Canelo finish his training camp in the US (did you sense the sarcasm) . Now i do accept that Canelo may well have ate contaminated meat as it is a confirmed epidemic in Mexico with sportsmen failing tests in every sport including Mexicos U17 football team . Surly if there is a history of contaminated meat in Mexico that makes Canelo and his team more responsible for making sure he is eating the best organic meat around , even import it like Deontay Wilder had done when getting ready to fight Alexander Povetkin in Russia , ironically a fight that was cancelled due to Povetkin failing a drug test . Canelo’s sample came back with 0.8 and 0.6 trace amounts of clenbuterol in his system which doesn’t sound a lot but when you think a cyclist received a two year ban for having 0.5 in his system it really doesn’t look good for boxing .

Also this week we seen Former Olympian Tony Yoka receive a one year suspended ban for missing multiple drug teats . When i read this i have to admit i felt a little dejected , what is the point in that ban . I have yet to see one athlete that has been caught doping that holds there hands up and admits it , there is always some excuse which deflects blame and even makes them the victims . Tony Yoka missing a drug test has to be an admission of guilt the same way that Rio Ferdinand got a lengthy ban from the FA for missing a test whilst playing for Manchester Utd , Yoka needed to get lengthy ban . Another thing that doesn’t sit right with me is on Saturday night we seen Luis Ortiz fight for the WBC Heavyweight title a few months after failing a drug test by testing positive for a drug known to mask doping , of course Ortiz claimed it was medication for high blood pressure that he forgot to declare to testers . This case got even more bizarre when the WBA stripped Ortiz of his title and gave him a ban but the WBC said he didn’t have a case to answer ….very strange .

There are some fans out there who still believe in “Superhumans” people who will take away from the MPs investigation by saying ” who would Trust an MP ” and then there is those who say “clenbuterol isn’t even a steroid ‘ neglecting to acknowledge its on the banned list , those who say ” Ortiz has High Blood Pressure ” and dont care that he never declared he was on medication on the banned list , something all pro athletes MUST DO . If you are one of these people this is something you should take onboard , There is no such thing as a Superhuman there are only Super Doping Programmes .

Great Tragedy Has Been Met With Remarkable Stupidity

The boxing world was rocked to its core this week as 31 year old Scott Westgarth lost his life due to injuries received in the ring , the second boxer to do so in 2 years after Mike Towel passed away in 2016 . At times like this you see the boxing community come together in grief and reflection fighters and fans alike . You see professional boxers who understand the risks they take every time they step in the ring come face to face with there deepest fears , For fans like myself it makes me question how i asses these guys , the words i might use to criticise a performance totally disregarding the risks these guys take every time they step foot in the ring .

Just like two years ago when Mike Towel passed away a great tragedy has been met in some corners with stupidity and utter disrespect . Every time we see something serious happen in the ring out come these main stream press types who don’t follow boxing trying to start campaigns to get other non-Boxing fans to back calls to have the sport banned . These boxers knew the risks before they stepped in the ring on those fateful nights but they done it anyway and as most small hall fighters will tell you its not for big money , its for there love of the sport and to call for boxing to be banned is disrespectful to their memory . Let’s look at this in another way , we have had two tragedies in the past two years here in the UK but before Mike Towel it was over ten years without a fatality . Now going round Boxing Gyms to interview guys you hear and see how many lives it saves . I spoke to Sean Masher Dodd a few months ago who informed me that before he was boxing he was drinking and taking drugs , losing control of his life . When Sean was in his early twenty’s he went to a boxing gym and enjoyed himself , now he is the commonwealth champion and lives a clean life all due to boxing . Boxing clubs are also vital to communities , In one of Edinburgh’s rough areas there is the Craigmillar Boxing Club which boasts Jason Easton , but if you go into the gym on a weeknight you will see the gym packed out with local kids from the area in there learning how to box , keeping them off the street and out of trouble . Boxing is filled with heart warming stories , these people that want to ban the sport know nothing about this side of it . When they see boxing they don’t see the gentlemen’s Sport , they don’t see Supreme Athletes or the sweet science , what they see is thuggery .All of the above has been eclipsed by the actions of Tyan Booth this week . Booth , a fellow professional has seen fit to tweet out about people wanting to see him die in the ring . As he felt the backlash Booth dug his heels in and refused to delete or apologise for his actions . Then on Tuesday night he took it to new depths when Curtis Woodhouse told him what he thought about his disrespectful tweets to which Booth replied The BBBofC has took action and suspended Booth for bringing the sport into disrepute , but there are some fans that want him suspended permanently and although i think that would be very harsh i don’t see any promoters touching Booth , his career will be all but over . Was this a cry for help by Booth ? Who knows but with the situation still being so raw it is hard to find any sort of compassion for him , but i will leave you with this thought ……If this was a cry for help can we afford not to give Booth the benefit of the doubt .

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