There are thousands of ways too judged a boxer on fight night. You can watch the way in which he/she moves around the ring, you can look out for how they get their shots off or even see how he or she avoids getting hit or reacts after taking a shot.

Last weekend we seen one of matchroom’s top prospects Ted Cheeseman fall way short of the mark in his step up to European Title level against an all but unknown Spaniard Sergio Garcia. Cheeseman who is just 23 years old has taken a lot of criticism in the wake of his first defeat, most of which has been unjust if you ask me. There is nothing boxing fans loath more than a protected fighter, We lose all respect for boxers who will chase mismatch after mismatch to keep the losses on their record at zero. All to often the sport now seems to wrongly put far to much stock in a fighters “0”…..Why?.

I have been lucky enough to interview some great boxers past and present over the past couple of years. One of my favourite interviews I have done is when i had the pleasure of talking to fellow Scotsman and boxing ensyclopedia Alex Arthur. In that Interview Alex tells me that he learned more in in his losses than in any of victories. No boxer really knows just what he/she is made of until they have had the type of fight “Amazing” Alex Arthur had with Michael Gomez.

When watching Ted Cheeseman come up against a more skilled, a more refined and better boxer I couldn’t help but get flashbacks of Arthur/Gomez. Cheeseman stepped up and fell short but I don’t see how that leaves him open to criticism. There is no doubt that Cheeseman was ill equipped to deal with Garcia on Saturday night but no one will know that more than Cheeseman himself. “The Big Cheese” may have lost his “0” but he has traded it for priceless experience at a very good level. Ted has seen where he needs to get to if he wants to take the next step in his career trading that “0” should be something more young fighters are willing to do. I have no doubt this lad will be back looking to fight for the European Title soon but lets wait and see what adjustments this lad makes before we line up to criticise him.

Steven Donnell

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