Casual’s Corner : Bowe vs Holyfeild 1

The is part one of the best trilogy of fight’s there has ever been in heavyweight boxing . When Riddick Bowe vs Evander Holyfeild to see who would become the undisputed Heavyweight Champion of the World , in an era where that actually meant something , thats  what’s  we all want to get back to . I was born in 1986 so i do not remember this fight but i do remember my Father sitting up all night to watch it , which meant no one else could have watched it if they wanted to anyway because my Dad had very poor eye sight back then and had to sit infront of the screen and he used to take up the full TV screen so no one could see the fight . For years anytime boxing chat got brought up in our company my old man would always say ” Ali vs Fraizier was fantastic but have seen Bowe vs Holyfield ” . I would say i watch this fight maybe six times a year as it has everything in it  .

Riddick Bowe is one of my all time favourite fighters and is usually the case with all the greats he had a very tough upbringing . Growing up in the tough streets of Brownsville , Brooklyn ( the same place Mike Tyson Grew up) Bowe was exposed to the harsh world to drink and drugs at a young age , but after his sister was stabbed to death by a drug addict and his brother died of AIDS , Bowe made it his mission that he was not going to die here . in the early 80s’s he took to up boxing and after a fantastic ameatuer career he turned pro . From there he took personal pleasure in dismantling opponents with his superb power and his jab , which is still regarded as one of the best jabs the sport has ever seen . Going into 1993 Riddick had earned his shot at undisputed heavyweight champion of the world Evander Holyfield  , a fight that would go down in folklore

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Evander Holyfeild is another of my faverite boxers of all time , a man who was a master of the dark arts of boxing aswell as having one of the best lead left hooks I’ve ever seen . Although Holyfield was born in Alabama he was raised in Atlanta in the Bowen Holme Housing Projects , a notorious place filled with crime . From 7 years old Holyfield started boxing and took to it like a fish in water . At 21 years old Holyfield went to the LA Olympics where he contraversially lost to New Zealand’s Keven Barry , As some of you may know is now Joseph Parkers trainer . Holyfield went on the beat Buster Douglas after Douglas pulled of the shock of the century by KO’in Mike Tyson in Japan to become the undisputed champion of the world .

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What people need to understand is that Holyfield never got any credit at this time .  Buster Douglas got a 13count on the canvas  against Tyson that night  . Even though Douglas got up and KO Tyson , people just wouldn’t accept Holyfield  . Holyfeild’s first defence did nothing to win the fans over as he fought the very old George Foreman and then Journeyman Bert Cooper ( This Was Due To Tyson Pulling Out) . Holyfield wanted to test himself and was eager to take on the monster that is Riddick .

Thing’s To Watch Out For

Keep an eye out for Riddick Bowes jab from half way through the second round .

Also watch how Holyfield try to tie Bowe up inside , but doesn’t realise the giant Bowe is fantastic on the inside .

Finally look at how good Holyfield is at the dark arts , remember that is only cheating if you get caught .


Casual’s Corner – Pacquiao vs Marquez 4

Every so often in boxing you get an era defining rivalry and there are few better in the history of the sport  than Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez . Here we are going to look at the fourth and final meeting between the two men , after the previous three bouts ended in controversy with the first being called a draw and next two going the way of Pacquiao by the siltiest of margins , but no matter what the judges said there was nothing to split these two .

Before this fight there was a lot of bad blood between the two fighters as Marquez thought he had won all three of the previous fights , and there are many who would agree  . Manny Pacquiao had claimed before this fourth meeting he was going to KO Marquez to remove any doubt who was the better fighter . Due to the controversy in all the previous fights Nevada Boxing commission brought in two neutral judges for this bought but they wouldn’t be needed due to one of the best KO’s you will ever see  . Both men were certainly past there best by the time this fourth fight came around but even these depleted older versions were still two of the best in the welterweight division .

Things to watch for 

Look at how Marquez looks to land powerful left hands on Pacquiao’s body from the opening bell to slow the Pacman down . Pacquiao looks very sharp attacking early with some fantastic feints but watch out for the body shot in the third round which throws Pacquiao off his rythm , great punch which changed the full round  .

12-08-2012 HBO PPV Manny Pacquiao vs Juan Manuel Marquez 4 from on Vimeo.