Beat To The Punch Ep13

I was joined by Craig Smith as we got stuck into some of this weeks biggest boxing news including the aftermath of Spence/Garcia , Farmer/Carroll GGG to DAZN and Broner latest antics.

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Top Heavyweight Fights Now Further Away Than Ever

Top Heavyweight Fights Now Further Away Than Ever

Hope is a dangerous thing. We hear all the time from a political class who promise us the world and time after time they fail to deliver but we still choose to continuously self harm with hope because there is no alternative. Boxing is now a place where hope is not a desirable trait.

Back in December the world was treated to one of the best Heavyweight fights in years when Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder locked horns in the ring for the WBC Heavyweight Crown. The fight ended in a draw but it far exceeded the expectations of most fight fans beforehand. Since then boxing fans have been left wanting to see it all over again, living in hope that this would be one of the few times common sense would prevail in boxing. News broke this week that dashed all of our hopes not only of seeing this rematch but there is now a very strong chance that the top three fighters in the division will not meet in the ring for the foreseeable future.

The Heavyweight landscape is already a minefield of party allegiances but with the latest news that Tyson Fury has now nailed his colours to the ESPN/Top Rank mast in a big money multi fight deal, it has made an already complicated situation ……Well all the more complicated. This is not due to the fighters themselves but the money men and powerhouse platforms behind them.As i sit here writing this I still live in hope. I hope ESPN and Showtime pull together for the good of the sport. I hope Bob Arum and Al Haymon can now finally bury their hatchet and work together to bring fans another great night of Heavyweightboxing. I hope that Eddie Hearn, Al Haymon and Bob Arum do what’s right and leave the path open for their respective fighters to finally get in the ring and fight it out and see who is No1 in the division, after all that what all boxing fans want. The sad reality is that what boxing fans want and what boxing fans get is two very different things, we are now further away from any of these big fights happening than we ever have been.

Bradley vs Provodnikov ( Classic Fight Video)

Why do we love boxing? ….Well sometimes it’s the skill, fitness and finesse that these guys show in the ring that draw us in. Sometimes it’s watching how these fighters act whilst under pressure, landing shots whilst evading being hit, combining footwork and ringcraft gliding more like a dancer than a boxer. Sometimes it’s watching these guys use a boxing IQ to figure an opponent out over a fight taking those well hidden flaws and exposing them for the world too see. Then sometime we have fights like Bradley vs Provodnikov, a fight which taps into our inner bloodthirsty savage caveman.

Be warned when watching the fight below you will be drawn in by the brutality, the heart and desire by both men, this fight will leave you foaming at the mouth as both men literally land the kind of shots that take time off of careers as well as lifespan’s.

Tim Bradley has taken a lot of criticism over the years from boxing fans due to a gift from the judges in his first fight with Manny Pacquiao, but Tim really is a modern great of the sport. Tim “Desert Storm” Bradley’s CV stands up as one of the best in his era of boxing, with some modern day classic fights on there including the one below. I have heard Tim Bradley say he spent the next 6 month learning how to speak again after this fight with Provodnikov. I’ve heard Tim talk about the depression he fell into afterwards and the strain to put on his marriage and why did he put himself through all of this?……. to prove to US that he was a true champion.

Now sit back and enjoy.