Canelo vs GGG – Preview + Prediction

Canelo vs GGG – Preview + Prediction

It’s finally time to sit down and write my preview for this weekends super fight between GGG vs Canelo . Now i say that with an exasperated tone as the build up to this fight has been exhausting and dare i say it , it’s now even turning people off from the fight . I have also seen some well respected people in the boxing media say they don’t care about this fight , that since Canelo tested positive or due to the how the last fight finished which i think is crazy as in modern boxing the best very rarely fight the best at this level . Personally I cannot wait for that bell to ring and for this fight to get underway , for me part 1 of this fight was a masterclass in boxing skill and it was a joy to watch and on Saturday in Las Vegas i think it will be the same all over again .

GGG 38-0-1 34ko’s

GGG is coming into this fight on a wave of anger and bad blood . The Kazakhs not only furious about how the first fight was stolen from him on the cards but also that this rematch had to be postponed after Canelo was suspended for testing positive for clenbuterol back in February . Since then the usually quiet and reserved GGG has pointed both barrels at Canelo and pulled the trigger . This could be an effective tool for GGG as it is obvious he has got into Canelo’s head with the Mexican refusing to do any pressers with GGG in the build up to this fight .


For this ploy to work GGG has to detach himself from his emotions on fight night and go in there to box to a plan . GGG has one of the best jabs in boxing , it is the key to winning this fight for him . In the first fight GGG started to slowly and seemed to be load up on his shots far to often , but the tide started to turn once he established his jab . With a chin made of granite and an awesome selection of punches to choose from GGG is the perfect all round fighter so it is difficult to find a fault with him but there is one . For years i admired the way in which GGG closed off the ring on opponents leaving them nowhere to go but now at 36 years old and stepping up to elite level opposition i think his feet have slowed down . In the last fight he fell into a habit of following Canelo rather than chasing him down and now another year older this could be his Achilles heal .

Saul Canelo Alvarez 49-1-2 34ko’s

Being a superstar of the sport from such a young age Canelo was everybody’s favourite villain since Floyd Mayweather hung up his gloves so after Adelaide Byrd’s crazy score card which resulted in Canelo getting a draw (A result i have no problem with) the Canelo hate was off the chart from boxing fans . That ridículas scorecard robbed Canelo of any credit in that fight . Canelo boxed brilliantly in the first fight which he was in right until the end on my cards (i had GGG by 1 round) . For me Canelo is the more skilled of these two fighters and when you see him throw his punches in bunches you see why . He can set you up with a feint and unload with three or four meaningful shots before disengaging , but just like GGG , Canelo didn’t use his best weapon from the start . Only once GGG established the jab did Canelo look to land more than one shot at a time . It was clear in the first fight that Canelo’s movement gave GGG problems in the first fight and i think that is what Canelo is going to try an exploit again on Saturday night , but there is no getting away from the facts that Canelo looks small coming into this fight and i think we can all suspect why . I really don’t know how this will work out for Canelo as he will be quicker ,more agile and probably be able to go for longer this time round but he will be missing that power to keep GGG off of him which has to be a big worry in the Canelo camp .


Even with all the drama to get to this rematch i am still buzzing thinking about it . How can you predict how these two will go at it as both can mix and match there styles like all the elite level fighters can . If Canelo is to win this fight he will need to fight a Mayweatheresc fight landing and moving before the counter , never being tied down and letting GGG get to work . If Abel Sanchez thought he ran last time i suspect he will be seething after this IF Canelo can pull it off . There is no getting away from the sheer difference in size of these guys . I believe GGG will just be to big for Canelo who i expect to start fast but fade as the fight hits the middle rounds and that’s when i think the pendulum will swing toward GGG. I think Canelo might even hit the canvas but he will see out the fight . I have said before that if GGG is to win on the cards he must win big , and i think he will do that .

GGG Unanimous Decision

Steven Donnell

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Why Are Boxing Fan’s Treated With Utter Discontent

Why Are Boxing Fan’s Treated With Utter Discontent

Today i have been sitting reading the news that GGG vs Canelo rematch is all but dead due to negotiations breaking down because a dispute over purse splits , this come’s just a week after AJ vs Wilder broke down in negotiations and now also look’s like it wont be happening anytime soon . After such a promising start to the year the past month has really took the wind right of my sails which has me asking myself ….Does any other sport treat there fans with the utter discontent that boxing does ? .

Time after time we see fight’s that make sense at the elite level fall apart in negotiations , to the point that we see more of these fight’s fall apart more often than they are made . Ever since AJ beat Joseph Parker to pick up his third world title his team have been pushing this narrative that Deontay Wilder did not want to fight AJ . As a war of words kicked off between the two via social media Anthony Joshua told Wilder

“You pay me $50m and il sign the fight tomorrow ”

When Joshua made this statement it was a throwaway comment but to his shock team Wilder came up with the $50m , which would be Joshua’s biggest ever payday so the fight should get made right ? ….Well no as the next demand made was that AJ wanted home advantage , a move that would cap the earning potential of this fight , a demand that the money men behind this offer couldn’t agree to . As of now this fight looks dead in the water which is no big loss to AJ as he could make that kind of money in three easier fights here in the UK keeping his sponsors like StubHub happy as they make millions from ripping fans off to go watch AJ , but why are we as fans willing to accept this just because it’s AJ ? Boxing fans lost all respect for guys like Adonis Stevenson and Danny Garcia for doing something similar .

Over in the the US we have GGG insisting on a 50/50 split when he fights the biggest name in boxing Canelo Alvarez in there long awaited rematch . Now this one is a little bit more complicated due to Canelo failing a drug test in April and his fight with GGG being cancelled . The fight was due to take place in May with all sides agreeing on 65/35 split in favour of Canelo , giving GGG 5% more than he got in the first fight but since the failed drug test GGG and his team feel they should be compensated . Now i am GGG fan but there is no way that he brings 50% to the table, Canelo is by far the main draw here but when we are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars there is more than enough cash on the table to get this fight made and to be honest it makes me feel sick that both sides cant get this fight made when I’ve spoke to guys who can’t even cover there training camp due to there purse being so low .

Could you imagine any other sport where the best don’t test themselves against the best . Imagine for a second that in football Barcelona refused to play Real Madrid or in tennis if Andy Murray refused to take on Djokovic . Why are we so willing to accept being treated like this as fans ? At the end of the day our power lays with the pounds , shilling’s and pence that is in our pockets , I think these so called superstars need to remember it is us the fans that put them where they are and we can bring them back down .

Sweet and Sour ….GGG vs Canelo Review

So what a weekend of action and  controversy , yet again it was things outside the ring that stole the show in Las Vegas .

GGG vs Canelo at T-Mobile Arena ,LV

This was the fight that all boxing fans have been dreaming about for the past 2 years and my god it delivered . From the very get go in this fight you could see that these two had styles that would put together and make a fight . Early doors you could feel the tension, and for the first couple of rounds at least the underdog Canelo just looked to be that bit quicker on his feet and to the punch but without landing anything to significant . Canelo definitely looked the more fluent of the two but in the third round that changed , GGG started upping the pace and although i thought Canelo won the round he wasn’t getting a break between exchanges , GGG was certainly making Canelo throw more and testing that gas tank . Into the fourth i had it 2-1 Canelo (scoring on my fourth time watching it due to excessive alcohol consumption) but GGG really started to get the jab going, he also cut the ring off very well stopping Canelo moving ,trapping him on the ropes but instead of opening up , GGG was patient , not giving Canelo a chance to counter any big shots, instead choosing to keep Canelo on the of his jab .

The story was pretty much the same for the next couple of rounds . Now anybody that follows me twitter will see i have a go at Abel Sanchez quite lot , but on Saturday night Sanchez was fantastic, When he was telling GGG to fight for  the full 3 min of a round and to stop letting Canelo have a break on the ropes, his advice was to get Canelo on the ropes and keep him there making him work every second . Going into the seventh round i had it all square, Canelo showing superb work and skill off the ropes in the Sixth but it really was a hard round to score and GGG’s work rate was really starting to have an affect on Canelo . For the next two rounds GGG’s jab just took him to another level , what a weapon to have your disposal and it was making the Mexican have to think constantly .As Canelo was starting to slow down , GGG was finding the mark a lot  more regular with his jab. Canelo on the other hand was looking to load up in rounds seven and eight and apart from a lovely uppercut ,he just didnt have an answer to that GGG jab .

Now the Ninth for me was the most interesting round ,it was like Canelo could see the fight getting away from him and decided to try and turn up it . Coming out at the start Canelo was doing a lot of shoe shinning but again that GGG jab was grinding him down, that was until Canelo timed GGG coming in and caught him with a monster of a overhand right, and to GGG credit he didn’t even blink before charging forward again . This round for me stopped the rot for Canelo but it was very close as GGG jab was a constant factor, so i can see an argument for both winning this round . The tenth was more of the same, Canelo maybe landing flashier shots but that GGG jab was constant throughout the fight .

In the eleventh round Canelo really surprised everyone, he came out like a guy knowing he needed these last two rounds to keep it close, and for the first time in 5 rounds he was outworking GGG , maybe not catching clean but definetly catching the eye . The twelth round was pretty much the same with Canelo knowing he needed the round he came out to take it . What we must say is that Canelo was throwing what he had left at the older GGG , yet GGG looked like he could do another twelve rounds , this man is a machine .

As the fight ends i have GGG winning 7-5 (canelo rounds 2,3,5(sr),11,12)(GGG rounds 1(sr),4,6,7,8,9,10(sr) , this fight was superb, the skill on show was unreal , both showed they are made of something special but GGG’s work rate was Canelos undoing and the diffrence between the two …….So then comes the first scorecard “Byrd scores it 118-110 Canelo” ……Oh my fucking god , the biggest fight in years by two warriors and this happens AGAIN . The other two judges cards (Moretti 115-113 and Trella 114-114 )i don’t really have a problem with , but that Byrd card is down right corruption , there is no other word for it , its an embressment to the sport .

Due to the way this battle ended the fight itself has been forgotten , i think Canelo proved a lot of people wrong as did GGG . I thought maybe age would have caught up with GGG , and in some ways it has but anybody who can fight with that intensity and have that jab can still do great things in this sport . As for Canelo his defence and counter punching was a thing of beauty, also he managed his gas tank well to have enough left for a late flurry , we just didn’t see enough over the twelve rounds for me to give Canelo the win . That 118-110 score card has robbed Canelo of any credit in this fight, it has also robbed the fans who’s paid a lot of money out of any legitmacy in this result . This result will damage Canelo’s reputation and if he doesn’t get back in the ring soon for the rematch i don’t think it will ever recover .

Steven Donnell

GGG vs Canelo – Preview and Prediction

This weekend we have the biggest fight in years when GGG takes on Canelo Alvarez to see who is “The King of the Middleweights” . This fight has been what the promoters call “marinating” for 2 years to long now ,but hey lets not get hung up on that now and just enjoy these two superstars putting on a show which i think is guaranteed to deliver .

What can be said about GGG that hasn’t already been said over the years. Here is a guy who has the best jab in boxing for me, and if HBO are to be believed it is also the most accurate jab in boxing . GGG’s high KO ratio means very rarely do people actually comment on his jab, but come Saturday night this weapon could be the tool that see’s Canelo come unstuck . Another of GGG’s best talents hidden away behind that KO ratio is the way he can cut off the ring, manoeuvring his opponents into a corner until there is nowhere to run ,leaving him free to open you up with his power shots . Galovkin does have flaws tho, as we seen against Danny Jacobs he is willing to let opponents land taking advantage of that granite chin, but eventually that will give out . It also looked against Jacobs as if GGG was that half a step slower, and maybe his hunger and intensity not what it was a couple of years ago .

Saul Canelo Alvarez is the Mexican poster boy and pretty much the biggest star in world boxing . After turning pro at just 16 years old he has alway been tipped for superstardom , but after taking the Vacant WBC Middleweight title by beating Cotto at a catchweight a few years ago ,this GGG fight has been a thorn in his side , aswell as a stain on his legacy up until now . Now Canelo is up at Middleweight , and looks to have filled out in all the right places . Canelo’s main strength is his counter punching, which could very well be tailor made for GGG . The way in which Canelo covers up teams up perfectly with his well timed counters, which could see GGG frustrated and see his cool facade tested .


I am going to go agaisnt grain here and say Canelo is just going to sneak this fight on the cards . I think Team Canelo have stood there ground and let time take its toll on GGG ever so slightly . If GGG can work Canelo’s body early there is every chance Canelo might very well be stopped , but i think Canelo will counter those shots early and take them off the table . Earlier i said GGG has the best jab in boxing but what i didn’t mention is how Canelo pivots ready to pounce with power on any lazy jabs left out there, it really could be the Kryptonite to that fantastic jab . All in all this fight is going to be one for the history books and for any boxing fan worth there salt , this is a MUST SEE .

Steven Donnell