Andre Ward vs Sergey Kovalev Preview/Prediction 

So the big one is nearly here, Andre Ward will take on Sergey Kovalev in the biggest fight of the year by far and I for one cannot wait and any real fight fan must feel the same way. I have been watching every interview from training camps,I’ve watched every video to try and get any clues of either fighter not preparing properly or struggling with anything but I’m sure you will all be glad to hear that going into the wynd down part of camp both camps are 100% fit and happy with how there preparation have went …..this really is two guys at the top of there game and and maybe even the best in the sport just now .

I had my concerns about Wards commitment to this fight after a very poor tune up then a no show at a press conference but after hearing Ward talk about this fight he sounds like a man with fire in the belly and a guy out to prove any doubters wrong ,people who might think he’s past his best . Listening to Ward you hear a man with the upmost respect for kovolev and acknowledged he will need to be at his best to stop him as one big hit could end Wards night . Ward has been quite open that he has not done to much different to prepare for Kovalev and after watching tapes of his fights with his trainer and mentor Virgil Hunter they think they have there strategy picked for the fight but that’s as much as he is willing to give away. Ward does look in fantastic shape but in his last fight he didn’t look the Andre Ward we all know and love, his feet looked slows and didn’t even try to get into those angles that destroyed Froch, after taking 2 years out the ring the question still stands is Andre Ward past his best.

Kovalev is a guy at the very top of his game which really makes this fight so mouth watering. With his killer power Kovolev will always have the punchers chance but more than that Kovalev has identified that he has to become a more all round boxer . His tune up fight against Chilemba was enjoyable to watch altho I did see a lot of people question Kovalev’s comitment to the fight . I think what people forget is that Chilemba is an awkward top 10 fighter, he is very hard to look good against and my god he took some hammer blows from kovolev to take the fight the full distance. I said in our blog at the time this was a great tune up to prepare for Ward as Kovalev had to try something different , he actually had to show he wasn’t just a power house but a boxer aswell . Now I have not seen any insider stuff from Kovalev’s training camp but have heard him say he need to mix up the styles to keep Ward guessing to prevent Ward spoiling. Now against Chilemba I did notice Kovalev seemed to gas from about round 9 and that has raised big question marks with me as to his gas tank, can he go against an elite boxer like ward for 12 rounds …..if I’m honest I’m not so sure . 

Prediction : well anyone who can be confident on there pick is a liar or an idiot this fight is that close . My head just can’t seem to get past Ward , his ability to adapt to any situation and style will probably get him thru this and see him win on the cards . I also think if it goes to the card the judges will be kinder to Ward than Kovalev but let’s not take anything away from Kovalev he has a better chance than anyone of showing up Ward and that’s why this fight is so special. 

Dino (@DJayBoxingBlog) 

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