Crolla vs Linares II : Big Fight Preview

This weekend Anthony Crolla will try to avenge his loss to the very highly rated Jorge Linares in the MEN Arena in Manchester . The first fight was very enjoyable bout but one Linares never really looked like losing as he controlled Crolla from start to finish , even with one hand broken in the middle rounds . So whats the point of this rematch ? what can Crolla do different if anything this time round ? .

One thing i have noticed in the build up to this fight is that Crolla has removed himself from the build up as much as possible . After the first fight Crolla had said he thought he could have done more, he also claimed he had to many distractions outside the ring in the build up and diverting to much energy elsewhere .

“I was driving around Manchester dropping off tickets to people like I’ve always done and it took up a lot of time, which is stupid really. This time I’ve got a few mates who help me out with that.

“That’s a big thing. It’s been a load off my shoulders and I am just concentrating on getting my belt back.”

I also got the feeling Crolla and his team underestimated the “past his peak” Linares first time round, a mistake Linares made sure they won’t make again. Crolla has improved dramatically over the past few years and i think to many people got caught up in the momentum he had built ignoring Jorge Linares as an elite level opponent . Crolla’s trainer  Joe Gallagher also has to hold his hands up to mistakes  from the first fight. The famous “Gallagher Six Round Rush” does not work at this level especially with Linares ,who has two of the fastest hands in boxing , Joe is going to have to make up a game plan that will get Crolla in close enough to work Linares’s body but see him back out of range before Linares can throw his punches in bunches a big ask i know but surly 2015 Ring Mag trainer of the year will work it out  .

Prediction; Sorry Crolla fans but i just can’t see past Jorge Linares ,the more i think about it ,i can only see a repeat result this time round , it might even be a late stoppage for Linares .Make no mistake Crolla does have the tools to beat Linares on the night , but he must leave everything in the ring on Saturday night and his trainer must leave his ego aside and tell Crolla how to use these tools to get the job done.

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