Canelo vs Chavez :Preview and Prediction 

Saturday night will see this years all Mexican, Cinco De Mayo Big Fight night in Las Vegas  when Saul Canelo Alverez takes on fellow Mexican poster boy Julio Cesar Chavez Jnr ,as they battle it out to see who is the “King of Mexico” . For me this years Cinco De Mayo Fight night is special because for the first time in a long time we will have two Mexicans topping the bill and that only seems right for its the Mexicans fans that make this event different from every other big boxing event through the year .Having been in Mexico duruing a gold cup final (Football/Soccer) where they beat the USA,i can honestly say no one does passion for sport like the Mexicans .

“When this fight was first announced , i have to admit i was a little shocked and a bit disappointed”


 Chavez Jnr has been all but retired living the celebrity lifestyle he has always struggled to keep away from . Being the son Mexican Legend Chavez Snr, Jnr has always lacked work ethic and although most fans outside Mexico do realise he has skill most of us feel he‘s got an easy ride from people at the top, such as Mauricio Sauliaman the President of the WBC . Well all the above is true , well that is until Jnr’s last fight against Dominok Britch where he won a convicing points victory. That victory in itself was not really a game changer, as Chavez as per usual struggled with the weight, but what has made me sit up and notice is that Chavez has not came out of training camp since that fight ,to make sure he makes Canelos crazy 164lbs catchweight . If Chavez can make the weight this could be an interesting fight .

“no none knows how Canelo will handle being the smaller man”


Canelo is the other end of the spectrum, the son of an ice cream vendor, Canelo is one of the most dedicated boxers in the game. Canelo also replaced Chavez Jnr as the poster boy in Mexico. When this fight was announced i thought this would be a pushover for Canelo , but after seeing how Jnr is preparing for this fight  , then considering  the size diffrence between the two ,this could end up closer than i had originally thought. No one knows how Canelo will handle being the smaller man, will his power come up with him . In the build up to this fight one thing has become clear, the Mexican people  are divided in there loyalties , also the hatred between these two men makes the build up to Haye/Bellew look like a kids show so we should be set for fireworks .


I see this starting off a bit cagey, with both men weary of each others power . Also Chavez must be feeling some effects from dropping so much weight , so a high tempo will not suit him . Chavez will probably take some of the middle rounds , but never really hurting Canelo. The second part of the fight Canelo will force the pace and punish any mistake Chavez makes , with Chavez getting weaker and weaker . One thing we can say about Chavez tho is that he has always had a grant chin and that might just see him take it to the cards. Personally i will be going for a Canelo stoppage from rounds 9-10 .

Fight night Addition ,Please note  : Chavez has made weight  looking drawn in but has said he will be entering at 185lbd , Chavez jnr could be worth a couple of £ 

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