Taylor vs Davis and Easton vs Jamoye Review

Well guys what can we say about Saturday nights Josh Taylor vs Ohara Davis show ? . Well from the start I think we should acknowledge that Cyclone,Channel 5/Spike have really made a massive statement that they intend to not only bring boxing back to the masses for free,but also intend to challenge the big boys like BT and Sky Sports whilst doing so.

Before lasnights main event we seen one of the fights of the year when Jason Easton took on the very experienced Steve Jamoye for the IBO Intercontinental title , in only Easton’s tenth fight. 

Jason Easton Interview with DJayBoxing

“Jamoye showed so much bravery and made Easton work every second of every round ,and this was a test I’m sure will push Jason Easton onto the next level .”

From the off Jamoye tried to force the pace and not let Easton get settled and had great success using this tactic . Jamoye just wouldn’t let Easton breath which saw both men trade blow for blow for most of the early rounds. As the fight went on Easton was regaining his composure and landing the cleaner,crisper shots ,really testing the Belgian chin ,but each question asked by Easton was answered with quick counter punches from Jamoye, which was making the youngster really have to think about his attacks . This battle finally came to an end in the eighth when Eastons relentless barage finally made the referee stop the fight before Jamoye’s bravery seen him take more punishment than he  had to take, a good stoppage in my opinion . Both fighters recived the well earned adoration of the fans , A fantastic test for Jason Easton, Jamoye showed so much bravery and made Easton work every second of every round ,and this was a test I’m sure will push Jason Easton onto the next level .

Jason Easton Interview with DJayBoxing

“Nowhere to run,nowhere to hide” came blaring out and  the crowd went wild , and as we where about to witness this song choice was spot on

After that great apitiser we where all set for the main event .Ohara Davis walked to the ring to the music of WWE Wrestler “The Undertaker” ,well at least that’s what I thought it was as the music was drowned out by the boos from the Glasgow crowd,which didn’t look to have phased Davis  .Then it was Taylor time “Nowhere to run,nowhere to hide” came blaring out and the crowd went wild , and as we where about to witness this song choice was spot on . As we got underway I honestly didn’t know what to expect , but half way through the first round it was easy to see that Davis was struggling to get anywhere near Taylor . Shane McGuigan and Josh Taylor had clearly came up with a plan to negate Davis long reach ,a simple plan really which seen Taylor always move to his right ,which looked to have Ohara Davis absolutely stumped . In the second round Taylor looked to be the more busier of the two whilst making Davis miss big . We had never really seen Davis being hit before, but as the second round came to a close Josh Taylor really started unloading on Davis body which saw  his defence lower considerably,and even though he shook his head it was clear to see he was hurt . As we moved into the third it was more of the same. Davis just couldn’t get near Taylor whilst Josh was getting more and more viscous with his own attacks. Even when both got up close  it was  Taylor who seemed to be more comfortable and picking the better shot which in turn seen him send Davis to the canvas . As the rounds whizzed by it was becoming more clear Taylor was levels above Davis . This really was a pasting Ohara Davis was taking ,looking slow,jaded and disheartened it was  becoming clear that this fight was not going the distance. In the seventh round Taylor looked to draw Davis in and open himself up . Now Ohara did catch Josh with a few nice shots but his flailing arms just didn’t have the power to trouble Taylor and as Davis tried to pressure Taylor In the corner, Taylor walked him right onto a beautiful right hand, that quick if you blinked you would have missed it ,which sent Davis down again and left him looking bewildered. Davis did make it up before the count but as Taylor went to press him Ohara Davis broke a golden rule and turned his back on Taylor ,who didn’t stop to take notice that Davis had QUIT and landed another couple of shots before the ref held him back . Davis disrespected  the warrior code and just gave up , the second matchroom fighter to do so in recent memory .

Josh Taylor will certainly go on to be a world champion at 140lbs of that I have no doubt, as for Ohara Davis? Well who knows but a boxer without heart really doesn’t have any place at world level so maybe Davis will have  to have a long hard look in the mirror and decide if this sport is for him .

Steven Donnell

Alex Arthur Interview with DJayBoxing

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