Boxing Has A Chance To Right A Wrong With Ortiz

So another month passes and boxing has again managed to embarrass itself , yes I’m talking about WBA Champion Luiz Ortiz testing positive for banned substances for a SECOND time in a test conducted by VADA/WBC as he was preparing to take on Deontay Wilder . In this article i hope to show people that this man is not ” Innocent ” or ” A victim ” here , a theory that has gathered some pace on social media .
Ortiz’s Past : 

This is not the first time Luis Ortiz has tested positive for banned substances , back in 2014 Ortiz tested positive for steroids after he fought Lateef Kayode ….now let that sink in , he tested positive for steroids after a fight  , so to put it another way , Ortiz was loading his gloves with muscle illegally to hurt a fellow a pro . Now let me take you back to the Roberto Duran vs Davey Moore undercard where a young prospect Billy Collins jnr fought a very decent gate keeper in Luis Resto . Resto didn’t just stop the youngster he ripped that boy apart only for Collin’s father to notice after the fight tha Resto and his trainer Panama Lewis had took the padding out of Resto’s gloves . Resto went to prison for two and half years and Panama got a lifetime ban from boxing , whilst Billy Collins fell into deep depression and took his own life . So using logic and any sort of moral compass we should expect anybody cheating like this to face a lifetime ban , maybe criminal charges ?  No Ortiz got an 8 month lay off , which is an insult to clean athletes and shows complete disregard for boxers safety. For me it doesn’t matter what side of the glove is loaded , you are going out there to hurt another human being illegally .

Collins vs Resto Full Fight

What did he test positive for this time : 

Now to be fair to Ortiz this time he has NOT tested positive for a PED, instead he has tested positive for chlorothaizide and hydrochlorothiazide , substances that can be used to mask or hide the use of PED’s . Now both of these substances can be found in a lot of different medications and in this case Ortiz claims it is from his  Blood Pressure mdeication and this is all a complete misunderstanding . Nope sorry i don’t buy this , Luis Ortiz is an apparent professional athlete getting ready to fight for the WBC Heavyweight title ,who work in partnership VADA in an attempt to clean up boxing . Knowing what the WBC are trying to do why would Ortiz not declare ALL and ANY medication he had took , especially already being part of “Boxing’s Hall of Shame” , surly he should be extra carful , and for that reason i personally will not give him benefit of the doubt .

What should happen next :

Well boxing has a chance to right a wrong here and kick Ortiz out of the sport for good , now i might hear some say ” that is harsh after all it could be an innocent mistake ” . Well that might be , but a FAIL is a FAIL and we will never know if he is innocent but if we look back to the case in 2014 , he was willing to juice up and hurt someone so can we really afford to take the chance and hope he is telling the truth .I’m with Tony Bellew here who has consistently called for drug cheats to be banned for life . A zero tolerance approach to doping is what boxing needs , the sport has to get serious about getting this cancer cut out . Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 14.56.37.png



Just to finish up i think we should spare a thought for Deontay Wilder who again has been let down by a fellow pro . Only last year he went to Russia to fight Povetkin only for the Russian to test positive . This Ortiz fight was his second attempt at legitimising his career and its happened again, another camp paid for , another load of unhappy fans to deal with . Wilders biggest mistake in his career maybe winning that WBC belt due to there clean boxing programme .

Steven Donnell

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