Askin vs Simmons – Preview + Prediction

This weekend we will see two of the UK’s best cruiserweight’s go head to head when Matty Askin will defend his British Title against Edinburgh’s Stephen Simmons in York Hall this Saturday night which will be shown live on C5 . This fight has been in the making for a while and nearly happened last year but was called off due to an injury to Askin but now it is ready to go after David Haye’s Haymaker Promotions won the purse bids after paying big money for this one , infact i heard it was 4x’s what Frank Warren and his BT backers offered for the rights to the fight .

Matty Askin 22-3-1

I am a big fan of Matty Askin as he is a guy who has came thru the hard way , he’s a man who has took his losses and came back all the better for them . Matty Askin was close to retiring from boxing a couple of years ago as he was falling out of love with the sport but after teaming up with Micheal Jennings , Askin’s has found a new lease of life . Askin is now on a four fight winning streak and coming off a fantastic KO win against Craig Kennedy and he will be going into this fight as the bookies favourite aswell as a lot of fans favourite . Askin’s really does look a nightmare to box with his fantastic head movement and his use of his ring to get into position , then back out before the counter and although his gas tank has been called into question in the past he looks to have mastered how to pace himself by not wasting any work and looking to punish mistakes rather than force the fight  . I was really impressed with Askin in his last fight against the highly rated Craig Kennedy as he took Kennedy apart from the first round , but it does have to be said Kennedy did look well out of his depth against the experienced Askin from the opening round . I still think Matty Askin is hiding glass to the body and although he does cover up well to the body with his low stance he really is vulnerable down there , especially in the later rounds .

DSC00832.jpgStephen Simmons 18-2-0

Stephen Simmons is boxer who has represented Scotland and GB at every level which gives him great pedigree . With only the two losses on his record one against John Lewis Dickenson and the second of those was a poor split decision in Hamburg which Simmons said made him feel like quitting the sport . Now at 33 Simmons is back fit and with a bit momentum behind him after winning the IBF European Title against Simon Barclay last year in a very good and professional performance . Simmons biggest asset is his jab which he uses very well to nullify his opponents work and also lets him get in close where he can use his physical strength to back you up and go to work . There are some question marks over Simmons gas tank which he will need to manage well against Askin . Stephen also told this will be his last year in the sport and he is looking to go out with a bang , but i always feel to announce your retirement 12 months in advance can be dangerous .


This one could go either way and i know both guy are really looking forward to this fight . I think if Askin is allowed to box at range he will win the fight it is up to Simmons to use that physical strength and his jab to get inside and work the body . I think Simmons will need the stoppage in this fight because Askins style is one that wins rounds , and i think  Simmons can get the stoppage late but it will all depend on him getting inside early and putting money in the bank which he is more than capable of doing . I think if Askin can keep Simmons at distance he takes this fight on the cards and that’s exactly what he will try to do .

Simmons Stoppage rounds 10-12

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