There is a dangerous presedent about to be set this weekend when Sky Box Office show there latest Pay Per View event . Dillian Whyte will take on his biggest challenge to date when he fights Joseph Parker , which in the grand scheme of thing will be a nothing fight , a fight that will have a few trinket belts up for grabs which are designed for guys to climb the rankings and when you consider Whyte pulled out of a Final Eliminator with Pulev which would have led the winner to Anthony Joshua its all a little bizarre . The Dillian Whyte vs Kubrat Pulev fight looked all set to go until Matchroom lost out on the purse bids which seen them do what is now becoming known as a ” Matchroom Special ” and pull Whyte out of the fight to make this one , but on the other side of that Eddie Hearn has already promised sky he will be collecting your PPV money so what else could he do other than take HIS OWN fighter out of a final eliminator for a world title …..well apart from make better bid and secure the rights for Pulev/Whyte ofcourse .

PPV worthy

Now don’t get me wrong i really like this fight and both styles should matchup quite well but for this to be a PPV worthy it had to take the 1990’s Don King approach . In the 90’s when PPV was becoming more and more common King would stack his undercards , some events having three or more good close world title fights on the undercard . Now i am not saying this events needs multiple world title fights to make it worthy but it needed to be stacked with good close fights between names of relative importance , what we are being served up with this weekend reminds me of a line in the movie Goodfellas : you want top fights on PPV …..Fuck You Pay Me ……You want stacked undercards ?……Fuck You Pay Me ……whats that ? you think this could have been made on regular Sky Sports ……Fuck You Pay Me .

When it comes to the comercial phenomenon that is Anthony Joshua i can completely understand why he is a box office fighter regardless of opponent or undercard , i get it , but what has either Whyte or Parker done in boxing that makes this a PPV event ? I seen an overweight Andy Ruiz take Parker right to the wire in New Zealand , i seen a shot Derek Chisora beat Dillian Whyte regardless of what the judges said . Are we now in a era of boxing where landing punch on AJ or going the distance is enough to make you PPV ? . People go out and earn there wages so have no place in telling them how and where to spend it but if you want to watch the boxing this weekend but don’t think its value for money drop me a DM on twitter or Facebook and i will put you intouch with someone who will get you a better deal .

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