The enigma that is Adrien Broner 

What can be said about Adrien “The Problem”Broner that hasn’t  been said ,a man who if his talent progressed as fast as his arrogance he would be going down as 1 of the “Greatest ” . If someone told me 5 years ago Broner would be fighting an unranked fighter at 140 ,in 2016 I would be enquiring what they where smoking . 

To be fair to Broner this fight was pushed by His mentor Floyd Mayweather Theophane (the Brit on a 6 fight winning streak)is a fighter for Mayweather  promotions so this fight only seemed to benefit 1 person …..the moneyman himself . Broner stripped of his WBA title for missing the weight and no longer a PPV fighter claimed “He will fight who he wants” can forget about capturing boxing fans imagination with fights like this.  


Just hours after Broner seen off Theophane in a 9th round stoppage for his 32nd win he made his way to the police station as part of an agreement between him and the authorities due to Broner being a wanted man. Broner (26) is accused of pulling a gun,robbing a man then knocking him unconscious after losing a “big bet” on a game of BOWLING.  

 Don’t get me wrong Broner is still a World Class fighter and at 26 still has his best years infront of him and with Spike announcing Broner vs Theophane was the most watched fight ever on there network with over 1 million viewers which shows there is still a massive interest in him but for me this is a massive point in his career to get focused,get back in shape and fulfil the potential we all know he has otherwise I can see his star falling rapidly in the next few years and leaving a legacy of unfulfilled potential.


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