Manny Pacquiao vs Tim Bradley pre fight review 

 Let’s get the negativity out the way first, this fight could be an anticlimax end of one of the best loved boxers in a genarations career . When the fight was announced in December I think the general concencus was “what the f**k” and has gathered little to no momentum in the build up here in the UK and what I’ve picked up its a similar story in the states , but hey it’s happening so why worry about it now.

First up Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao with 57-6-2 (with 38kos) The little man from the Philippines is a boxing superstar loved for his entertaining  speed and power that has become a trademark . battles against Marquez and his brutal knock out of Ricky Hatton are modern day classics ,but now at 37 years old and coming off a loss to Mayweather,shoulder surgery and never ending questions about actually still wanting to be in the ring this could be a tuff one for Pacman  . In the first fight with these two everyone in the world saw the Pacman outclass and win easily , well everyone except two judges who gave Bardley the win and in the second fight we saw Pacman even things up with a win setting up this decider. 


  Now on to Tim Bradley 33-1-1(13) , a very capable boxer who is coming off his most impressive performance to date , a 9th round knockout of Brandon Rios only his 13th knockout to date. Bradley still only 31 looks to be hitting his best at the right age. Although Bradley is not renowned as a big hitter he is a very smart,duriable fighter who has teamed up with new trainer Teddy Atlas and looks to be evolving his game . I have no doubt that after struggling with his tactics in the last two fights , Bradley will come in with a new game plan which could set us up for a cracker .  

 To sum up ,this one is to tricky to call, Iam a massive Pacquiao fan but the more I let my head over rule my heart I can see a different fight from the previous two and really think Bradley could do it and with his odds at 11/4 to win on points could be worth a punt . There is no doubt with this set to be Pacmans last fight he will be gunning to go out with a bang and with Bradley aiming to prove himself against Pacquiao this could be a cracker and worth staying up for . 


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