Stephen Smith vs Jose Pedrasa Preview

Well after a bit of the old “boxing business” stuff this one is finally here and ready to go.The fight taking place in Cincinnati on Saturday night has been described by promoter Eddie Hearn as “a 50/50 fight” and could be one to watch. 

 Let’s have a look Stephen “swifty” Smith (23-1-0 13kos), with his only defeat to date coming from Lee Selby feeling a lifetime ago Smith has done well to get himself back on track and taking some quality boxers like Medina,Barrington Brown to earn this World Title shot in which Iam confident he can bring home another title to the UK and one more for the Smith family  dynasty. This is going to be a really hard fight, especially over in the US where judges are not renowned for there open mindedness so Smith is going to have to pull out all the stops to beat a very capable fighter in Pedrasa.  

 Now let’s look at Jose Pedrasa undefeated in 21 fights with 12kos, now I’m not gonna lie I don’t know much about this guy at all but over the past few days I’ve been watching YouTube videos and fight reports to get a feel for the guy and what I’ve seen and read this guy is quality.The Purto Rican likes a scrap,covers well and counters fast and in bunches but there is definitely flaws there to exploit . In his fight with Martinez he over powered and out paced the Mexican but Pedrasa is caught with numerous big hits after letting his hands drop in exchanges  and can’t help but think that’s how Smith could win this fight and in style. Have a look .

Who do I think will win this one ? Well as I said in my preview Iam really impressed by Pedrasa in the little I have seen of him but I also think Smith might bring something different for him to think about and would not be surprised if the UK has it 13th current world champion. I think the smart man backs the Purto Rican but me …. Ive be backed Smith,here’s hoping  history is made .

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