Tyson Fury vs The British Public 

 What can I say about Tyson Fury, he’s a guy we have watched turn from a clumsy bear who came close to knocking himself out, into slick giant of a man who can sing,dance and move like someone half his size….oh and he is the Heavyweight Champion of the world, so why does the British public find it so hard to back him ?

Well for some folk it’s the stunts and comments he comes away with like “A boxer like me comes around once every 1000 years ” or the time he came running into a press conference dressed as Batman then had a fight with a Joker infront of the worlds press https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6Tz-JZ6MQu0.Boxing is a serous business where millions of £ are at stake and should be taken seriously which I can understand, but if you have ever listened to Fury talk he says repeatedly “boxing is just fight” to him the build up to fight means nothing,if anything it can unsettle opponents, to him the fight is in ring the rest is a game


 Fury has done himself no favours with the British public.I remember watching sky sports news when he made sexist and homophobic comments, he compared Gays and people who’ve had aborotians equal to pedophiles and using the bible to justify this, also his comments about woman’s place being in the kitchen are all views that belong 50s .For me or any right minded person this was to far,talking up a fight or making a fool of opinents is part of boxing but to be attacking innocent people from a platform in media because of there life style choices,in this day in age with these comments you can see why sponsers don’t want to put Furys face on everything like say, the Golden boy Anthony Joshua .

There is another reason Fury doesn’t get the coverage and support that maybe his talents and achievements deserves. As most people know Tyson Fury comes from the traveling community, a community that is proud and quite inciler aswell as self supporting .No one outside the traveling community really knows to much about them and this leads to a lot of stereotypes,misconceptions and derogatory views. These views are widespread through society, I think everybody reading this will at some point heard these stereotypes flaunted about .Fury might be a controversial figure but boxing has had countless guys like him for years and usally the more controversial the more airtime but let’s be honest for the best heavyweight in the world he’s hardly seen, no big newspaper spreads , no sky sports specials or even boxing mags compared to Joshua or Haye and I can’t help but think there are wheels turning against Fury behind the scenes and I don’t know if its as Billy Joe Saunders says “prejudice against travelers” or not .

 I have to admit Iam a massive Tyson Fury fan. As I said before I was quite angry about his comments about gays etc but that’s his opinions and he’s entitled to them but as a boxer I find the man especially entertaining, life is never to serious  when Tyson is about,even in the ring he’s not just there to do a job but entertain aswell,I would love it if he started getting the recognition he deserves.


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