Kahn Kell Get the Big Fights

  I have watched kell Brook work his way from domestic superstar to IBF Welterweight Champion of the world after that convincing show against shawn Porter in LA, at the time I remember thinking “oh god we could have the real deal British Superstar here” but since then for one reason or another that momentum has gone and I can only feel for Kell who would have thought to have been in some of the biggest fights in the world by now . After two successful title defences  Brooks was stabbed in the leg while on holiday in Tenerife in an unprovoked attack which seemed to come   At the worst possible time for Brook.  

  Now like any sports fans,boxing fans are thickle,we have short memories and when Brook made his comeback in a very unappealing mandatory defence against Canadian Kevin Bizier ( 25-3-0 17kos),talk about a fight that didn’t capture the imagination, granted it was good for Kell to get back in ring but even a Brook who could have been shaking off some ring rust got him out of there in two rounds. Before and after the fight you got the feeling from Brook he was embarrassed by this fight and was just wanting it out the road to line up bigger fights.Before the fight Kell made a big statement saying he wanted Amir Kahn,personally I don’t know if he’s at Kahns level of stature or ability yet but I think this was a cry from Kell to his management team as to the kind of fights he wants. Amir Khan shot some insults at Kell calling him “king of the mediatorys” and calling on him to show some ambition and take the fight with Miguel Cotto. Although I think this would be a massive risk for Brook to move up to Cottos weight , I think he could do it and keep his speed and power ,this is the kind of fight Kell needs to build world class reputation and he knows it. He has said “il walk to the US for the Cotto fight”,I find it to often when we have a good champ we don’t like pushing them onto the next level and I don’t think Kell Brook wants to be one of these champs whithout  a lasting legacy .  
If Amir Khan loses to Conelo Alverez will it bring him close to taking a fight with Brook ? Honestly….I doubt it I think Amir has had the big fights under his belt,built a transatlantic fanbase and has a PPV appeal , in two years time I’m sure if Brook gets his way and gets Eddie Hearn working FOR HIM putting up an offer Garcia or Vargas can’t refuse and let Kell do his job,  he will be right up there with Amir , but one thing is for sure if these big fights don’t come Brook will be on AJ undercard in a couple years time wondering what the hell happend . 

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