Saul Canelo Alvarez vs Amir Khan Big Fight Build Up (Dino/Jay)

Dino’s Reviw 

What is mexicos greatest gift to the world? Well some would say there food,packed with meat and spice you can’t go wrong, others would say there holiday destinations,having visited Cancun a couple of times this would be a good shout, with its thriving nightlife and awesome beaches it’s perfection but if you said any of the above you are wrong it is Cinco De Mayo weekend when the boxing world goes all out for the Big Fight Night and this year we have another cracker with Amir “King” Khan (31-3-0 KO 19) vs Saul “Canelo” Alverez (46-1-1 KO 32) .

 Let’s start with the challenger and underdog Amir Khan. Amir shot onto the scene as an ameature at the 2004 Athens Olympics and anyone who watched this 17 year old from Bolten knew way back then he was destined for big things ,bringing home a silver medal was a fantastic achivement and the first step on a fantastic journey. Now Amir has went on to become a really accomplished boxer and widely regarded as “the man with he fastest hands in boxing” and that is what this fight is going to boil down to speed vs power. Khan is coming up from welterweight where he is the WBC silver welterweight champion to take on Canelo at 155lbs which puts him at quite a big disadvantage and apart from a miricle will rule out him having the power to knock out the Mexican ,also carrying an extra 8lbs this could effect the lightening speed of Khan although reports coming from his camp say he is as fast as ever it has yet to be seen. Khan himself has said he’s not bulking up to keep his speed up he knows that is the key to a victory and with Virgil Hunter drilling it into Khan not to go toe to toe with Canelo but get in and out, use quick feet and lateral movement as Canelo struggles to cut off his openents this could be a closer fight than most experts are predicting infact everyone said Ali couldn’t take Foreman in a speed vs power fight and we all know how that finished .

Now for the new superstar in boxing,the Mexican wonder kid Saul Canelo Alavrez.At just 25 years old this kid is the WBC Middleweight Champion superstar with his only loss coming to Floyd Mayweather,not to bad for a kid with 48 fights. Let’s not beat about the bush everything in this fight tilts toward Canelo,he’s fighting an opponent who can’t take punch ,who’s also moving up two weights to fight him and with Canelo being a fantastic power puncher who can find holes in the tightest guards,at first look you can only see the Mexican coming away with a big win,but if you scratch away at the surface it might not be as simple as that. For all his big attributes he still finds it hard to close down slippery fighters as we saw in his fight against Lara and Mayweather and Amir Khan is a hard man to hit,yeah if they stop and trade blows there is only one winner but Kahn has no intention of doing that,he is gong to use all his wits to try and make Canelo miss and miss bad and get the decision. Canelo has to close Khan down if he can corner him ,he will win but that is easier said than done.For me this is another case of do I think with my heart of with head. My heart if screaming it wants an Amir Khan win,not only is he from this side of the pond (Atlantic)but he’s an ambitious young man who’s went over to the States to carve out a legacy and after some shakey fights he’s starting to find his feet over there and build a bit of a fanbase in America. He knows to become a boxing superstar you have to go track down the biggest fights and they are in America and there isn’t many fights bigger than this and that takes balls. The head is going the other way saying there is no way Canelo can lose,as good as Khan is this is a massive uphill battle for him to not get caught for 12 rounds and that’s all Canelo need is one big punch.

 Dino Prediction : This fight will probably go to the middle rounds,personally I think round 7 Khan will tire and maybe more likey to be drawn into a battle he can’t win ….Canelo KO round 7 12/1 in the bookies .

Jays Review 

Fight night is almost here. Amir Khan headlining the MGM Grand in Vegas fighting Mexican Saul ‘Canelo’ Alvarez. The WBC 160lb title on the line at a 155lb catchweight agreed by both fighters, we could do a full blog talking about the ridiculous catchweight but that’s for another day, just now it’s time to talk about the fight itself.

Personally I have always rated Khan as a fighter(suspect chin and all) they say speed kills and Amir has it in barrel loads. His quick hands and boxing skills could cause anybody trouble on his day. But after chasing super fights with Floyd and Manny after moving up to the 147lb divison his career stalled, cherry picked non – punchers have been his opponents for almost the last 3 years after missing out on the fights he craved. But now he takes a leap of faith jumping 2 weight classes to fight ‘Canelo’ a big punching Mexican and one of the top P4P fighters active today. Virgil Hunter will have a game plan for Amir and if he sticks to it and stays away from the power of Canelo who knows what can happen.

Jay Prediction : If the fight goes 12 rounds Amir Khan has stuck to the game plan, stayed disciplined and not got involved in any toe to toe fighting which is usually his downfall and wins on points…. But for me Khan starts fast, enjoys the early rounds maybe even wins the majority of them, but by rounds 7/8 Canelo will be catching him more and more and will stop him by round 9. But don’t bet the house on it!!
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