Matchroom = Shit Show …A Boxing Fan Rant 

Right from the off I just want to say a massive well done to Anthony Crolla on a brilliant performance at the weekend, I’ve gotta admit I didn’t see him coming thru this one and regardless of the Sky Sports commentating the opening couple of rounds looked like Crolla was just taking to many shots but my god the boy took them and had Barossa blowing out his arse (ass) by round 4 after that it was just a matter when would Crolla finish him,which he did in 7th knocking out a shattered Barossa out ,proving Crolla is a top 3 fighter in the lightweight division.

Now on to the utter mountain of crap undercard.This was like something Del Boy from “only fools and horses” would put on as a boxing show,keeping in mind matchroom where asking £1000 for ringside down to around £40 for a seat in the gods I just keep asking myself “how long are we as fans gonna let Hearn and Sky keep feeding us these shit shows?”.In the weeks leading up to the the event we had Hearn on saying he had no money left for the undercard because he wanted to give Crolla a big pay day estimated to be around £350,000 to £400,000 ,what a crock of shit that is some of these guys on the undercard got a call on Tuesday to fight on the Saturday , every single fan has been treated with utter contempt aswell as Hearns own fighters who must struggle for motivation. I don’t bother anymore, usally I like a good undercard,a lot of the time some of the undercard fights are better than the main attraction but on Saturday I headed to the pub and went home for the main event .Eddie Hearn has brought a bit of glamour back to British boxing but this monopoly he has with Sky is ruining the game, on AJ’s PPV we have to be excited about Anthony Joshua knocking out some 30 year old with 17 fights 17 wins be lucky if it sees 3rd round if that doesn’t get you then what about Groves vs Murray  7 title shots between them lost ,not so long ago this is undercard on a Saturday night in a domestic fight so here’s my big tip for any fight fan, keep your money and join team stream,it won’t make the fights any better but you will save the feeing of being fleeced .

Dino @Djayboxingblog (Twitter)

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