The Day,The Amateurs Died 

As a boxing fan who has been to more amateur boxing events than the glitzy events at 10,000 arenas Iam writing this totally disgusted and angry about the decision by the AIBA to let Pro boxers fight in the Olympics. For me this is nothing but a money spinner, trying to milk more out of sponsers in the process all but killing amateur games pinochle event ,an event that gets up and coming and good amateur boxers world exposure maybe even the sponsorship and guidance to turn pro. 

The world of boxing has erupted in anger at the descsion, former world champion Carl Frampton saying :

 amateur and pro boxing are “two different sports”. “It’s like a badminton player playing tennis.” 

Also getting stuck into this shocking descsion was Ricky Hatton who tweeted


Altho there are those like Vlad Klitschko who is 40 ,has indicated he would like to box at the Olympics, altho the chances are he will miss qualifiers in Venuzela next month where there are 26 places up for grabs for the Olympics due to his fight with Tyson Fury. But how can it be alright for Ex-undisputed heavyweight champion of the word to go fight amateurs, a shocking descsion by the AIBA who’s stance is 

“they are allowed to come to the Olympics but we are unsure how many would actually want to come “

Now would be a good time to see our World Governing bodies flex there muscles for the sake of the integrity of pro boxing aswell as amateur boxing and threaten to ban anyone who goes the Olympics. This is truly damaging to the sport as a whole, who wants to see seasoned pros take on an up and coming youngsters who still trying to prove themselves at amateur level .

Dino @DJayboxingblog 

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