Vargas vs Salido ,what boxing is all about,take note UK

Well ladies and gentlemen just when you thought boxing was imploding and about to self destruct the sport was given a massive boost and a reminder of why we love it on Saturday….no not that bag of shit show in Liverpool where Liam Smith fought a bum and a full undercard of shit ,I’m talking about the Vargas vs Salido fight in LA . This had all the makings of a classic, two hard hitting Mexicans with balls of steel and this didn’t disappoint .But this blog altho heaping praise on this spectacle is gonna point out that this fight would never have happend in the UK . 

Here in Britain we will be lucky to get a couple of good fights in a year in between them we have Anthony Joshua knocking out bums and Eddie Hearne telling casuals these guys are class boxers elevating AJ who’s beat no1 to near legendary status, we will also have Kel Brook fighting shite and tell ya it’s not his fault Even that weekend there we had Liam “Beefy” Smith fight a guy I could probably batter in a fight for the world title . Do you see the trend here ? British boxers and there promoters don’t want to give you a classic no that would mean risk a belt maybe even get a loss on there record ,shock horror if that ever happens  , here in the UK we are served up shit and told its caviar. The Vargas vs Salido wasn’t even picked up by any British broadcaster that weekend leaving real fight fans ,hungry to see a  real fight trolling the Internet looking for dodgy streams. To be honest I know exactly why the fight wasn’t shown, how could sky or boxnation ask you to foot the bill for boxing if you actually had a real event to compare it to, how could they try and sell Groves vs Murray on PPV undercard after seeing Golden Boy/HBO undercard on Saturday which was class. 

This full event has brought me back from the brink of turning casual and only watching main events and boxers I like. For me being a boxing fan isn’t about seeing a guy out his depth getting knocked out or domestic level fighters being thrown into world title fights to get beat up this seems to be what matchroom has brought to the sport  . For me boxing is about well matched boxers, two guys testing themselves against each other, learning weaknesses as the fight goes on, I love looking out for the next big thing or ones to look out for in a couple years . We boxing fans don’t care that Crolla fights for matchroom and Flannigan fights for Frank Warren, we want to see Crolla vs Flannigan because it will be a cracker to guys from Manchester who went to the same school, the guys incharge of British boxing could not give a fuck of this fight never happens . Another could be Burns vs Crolla but that’s doubtful because both are matchroom fighters. This is killing our game and robbing our boxers of the chance to become a greats even robbing us of our own classic tussel like we seen the other night ,Vargas vs Salido

Will we ever get back to a time where boxers and there teams want to know how good they are rather than build a fake reputation Ontop of a boxrec full of bums ? … honest thoughts is no ,well not for a long time anyway , not aslong as 17000 wankers will show up to watch David Haye beat up idiots and old asthmatic men, not aslong as Anthony Joshua will defend his title against nobodies and sell out in no time and be on PPV to do it , not  aslong as Hearns and Warrens will fart beside you and say it’s aftershave ,the only people who can save our game is us ourselves,the fights are there let’s make them,you never know we might be as good as we think we are. Until this does change I am starting form the opinion that every world title won by a British boxer is bad for him and the sport because greedy promoter will do anything to not risk it .


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