Big Fight Prevew + Prediction : Lomachenko vs Martinez 

We where spoiled last week with the Vargas vs Salido fight and this week we are in for another treat with the mouthwatering fight between Lomachenko vs Martinez which has the potential to be a peach of a fight 

Let’s start with Vasyl Lomachenko : This guy is one of the most exciting talents in boxing and one of my favourites to watch. Lomachenko looks every bit the perfect boxer for fight fans, covers up very well,quick on his feet,can get in land 4 big shots before you know he’s there,even if you tie him down he has perfect timing and efficient accuracy on his counters, infact you won’t see busier boxer ,he has the work rate only seen in the ameteur level. Lomachenko is pretty widely regarded as the greatest ever ameature and with this list of honours who could argue .

But unlike other top class Olympians when turning pro Lomachenko wanted the big fights right from the start in only his 2nd pro fight he took on Orlando Salido for the vacant WBO Featherweight title but as Salido missed the weight by miles and gave Lomachenko his first loss,in a  fight in which turned out to be one of the best fights seen in years .This was no major stain,although  Salido did do a brilliant job on Lomachenko fighting ugly,hitting low raising questions about his ability to deal with this kind of fight .But Salido did look to be a whole weight division if not more above him and it showed when big shots from Lomachenko where just brushed off. Since then Lomachenko has demolished everything put infront of him trying to put to bed any of the questions raised in that Salido bout where obviously he he learned from that lesson .He got his hands on the WBO Featherweight Title against Garry Russell Jnr , a fight in which he schooled a 24-0-0 boxer in his 3rd pro fight. This fight was a masterpiece switching body to head he just wore Russell down to a shell of a man who deserved credit for taking it to the card if nothing else .

Now a look at Roman Martinez: Martinez is a great boxer to watch, loves to stay at length before he looks to land big straight shots which he throws in threes and fours. In the first leg of his double header against Salido he totally outclassed Salido,the same Salido who gave Lomachenko all sorts of problems. He has Salido on the canvas in rounds 3 and 5 with virtually the same shot, a big overhand right, down the middle the same  shot that also took Ricky Burns to the canvas . Martinez doesn’t just look for this big shot, he’s great at switching body to head, his combos are great to watch when they come off . The Puerto Rican also move really well laterally infact looks a lot better when giving away the middle of ring. In his fight against the  King of Scots Ricky Burns,ricky gave him all sort of trouble tho, a great performance from Burns seen him bully Martinez and make him look clumsy at times as Burns went on to take his belt from him. Also in the second fight against Salido,Martinez was very lucky to get away with a draw ,for me Salido dragged him into a dog fight and for me Salido outclassed him in a close fight .

My prediction: Well the old cliche “styles make fights” and these two have styles which should set up a cracker. There’s no doubt Martinez is the more powerful of the both,that big straight right is beautiful to watch,one of the best shots around but I think he will struggle to hit Lomachenko, the Ukrainian doesn’t stand infront of you he comes from unorthodox angles hiring you with quick combos. I think if  Martinez is to win he will have to fight ugly,on the inside and try and drag Lomachenko into a dogfight,try and tangle feet ,anything  to take Lomachenko off his stride . I think Lomachenko will win on points,I just think he will have to much in the tank, look the better fighter and land more big shots as the fight goes on obviously Martinez has that big right hand in his locker which could end it at anytime,so very hard to call.

Dino @DjayBoxingBlog

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