Kel Brook Is Making Hearn Look Stupid 

Now from the start I will admit I am a massive critic of Eddie Hearn , his lies he spoon feeds us, the crazy statements and most of all some poor shows makes him an easy target ,but now I have to admit Eddie has done a great job getting Kel Brook “king of the manditory’s” a fantastic unification fight against Jessie Vargas only for Brook to make him look a cunt and start to drag his heels on his biggest fight in years. 

Kel Brooks is a very talented boxer who’s on the verge of Seeing the best years of his career disappear and his lasting legacy will be one good victory which he edged over Shaun Porter wining his IBF world title .That was way back in 2014 since then Brook has done nothing worth talking about. 

I done a blog a few months back asking if Hearn could get Brook the big name fights he deserves, and that we where missing a great British boxer in his prime who waisting away on bum manditory’s, a view shared by most boxing fans when it comes to Brook but Hearn stepped up. Eddie announced to the world on Twitter that Jessie Vargas will come to the UK and take on Brook in Sheffield in a PPV unification fight. Now let’s not forget for Vargas to come to the UK and fight,a place with probably some of the worst judging decisions for foreign boxers would have meant Hearn would have to pay some big money to get Vargas on the plane . 

Now it was announced weeks ago Vargas had signed his half of the deal, Eddie Hearn announced this on Twitter and even had dates lined up and me and the rest of the boxing world thought this was a done deal ,but this week it has came to light that Kel Brook has stalled on putting pen to paper whilst calling out Vargas on Twitter ….the guy who’s already signed up to fight . This for me is a slap on the face for any Brook fans who have been patient on waiting thrugh injury and shit manditory’s aswell as Eddie Hearn who’s been pushing to make Brook a PPV fighter.This surly is Kels time to take his first step toward the biggest names in the division maybe even get that Khan fight he wants . This match up should see Brook win,but he would have to raise his game now I find my self questioning if he has the desire to fulfil his potential or another modern day poser looking to milk fans before fucking off .  

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