Brook vs GGG …Uuffttt

First off I’ve gotta admit I feel a bit of a prick, last weeks blog on Kel Brook was slating him for dragging his heels on the Vargas fight,and that he was making Eddie Hearn look a cunt, I went on ranting about getting this signed and moving on to bigger things in the US . Now we have Kel Brook vs GGG signed and ready to go on September 10th in the O2 Arena ,London and know what, take a bow Kel Brook and Eddie Hearn for making this happen. 

Hearn had looked to have pulled off a master stroke when he got Chris Eubank Jnr a world title fight with superstar GGG,not only this but looked to have secured it to take place in the UK. All looked to be going well until as predicted in a earlier blog Eubank stalled,making outrageous demands that Eddie outlines in this IFL interview (Hearn on GGG,Brook and Eubanks ) Hearn gave them 24hrs to sign the contract to no avail so he offered it to Kel Brook who took 2hrs to get the deal done .
Now Kel Brook deserves all the credit in the world for taking on the most avoided man in the world of boxing. Kel Brook might say he’s a big welterweight but to come up 13lbs to middleweight to take on a man who smokes everyone he fights, a man who seen Canelo Alverez vacate his WBC Middleweight title rather than fight him takes some balls on Brooks behalf it’s an amazing sign of intent . 

But for every bit of credit Brook gets GGG has some questions to answer, I accept with Eubank being a wanker a fight in the UK was on the verge of collapse,but with Brook having to come up to middleweight is this fight really going to be thy competitive ? .On fight night there will probably be around 2stone between the two boxers,add that in with GGG being a power house puncher who’s hard to evade what chance does Brook actually have . Another match up may have been James De Gale, I believe De Gale would have took it as talk of his unification fight with Jack has gone cold also DeGale will fight anyone so GGG reputation would not have phased him. 

In all honesty I’m intrigued by this fight and set up a brilliant September with Smith vs Canelo,Crolla vs Linares and now Brook vs GGG …..fantastic  

Just for some comedy here is some of Eubank Jnr tweets ,enjoy 

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