2016 Could Yet Be Saved For Boxing Fans 

So what a month this has turned into for us boxing fans after it looked like it could have went pear shaped after the disappointment of Fury vs Klitschko 2 being postponed until October,due to injury to Fury and with Wilder vs Povetkin also a no -starter in May we boxing fans really needed something,anything to pick us up from what has been a really poor year for the sport so far,infact Salido vs Vargas was a classic and will take some beating for fight of the year but my god that seems a lifetime ago .

So With the 12th July heavyweight championship fight being postponed we had to wait until 24th July Crawford vs Postol,a very intriguing match up with the very talented Terence “Bud” Crawford taking on the giant frame that is Viktor Postol to become a two weight lineal champion . Bud Crawford went out and showed a master class in technic, really cruising his way to a very wide points victory after putting Postol down twice in a great performance in which the only criticism could be that Crawford didn’t get the stoppage . This fight really was one for real fans of the sport as there was a lot of clever boxing and fantastic footwork from Bud which for me put him in the top 5 pound for pound .

Now onto 30th July Carl Frampton vs Leo Santa Cruz,a fight which had the  experts divided, could Frampton out class the punching machine Santa Cruz in New York . Even tho Santa Cruz averaged a 1000 punches in the fight, The Jackel did enough to take this very close fight on the cards . Frampton really did raise his game in New York and just done enough if you ask me to merit the win but it really depends on what you like on how you scored it,it really was that well matched .

Now the with these two great fights it has thrown up some great suggestions for match ups and match ups that could really bring the sport back to where it belongs and really save what’s been a dull 2016 so far for the sport . 

First match up is Bud Crawford vs Manny Pacquiao. This is a truly mouthwatering prospect for a fight after Pacman announced he will be returning to the ring this November . With Pacquiao style of seek and destroy and Crawfords ability to counter and manouver aswell as get involved in brawl when he gets hit this isa cracker ,also the with the way Crawford switches to southpaw it would leave him open to Pacquiao’s power we could easily see KO of the year  . For me this is a fight that really should be made, styles make fights and these two are very compatible to show something special. This fight really could be made aslong as both boxers are up for as they both fight for Bob Arum (Toprank) which really makes the fight easy to be made and with Pacman really fighting on borrowed time and Crawford looking to become a PPV superstar,Arum himself might want to push for this matchup to be made ,and trust me if it does we could be in for the best fight of the year 

Another great matchup up I’ve seen being touted first by Tommy Allan (the boxing asylum podcast) but has gathered great pace when Selby was ringside in New York and has hopes raised in the UK for a unification and domestic superfight between Frampton/Selby . This fight would be massive,two very talented boxers and another fight where there two styles should make for a good fight,with Frampton’s ability to judge distance and make angles and Selby style of grinding you down . This fight obviously not as easy made as with McGuigan  who promotes Frampton and Eaddie Hearn who promotes Selby not really having a great relationship as we seen in the Frampton/Quigg fight. Also a stumbling block is that Frampton would demand to fight in Belfast,which is fair as Selby really struggles to sell tickets . But there are good signs that Selby is keen to get this fight happening, he was there in New York the other night sitting ringside which is always a good sign that a boxer wants a fight and might be open to a few concessions to get the ball rolling .  

If one of these two fights gets made it could salvage the year but if the boxing gods shine down and make the them both my god what an end to the year it could be when you think Fury/Klitschko, Kovolev/Ward you could easily put Crawford/Pacquiao and Frampton/Selby up there beside them as great match up .p

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