Spence vs Bundu fights review 

This fight was a final eliminator to be mandatory to Kel Brook for his IBF Welterweight title . From the off no one really gave Bundu a chance, at the age of 42 this was always going to be a to much for him, but dont be fooled this wasn’t an easy match up by any stretch of the imagination, Spence could not take this guy lightly . 

In round one ,we seen Bundu look to confuse Spence buy changing to a right handed stance, Bundu from the start was always looking to come inside off a big wide hook which he had little glimpses of joy . Spence showing great experience for a lad at 26 ,just boxed at length coming in off that fantastic jab of his then back out just breaking Bundu down

Round two , Bundu kept to his game plan of trying to get inside off those big hooks,looking busy but his lack of jab was now apparent, he just didn’t have one. Spence now was finding his range and now working Bundu’s body, and by the end you could really see the body shots taking there toll . Round 3 was pretty much a carbon copy with Spence starting to hit his stride and move up the gears, by now Spence knew Bundu couldn’t hurt him .

Round four , Bundu was showing real heart by now but this fight was slipping away and really you could see Spence just breaking him down ,Bundu also lost his gum shield I’m this and when the ref stopped the fight to let him put it in you could see how heavy he was breathing yet Spence looked to still be stepping it up. 

Round five , Bundu was really finding it hard to send anything back Spences way now, and Spence was landing bigger and cleaner and to be honest you sensed the end was coming.

Round 6 , Spence came out landing some heavy shots which looked to rock Bundu who thru fighting instinct caught Spence with a hook which halted the attack and what would have been the end , but only halted it for a min . In the next exchanges Spence throws a shot to the mid range which Bundu looked to block but you could see the energy sap right out his body causing him to lean on Spence,when Spence gave him a nudge to the floor the ref ruled it as a push, but Spence and anyone watching knew Bundu was really hurt and this was the end. As soon as Bundu got up Spence went on the attack pinning Bumdu against the ropes unloading with big shots knowing one would get thru, and a beautiful right hook which got on behind Bundu’s guard and he didn’t see coming really turned out his lights, he was gone before he hit the ground .

Watch out Kel Brook this guys the real deal , I’m a massive fan and right now rank him no2 in the welterweight division behind Thurman,just a matter of time before he’s a world champ. 

Dino @Djayboxingblog 

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