Brook vs GGG ….I’m torn between heart and mind 

So it’s nearly here GGG vs Brook ,and with the old firm game taking place in Glasgow and the Manchester Darby also happening on 10th September  what a weekend of showpiece events we are in for .I have been a critic of this fight but I am starting to get caught up in the hype and the bombardment of sky mouthpieces telling us this is a much closer fight than my own judgement is telling me ,Iam having a dilemma .

My heart : Kel Brook is looking good at middleweight, my main worry was that he was going to eat up to the weight and be flabby, but not at all anyone who’s seen any of the sky sports specials you will see the huge frame and well trimmed body which has Brook looking every bit the middleweight. Brook also hit hard at welterweight so if his power tranferes up to middleweight he will be able to hit and hurt GGG and seeing how Brook controlled Porter by spoiling and choosing when to counter nearly seen Brook get the KO ,will Brook try the same again I don’t know but sky sports seems to think that’s a game plan that could work .

My Mind: No matter how good and ripped he looks at middleweight he is a welterweight, Brook has never been in with a middleweight never mind the No1 middleweight in the world like GGG . A few times on sky sports I have seen them talk about how Sugar Ray Leonard went from welterweight right the way up light heavyweight becoming world champion at at the 5 weights between so Kel Brook can do this …..what a load a shit, comparing Kel Brook to Sugar Ray Is fucking outrageous, sugar is easily top 3 of all time Kel Brook isn’t even No1 welterweight but that’s sky being sky and being the casuals choice for boxing. Kel Brook has never been hit with the power that GGG carries, he’s took big shots before never from someone with this lethal power, never from a machine who hunts to kill . The main factor for me isn’t going to be GGG’s power tho it’s gong to be how he cuts off the ring and forces Kel onto his back foot, Brook just cannot fight on the back foot, I can see it now, as  GGG is pushing him back Brook will put himself in the corner, he doesn’t have the cunning to evade this guy from there on Brook will be fighting on borrowed time .

Conclusion : Even now after all the sky sports build up and matchroom tweets etc I can’t sit down and logically see anyway Brook can win. Yeah Brook looks good and might have a future at middleweight but I rate GGG so highly and don’t see anyway Brook can hurt him or take punishment. My prediction is between 5th and 7th round Brook will have took to much to the body and have nothing left,but I must say this …if Brook can survive to the cards for me that’s victory in my eyes,that’s how big an achievement this would be. 



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