Where now for Kel Brook

First off I just want to say a massive well done to Kel Brook who really gave a good account of himself, and really gave GGG something to think about at times in the fight especially in the second round he showed his hand speed could give GGG some problems even if he didn’t have the power to really hurt Golovkin. Kel put up a great fight and showed he was willing to give being great a try .

So where next for Brook? : Well to me it’s obvious, Kel has a big future at 154lbs with some massive fights there for him and might even tempt Khan to come out and take the Brook fight but after Brooks performance against GGG I doubt Khan would be keen on it now. The obvious fight we would love to see as fans is Brook/Canelo and do you know what,I could see Brook giving him all sorts of trouble with the power and speed that he might not carry at middleweight this could also get made quick as it would hold up Canelo finally taking on GGG but be big enough to keep Canelos mass of supporters happy who have slowly but surly been dwindling .

Not a massive blog today but thought I would say my bit and let the folks know that right now I’m probably the highest I have ever been on Brook and filled with confidence He has the ability to clean up at 154lbs if the rest of the division finds its balls . 

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