Crolla vs Linares preview and Prediction 

Crolla vs Linares, the fight I’ve been waiting for, this is going to be a cracker really is to close to call but I’m going to give a bash .

This is by far Anthony Crolla’s  biggest test to date against the very talented 3 weight world champion Jorge Linares but Crolla looks to have raised his game in the past few fights which really sets this up as a must see. In Crolla’s last fight against Ismeal Barroso crolla went in as a few peoples underdog and looked to be in trouble early on but in true Crolla style he worked his way out of trouble and had Barroso in trouble before finishing him in the 7th round to retain his WBO World Titile .This fight wasn’t just a testament to Crolla’s grit but also showed a power in his shots that had really went unnoticed .I have no doubt Crolla will have to fight at a level he’s never fought at before but I believe he capable of raising his game to another level.

Jorge Linares is quite simply one of the most skilful boxers in the sport,Linares in full flight is a thing of beauty, the hand speed,the variation of punches with the movement to go with it he really is a treat to the eye. Just as Linares was about to shine after capturing the WBC lightweight world title he suffered a broken hand which seen him stripped of the belt .He will be taking on Crolla with the view of tuning up for his compulsory challenge to regain his lightweight world title  from Zlaticanin,But as good as Linares is there are still big question marks over his chin and Crolla can also take heart from the fact Linares starts to fade in the later rounds whilst Joe Galleghers boxers usally turn it up the second half of the fight .

Predictions: I will be attending this fight in Manchester MEN Arena supporting Crolla hoping he can pull it off but the smart money has to go on Linares . I think it will go to the cards and if it does I can only see a Linares win, if Crolla is to do this he will be looking for a late stoppage around the 10th and with the energy Linares uses up in the first half of a fight you might get decent odds on over 7.5 rounds and crolla stoppage .Either way this is going to be a classic I really can’t wait 
Dino @DJayboximg (Twitter) 

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