2016 ….A Boxing fans Review 

So as 2016 draws a to close what has been the hi-light of this years boxing calendar?. If I’m brutally honest the majority of 2016 has been poor for fight fans, yes we got to see GGG come over to the UK which was great for fight fans over here to see the man himself but the planned fight against Chris Eubank Jnr fell through which seen the Middleweight superstar pitted against Kel Brook the Welterweight IBF World Champion so for me this fight was to one sided from the start. We where also expecting Fury/Klitschko 2 but due problems outside the ring this fight never materialised and to be quite frank that has been the story of the year far to often. We did have a great fight recently between Ward/Kovalev which was a tactical masterclass from both which divided the boxing community trying to pick a winner, definitely a great fight but fight of the year ,no thanks .

 For me there is only one fight worthy of the title “Fight of the Year” and that was the all Mexican encounter between Orlando Solido and Francisco Vargas  for the WBC Super Featherweight title .My god this was a hell of a battle,a fight that if we seen more of ,boxing would be in a much healthier position today .From the first round there was no settling in by either man,they just both went for it, it was one of those fights that I’m not sure either boxer fully recover from and really hope 2017 delivers part 2 ,well if Vargas’s face ever recovers from the bloody mess it was at the end Of this classic . Now some of you might be wondering why you missed this fight ,well it just so happens the powers that be really dropped the ball when Sky sports and Boxnation both decided not to cover the fight which had me going to dark places to try and find a live stream to catch it , but not to worry the full fight is now on YouTube complete with Mexican commentary so no need to worry about commentators swaying how you may call the fight so if you haven’t seen you have to go check it out .

And that is pretty much 2016 for you,this has been a year when the sports superstars have really failed to deliver but fear not, 2016 is ending with on a high and with Frampton/Santa Cruz 2 all set along with Garcia/Thurman along with the promise of AJ/Klitschko and AJ/Wilder being touted it seem the boxing gods have heard us and they are looking like they are gonna make 2017 a year to remember for the sport .


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