Haye v Bellew : what a circus 

“I’m the money fight” he said “I’m the money fight ” and with that my fucking soul was destroyed. No folks this isn’t an extract from Floyd Mayweather memoirs,this was how far into the circus that is David Haye V Tony Bellew fight presser I was willing to go. Now let’s be honest with Bellew,Hearn and Haye all at one table this was always going to be a cringeworthy event but nothing could prepare me for what was unfolding. 

At the start we had the obligatory droning on of Eddie Hearn telling half truths mixed with shite, followed by a personal attack by David Haye on Hearn (which I did find rather entertaining) to which super Tony B jumps to his PIMPS defence which kicks off the worst kind of little girl argument you could imagine …..a little girl argument involving a scouser .

Now as I’m  writing this Iam still angry so might come across a bit harsh but I need to vent somewhere as the wife’s stopped listening to me. The worst bit of the full thing wasn’t David Haye all but gurenteeing ppv sales are massive with a well choreographed  left hook as the pair squared up, no the worst bit for me was Tony Bellew ,a man who was skooled by Chilemba started shouting “I’m the money fight” and then went on to talk about Hayes CV and shout he’s a world champion,due to his hostage WBC cruiserweight world title , it shows the shamelessness of the guy when he win a vacant title then defends it against a Doorman in Flores and now moving up to fight Haye so his titles safe and out of the reach of any mandatory challenger at cruiserweight, TONY BELLEW IS NOT A LEGIT CHAMPION 

I will be taking no further notice of this circus roadshow until fight night because to be quite honest Bellew/Haye are making a fool of the sport and it’s fans ,this is a massive mismatch let’s not butter it up I give Bellew next to no chance and after his WWE antics over the past few months I look forward to seeing him look a fool,laying on the canvas at Hayes feet ,the only down side is all we will hear from Haye is how good a win it is but hey it’s well worth it .

Dino @DJayboxingblog

Haye vs Bellew circus

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