Deontay Wilder :Wild By Name,Wild By Nature

Well this is going to sound a little cliche but “Wild by name,Wild by nature” , thats how Deontay Wilder left me feeling after seeing him KO Gerald Washington on his big return to the ring after his latest hand injury .

Washington had come into this fight a massive underdog but actually took the first four rounds of this fight with relative ease as Wilder looked to be puzzled by the giant Washington. From the word go Washington established his jab and used good movement to have the WBC Heavyweight Champion chasing shadows and looking well off the pace , well that was until the fifth round where Wilders awesome power dug him out of a hole and gave us the result we all expected, a Wilder Win by stoppage.

This fight did leave me asking myself “Can Wilder adapt his style to protect his fragile hand?”. Anyone who has watched Wilder before will always comment on his unothadox style , he throws punches from obscure angles which opponents don’t see coming , but this is the reason why he’s already had three hand breaks and really boxing on borrowed time until the inevitable happens and his hand breaks again .Due to his hand I was expecting to see a more calculated Wilder against Washington, a Wilder who picks his shots,uses his jab and pretty much be a well rounded boxer,  but i was sadly mistaken . The Wilder that showed up did nothing until the fifth and only really looked comfortable when swinging from the heavans . The fact that these adjustments where not made leads me to the conclusion that maybe Deontay Wilder doesn’t have it in his locker to change his style, maybe he can onlt fight one way …..Wild .

Steven Donnell

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