Stephen Simmons Interview 

So again i had been invited down to Airdrie to Billy Nelsons Gym for a catch up with the MTK lads and Stephen Simmons in particular to talk about his upcoming British Title fight he was scheduled to fight in March against Welsh top prospect Craig Kennedy , a fight which he had accepted on short notice but was more than confident that he was going to take the title back to Scotland , but as i was dong my final preperations before heading out i had noticed the fight had been removed from the boxer schedule so i went down to find out why . DSC_0024.JPG

On entering the gym the usual lads where there and one familiar face in Rocky Fielding was there who had travelled up from Liverpool for a couple of days of sparring with David Brophy , so today was going to be a good day , Then in walks a dejected Stephen Simmons who had informed me in a previous meeting he was desperate to get back in the ring, so we got the camera rolling as the rest of the lads set about there training .

Stephen you where scheduled to fight Craig Kennedy for the vacant cruiserweight title but doesn’t seem to be happening now, can you tell me whats happened ?Watch the full interview here

Well due to circumstances which where out of my control I’ve had to pull out . I had took the fight on short notice anyway but as i stepped up my training a back injury i had in December has flared back up again, so to stop it getting as bad as it was I’ve had to pull out and just cut back to rehabbing,and do some exercises to strengthen it up .

Do you think you will get another shot at it later in the year ?

Yeah i belive so, its gotta come again as i am up there ,theres not many people infant of me . I will fight anybody at the weight and i will give anybody a good fight , so its gotta come again.

So when will we see you back in the ring

I would like to be back April or the beginning of May, the rehab should only take a week to ten days so I’ve just got to step back from training and take a wee rest .

In your last outing you where on the wrong end of a split decision in Germany , did you believe you done enough to win that fight ?

Yeah , i done enough to win that fight easily in my opinion and in many other opinions, i won 8 of the rounds , so in my eyes i won by 4 rounds but it was a typical German decision .

Would you go back to Germany for the rematch or has that put you off ?

I would go back in a heartbeat because i know i would stop him, i started hurting him downstairs later in the fight, next time i would go there early doors and i would get the stoppage.

When i was down a few weeks ago i left amazed with how close a team this stable is , do you always pull together or is there any competitviness in the camp.

We always pull together as a team, Me and Brophy have been training together since we both turned pro ,even when i was away with other coaches we still kept in close contact . Now I’m back and we are close as ever and now Gary [Cornish] has now joined the wolfpack ,so we all gel together really well , and we have a coach in Billy Nelson who is on the same sort of mind level as us so we all get on really well . 

And just to finish up , i remember a few years ago things got a bit heated with you and Wadi Camacho ,is there still bad blood or was it all left in the ring that night ?

I wouldn’t talk to him if i walked past him on the street ….the guys a wank. I think he is an absolute disrespectful bastard so i would never talk to him infact il propably hit him a back hander .  

Watch the full interview here

DSC_0210.JPGMassive thanks again to the MTK guys and Billy Nelson for having us down , and we should have big News on Gary Cornish in the coming weeks swell as picking the brain of Billy Nelson which should be entertaining so watch this space .

Steven Donnell

@Dinobhoy86 also @DJayboxingblog

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