Preview + Prediction Huck/Usyk and Gonzalez/Rungvisai

What a way to get rid of the sour taste the McGregor/Mayweather fight left in our mouths  ,instead of having a freakshow forced down our throats , this Saturday night is a night all fight fans should be going crazy for . On both sides of the Atlantic boxing fans will be in for a night of action packed drama , and I’m even going to predict we will see “2017 Fight of The Year” .

Usyk vs Huck (WBSS Cruiserweight’s)

Lets start with the highly anticipated WBSS match up between Olaksander Usyk and Marco Huck in Berlin , a show which DJayBoxing will be attending. This tournament since it was announced had a special feel to it , and with some of the names on show i am confident we are going to have some special nights over the coming months .

Marco Huck is one of those boxers who doesn’t do any one thing brilliantly but does all things well , and when you team that with fact that he’s as hard as an old East German car ,the former world champion still has the ability to to cause anyone problems. His style of just walking opponents down, bullying them ,roughing them up and wearing them down has worked well for him over the years , making him very popular among fans as his fights are usually exciting .

What can be said about Usyk thats not already been said . Coming into the WBSS as favourite and No1 seed , Usyk has picked Huck for one reason ….to make a statement . Usyk has came to the pros from a very successful Ukrainian  team after being a top class amateur , a lot like Vayl Lomachenko , and like Lomachenko he has had no problem adapting to the pros . Although Usyk might not have that fearce one punch power, he has superb footwork and a work rate that Marco Huck will struggle to keep up with .

Prediction: I can only see one winner here and that is Oleksander Usyk, Usyk is getting Huck at the right time for me. Huck will no doubt have his successes in the fight early doors but he will fade fast. i think the safe money goes on Usyk by very wide UD , but to make that statement i spoke about we might see Usyk stop Huck late .

Roman Choclatito Gonzalez vsSor Rungvisai II

Back in March we seen the remarkable first instalment of this fight, a fight which seen P4P superstar Roman Choclatito Gonzalez 46 fight unbeaten run come to an end when he came up against this very tough Thai Sor Rungvisai . The fight itself was an amazing specticle which for me showed why Gonzalez really is elite level . Knocked down early and cut badly by repeated headbutts , Roman was really under the cosh but where so many would have struggled and failed ,Roman recomposed and really took the Rungvisai to skool at times in the second half of the fight , for me Gonzalez done enough to win but it really was to close call .

Now i have to admit Sor Rungvisai was totally unknown to me before this fight , but my god this guy can fight . Like most Thai’s this guy has heart with really heavy hands , early in the last fight i think Gonzalez was really shocked by his power . Rungvisai is also rough and proved in the last fight he is not shy useing his head , a tactic surly the ref will be looking to make sure is not a feature in this fight . Coming in as a deserved champion if Rungvisai can pull this off again, i dare anyone to leave him out there top 10 P4P list .

Prediction: My god this is a hard fight to pick, on one hand i think Roman had Rungvisi worked out in the second half of the first fight and will take that into this fight , on the other hand every fighters time comes to an end and Rungvasi might just be that bridge to far for Gonzalez……..On this occasion i am going to go with my heart and pick Roman Gonzalez , and although i can’t say that with to much confidence he will win , what i can say is that we are in for another classic battle .

Also watch out for Cudras/Estrada also on the Superfly Card , Which will be shown on Sky Sports 

Steven Donnell

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