All That Was Worth Talking About from Saturday’s PPV

Saturday night showed PPV in the UK can be shameless at times . An already weak card was depleted further by injuries ,pull outs and a world champion’s missing weight but that didn’t deter sky sports box office as they still expected boxing fans to pay £20 for the privelage of watching 1 sided fights and listening to Carl Froch take his aweful commentating  to new depths . the night wasn’t a complete waste though as two massive underdogs showed enough grit and determination kept us entertained .

Anthony Joshua vs Carlos Takam
As both men had made there way to the ring we had heard Adam Smith, Carl Froch and Tony Bellew on commentary all go full casual and predict an early stoppage for AJ , completely disregarding just how good and tough an opponent Takam was .Right from the off you could see with Takams height , or should I say lack of it and his movement it was going to be hard for AJ to put down his power . If AJ didn’t realise he was in for a tough night right away ,he would realise in the second round when Takam looked to have broke AJs nose with an accidental clash of heads ,but to AJ’s credit he seemed to cope pretty well .

Although AJ was finding it hard to hit the gritty Takam he did have him touch down in the fourth and opening up a bad cut above Takam’s eye . The longer the fight went on the more trouble AJ was having hitting his opponent which saw him box more than we are used to seeing and Takam looked really good on the counter countless times . By round 10 Joshua was really feeling the pace and now looked content with keeping Takam on the end of his jab, that was until AJ landed a beautiful uppercut which did rock Takam , followed by a 4 or 5 nice shots but Joshua didn’t look to have his usual power at this stage of the fight. As Takam moved back out of danger he was closed down by AJ , as AJ launched his next attack the referee grabbed Takam in a headlock and called the fight off , which seemed to me and most of the 70K fans in the arena very premature as Takam was protecting himself and was still slipping shots at the stoppage . Both men deserve credit here , Joshua for finding a way to win and Takam who took this fight on 3 weeks notice and came in fit and ready to have a go and ask questions of the champion , not to mention how tough he was .

Katie Taylor vs Anahi Esther Sanchez
What a year it’s been for Ireland’s Katie Taylor and she had a the chance  on Saturday night to top it off as World Champion if she could defeat the tough Argentine Sanchez , who had lost her title on the scales the day before . Right from the off Sanchez made it clear she was there for a scrap , but it was obvious that Taylor was the better more skilled fighter of the two . 

The fight looked to be over in the second when Taylor caught Sanchez with a beautiful bodyshot which took her to the canvas , I’m sure most where thinking like me that this was only goin to be a matter of time, but that bodyshot seemed to waken Sanchez up . For ten rounds Taylor beat Sanchez with everything she had and this girl just kept on coming , landing on Taylor in the exchanges . After 10 rounds Taylor won the fight by a wide margin on the scores cards to become World Champion after only 7 fights as a pro . Sanchez made Katie fight every second of every round , that kept us fans entertained and I am sure there will be more and more woman and girls going to Boxing events and taking up the sport due to Katie Taylor and her efforts which I think is fantastic .

So on a very poor night of boxing their  was some unexpected entertainment on a card that really failed to grab the imagination.

Steven Donnell

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