Groves vs Eubank- Preview + Prediction

Every so often boxing throws up a match up that absolutely pickles your brain . You will  sway from side to side , change your pick about 20 times and even have sleepless nights arguing with yourself whether you are picking with your heart or your mind . This weekend the Super Middleweight side of the World Boxing Super Series (WBSS)  will kick off with the semi final between George Groves and Chris Eubank to see who will book there place in the WBSS final in what promises to be a cracker .

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WBSS Oficial Poster
George Groves 27-3-0 20ko’s

WBA Super World Champion George Groves is one of the most popular boxers the UK  . George shot onto the World stage when he fought Carl Froch back in 2013 for the IBF and WBA Middleweight Titles where he came agonisingly close to a shock stoppage against the Cobra before being stopped himself later in the fight . George Groves also fell just short of winning a world title against the very talented Badu Jack back in 2015 in a fight were Groves again had his moments in the fight but just couldn’t capitalise enough which cost him a split decision on the cards . For a while a lot of the boxing world thought that Groves might just be one of those talented fighters who just fall short of winning a world title , well that was until May last year . On Groves fourth attempt at winning a world title he stopped Fedor Chudinov in a career best win to claim the WBA Super World Title and finally get that monkey of his back . Groves biggest asset is his jab which is pretty much a power punch and better still Groves knows how to use it . Since George Groves teamed up with trainer Shane McGuigan he has became a much more complete boxer . George Groves of old was very excitable and boxed with emotion rather than his mind , but now we see Groves be composed and work at his own pace . Like all McGuigan’s fighter he works the body exceptionally well as Jamie Cox found out in his last fight when Groves nearly halved Cox in two with a body shot . There is no getting away from George Groves major flaw ….his gas tank . Every time i watch Groves i always get the feeling he is on the verge of fading and when you see what he has to do to make weight it really is something you must take into consideration when it comes to predicting this fight .

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Sky Sports Capture Both Cocky fighters at Weigh In
Chris Eubank Jnr 26-1-0 20Ko’s 

An accusation often threw at Chris Eubank Jnr is that he lives off daddy Chris Snr’s name , which isn’t strictly true . When Jnr decided he wanted to be a professional boxer he was shipped off to the US with his brother and lived life as a teenager away from his parents and family , going around some top gyms in the states learning his trade , now take what you want from that but i think that deserves a lot of credit . Yes the name Eubank might have opened some doors for Chris Jnr as a rookie bringing in sponsorship etc but Eubank Jnr has exploited those advantages to become one of the most complete athletes in boxing today . Eubank Jnr is also a very fan friendly fighter with his posturing in the ring mixed with his fantastic shot selection which is delivered with expert technique , he really can be a treat to watch . It has to be said that Chris Eubank Jnr is an untested fighter which has its pros and cons , as none of really know how he will handle the step up to to world class level . The one time Eubank Jnr did step up in class he took his first “L” against Billy Joe Saunders , but if i am being truly honest i don’t know how much we can take from that as that was along time ago and Eubank Jnr has improved since that fight . There is a few things that worry me about Chris Eubank Jnr apart from his inexperince , like his size . Eubank Jnr might have the body of a God but he is a very small Super Middleweight who for all his flash doesn’t pack to much bang in his shots . Eubank Jnr also has a tendency to get a bit wild and stand in the pocket looking to trade , leaving himself wide open at times .


The reason it has took me so long to get this Preview and Prediction published was i just couldn’t separate the two of them . Even now as i am finally about to hang my hat on one of these guys i am second guessing myself …..and that is what boxing should be like . The way I’ve broke this fight down in my head is that it will be a game of two halves . George Groves has to be the massive favourite in the first half of the fight if there is to be an early stoppage due to his sheer size advantage , and when you factor in Groves really does hit hard there is a chance Eubank Jnr might fall apart early . If this fight is 60-40 in Groves favour in the first six rounds it really has to swing 60-40 in the second half of the fight . With Groves questionable gas tank and Eubank Jnr’s athleticism there is every chance the stoppage could come late for Eubank Jnr . So who’s my pick ? I am going to have to go with the more experienced Groves by Ko in round six . I think Groves would have started to tire by this point and the tide might be turning toward Eubank Jnr , when Eubank Jnr will stay in the pocket to long and get caught by Groves , i honestly think Eubank Jnr could be at most risk in this fight when he has Groves hurt .

This fight has really caught fire this week and has everyone buzzing so lets just enjoy it . For all you lucky people going to Manchester enjoy and stay safe .

Steven Donnell

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