At some point in everybody’s life they must step up and leave the security of there parents in order to go out and let the world mould you into your own person . As a child it is your parents job to give you the tools to get this ready for this day when you leave the nest and this is the way the world works . Some go out and flourish right away others might need a bit of time to adjust before succeeding whilst many fall short and never really come to terms with responsibility and adulthood , but make no mistake its the choice’s each individual makes that will determine if you succeed or fail .

The Mirror’s Cameraman Capture’s both men landing

On Saturday night we seen Chris Eubank Jnr take on George Groves in the Semi Final of the World Boxing Super Series in Manchester , A fight that seemed difficult to call on the face of it . Before the fight many bookmakers and pundits alike had picked Chris Eubank Jnr despite his inexperience and a CV that doesn’t stand up to scrutiny , whilst some pointed out that George Groves gas tank was a great equaliser in this fight . As it turned out this fight ended up a fairly one sided affair with George Groves using his jab to keep distance between himself and Eubank Jnr and then countering anything Eubank Jnr tried to do , and when Jnr finally managed to close the gap he couldn’t escape the clutch of Groves who would tie him up, rub his head into the already cut eye of Eubank Jnr . Eubank Jnr had came into this fight with the reputation of being tidy and entertaining but for so much of this fight he looked wild and amateurish . It had been said before the fight that George Groves had “To many miles on the clock” and “Groves is an old 29 year old” , well those claims where half right in the way that Groves was far to experienced for Eubank Jnr and despite both men being of a similar age Eubank Jnr was being “Old Manned” . The big worry before the fight for any of us who picked Groves was his gas tank . We thought Eubank Jnr would force a high pace and hope that Groves faded later in the fight  . What we got was a Eubank Jnr who couldn’t deal with Groves jab and instead of forcing the pace he settled into a pace that Groves could maintain easily for 12 rounds , which we have to give Shane McGuigan and George Grove credit for , they implemented a style and gameplan that Eubank Jnr had no answer for . From early in the fight Eubank Jnr looked mentally weak , he was up against someone who knew how to beat him and Eubank couldn’t change a thing . Rather than Groves having to grind out the win , he strolled to it and even fought half of the 12th round with a dislocated shoulder but was never in trouble , An easy day at the office for the three judges who all had Groves there winner .

Eubank Jnr face is a bloodied mess after the fight (from the Mirror)

What Next for Eubank Jnr ?

This is the second time Chris Eubank Jnr has stepped up to world level and its the second time he’s lost and in both fights he has really struggled to change things when the fight isn’t going his way . On Saturday night i was shaking my head in disbelief when Chris Eubank Snr (father) was getting in the ring to give instructions between rounds as he is not his son’s trainer . In the build up to this fight Eubank Jnr should have been in the gym with his trainer working on different systems , ways to change a fight if plan A is not working . The arrogance of Chris Snr to disrespect what trainers do and to think he knows better is astounding but even more astounding was Eubank Jnr’s willingness to let his dad hijack hi career . Eubank Jnr is a 28 year old man and has the biggest choice of his life to make , does he continue to be the side show to his dads self promoting antics which is damaging his sons career or does he finally leave the nest ,does he finally embrace adulthood and get himself a team that is there to progress HIS career and make HIM a better boxer . I pray it is the latter as it would be a shame to see a talented lad wake up one day and it’s all over , just then to realise he’s been all used up …….. Maybe Chris Eubank Jnr can take some comfort from the words of Kevin Bridges , Enjoy .

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