Last year the Super Lightweight Division got something that is becoming so rare in boxing , an Undisputed Champion of the World in Terrance Crawford . Now Terrance Crawford has moved up to Welterweight and that leaves the Governing bodies with a load of vacant or near vacant titles . On the 9th March Regis Prograis will fight Julius Indongo who replaced the injured Victor Postol , for the WBC Interim Title . We caught up with the highly rated Regis Prograis mid camp for a quick Q&A .

Q- Regis how are things going ?

A- Its all good , the camps gone . We’ve had a change of opponent from Viktor Postol to Julius Indongo but everything is the same except sparring partners because its a little different with Indongo being a south paw .

Q- Is it just a change in sparring partners ? Will your game plan stay the same ? .

A- Yeah for me its the same gameplan , i don’t study fighters , i never study fighters so it wasn’t like i was studying Postol . The only difference is Indongo is a southpaw , he is around the same height as Postol so i will go in there and do what i gotta do and that will be enough .

Q- Indongo is a former Unified World Champion , if you could put in a performance against Indongo you really could announce yourself to the world , have you thought about that ?

A- That’s exactly it and a good thing about it is with him being a foreign fighter he will have different countries behind him so if i can go out there and do what i got to do i will walk away with a lot more fans from around the world . I think this switch in fighter is a good thing for me .

Q- Who do you think is the better fighter Indongo or Postol ?

A- I think its a better switch of fighter i mean Indongo is a two time world champion . My promoters came to me and said who do you want brought in and i said i want a name , a former world champion or something , someone that’s been at the top and they came back with Indongo . I don’t wanna fight nobody’s i wanna fight the best now .

Q- Over here in Scotland we have a fantastic Super Lightweight called Josh Taylor are you aware of Josh Taylor ?

A- Yeah i know Josh Taylor I’ve seen him fight and he’s a real good fighter , a very good southpaw .

Q- If you beat Indongo would you consider coming over to Scotland for the Josh Taylor Fight as he’s ranked No5 with the WBC ?

A- Maybe one day yes , that would be a huge fight because he has all the Scottish fans and he’s a former Olympian to . One day I definitely do see that fight happening .

Q- Where do you want to be at the end of this year ?

A- Definitely a World Champion and fighting the big fights . One of the biggest fights at 140lbs is Mikey Garcia and if i do real good against Indongo that could be a potential fight or i could fight the winner of Jose Ramirez vs Amir Imam as they fight the week after me and Indongo. . Hopefully at the end of 2018 I should get my chance at a World Title .

I would just like to thank Regis Prograis for taking the time out during a busy camp to come and talk to us , he was an absolute gentleman and now looking to take his career to the next level we wish him the very best of luck in what should be a great fight against Indongo , and you never know we could see him over here in Scotland taking on Josh Taylor soon .

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