About seven month’s ago i was waiting to interview Tommy Philiben as he got ready to fight for the celtic title . Before he was ready for the interview he was sparring  Iain Trotter ( Middleweight)  . As i watched on i was very impressed with Iain’s strength and how he turned Tommy in the ring  , which made for a fantastic watch as these two lads put on a good show . After the session had ended i turned to Billy Nelson (Iain’s trainer)and told him i was really impressed with Iain to which he replied ” Next Year you will see Iain make big strides in the sport ” .DSC_0072.JPGThis weekend Iain Trotter will look to reach the first milestone in his professional career when he takes on Marc Kerr for the Scottish title in only his seventh pro fight at a packed out SSE Hydro . I caught up with Iain as his training camp is coming to an end .

Q. With this being your first title fight is there anything your doing different to prepare ?

Iain . Not really to be honest , the fight is more rounds so thing are more intense in training camp and we are doing more rounds in sparring more regularly .

Q. With this fight being a ten rounder have you been working on pacing your gas tank ?

Iain . Yeah this a step up from four rounds for me but this was to big an opportunity to turn down . From day one in Billy’s (Nelson) Gym Billy told me i am not going to be a four a round fighter , that we were striving to be the best . So from the get go I’ve been working toward this anyway .DSC_0377.JPG

Q. This is going to be the second massive show you have been part in , does that bring any added pressure ?

Iain . No if anything its something more to look forward to . The last show in Edinburgh I couldn’t believe it , i was the floater and got on right before Josh ( Taylor ) so the place was packed which has stood me in good stead . Once you get in the ring it’s just you and the other man that’s there .

Q. That must be a skill in itself to be able to block out the crowd .

Iain. Well i had a good amateur career with 50 fights so I’ve done it for long enough to know what to expect and how to shut it out and just focus on getting the win .

Q. This could be your first milestone picking up your first title , are you ready for the added pressure that come with that ?

Iain . This is why i am in the sport . It is going to be my first milestone and one of many . I am always in the Gym and i am always ready I’ve already took fights on short notice in my short pro career .

Q Are you ready to become a target for people ?

Iain . 100% i want to be the best so that means fighting the best .

I would like to thank Iain Trotter for his time and we wish him the best of luck come fight night . Scotlands finest Card in Glasgow will take place this weekend but there is still time to get Tickets , Contact Iain on twitter @IainTrotterBox or Billy Nelson on twitter @BillyNelsonBox .

Full Interview

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